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Posted: 1/24/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

What we got last night was more of the same blah,blah,blah and more blah. The escalation of the war in Iraq is under way and the death toll is rising with no end in sight of this chaos, but what else is new? Answer, nothing. People make mistakes and I really believe that if the President would have taken responsibility for this failed policy years ago America would have understood, when you start digging a hole you better get a ladder before you keep digging.
Everyday you hold on to a failed plan it only hurts the GOP in the long run and holding to Iraq is really taking it's toll on the party, a lot of Republicans up for reelection are against sending more troops over there and many have voiced their opinion on that, but is anyone listening? Things are getting worse in Iraq and not better and most of the American people see that, so what did we learn? Absolutely nothing. Bush is sticking to the plan of sending more troops and costing more lives and money in a country where 80% of the people hate our guts.

Over the past week ago we have heard it said the Democrats should produce a plan to deal with the Iraq situation, this is more hog wash, the plan is to make clear to the Iraqi government that they must step up and start dealing with the militia's of various groups and corruption within their police force and the only way this will happen is to begin some kind of phased withdrawal. For instance Tony Blair said he was for the escalation but is planning to remove some British forces, I think the case has been stated fairly, but I also wonder what happens if it don't work? What then? This is not going to work it would take a miracle for this to work, and if it was so great why not do it last year when the violence increased in a couple months 40%? Like I say more blah, blah, blah, but the trouble here is we are dealing with people's lives not only money even though our grand-children will never pay out of this mess we are still dealing with people's lives, who is to pay for all this mess?
McCain blames Cheney for the war
But really McCain should be praising Bush for going along with the 20,000 theory, I mean after all he was for it and he has not been doing that great in the polls lately and why may we ask? Because America is sick of all the B.S.


  1. CD says:

    Yeap, you know I have to say I did not even watch it live. I read the transcripts the day after and all I could say was "blah blah blah" too. Lies after lies.

  1. Floyd says:

    Like an old broken record.