Senators Reject President's Plan

Posted: 1/24/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Senators reject Bush's escalation plan of sending more troops into Iraq and the rejection came from both sides as the Republicans more and more come to see the light of this killing field known as Iraq. We now concentrate on what is to be accomplished from all this? The training that is supposed to be taking place there between the U.S and Iraqi forces, just what is that accomplishing? An interview I just saw on the 'Situation Room' summed it up like this; The forces we are training are not loyal in any way to our interests and they are indifferent to our way of life as a whole, a lot of the forces we are training are affiliated with Iran in some form or the other, so it leaves one to wonder, what will be accomplished?
The American people are seeing into the workings of all this and have reacted in such a way as not throwing their support behind the latest agenda. Part of this major fall-out is due to the media on the web and the facts as they become available in real time, the helicopter which had been shot down in Iraq a few days ago not many news agencies that I am aware of have said anything much about the execution style killings of four Americans as new details emerge surrounding the downing of the helicopter. / World / US & Canada - Senators reject plea to back new Iraq plan

John McCain has came out against Cheney on the war, but remember, he was for him before he was against him. Another thing you will see soon is McCain will come out more against Bush and the escalation, I know McCain has always urged we send more troops the thing he got wrong was the numbers game and he will have to back down gracefully on this mistake.
Even Sen. Lugar of Indiana said that he did not believe that the surge option will work, that is big time there, it is of note that this is a non-binding resolution and a window into who just believes this thing will not work. But Bush on the other hand is moving forward and Cheney said regardless of what anyone thinks they are moving on with this plan.
Intensive battles are being fought on Haifa Street against the insurgency and this street is a heavy Sunni stronghold, the General in charge sees this as the surge will work because we are holding our own.

What is not happening here is higher-ups not being able to see outside of the box so to speak there are thousands of Haifa Streets in Iraq.

This brings us back to what is actually going to be accomplished here? We are not training forces who have our goals or interests at heart and Bush or Cheney have yet to define a know victory to which they are seeking there, they have said nothing of victory, yes, they have mentioned victory many times in interviews but have never actually defined what that victory is. Us bloggers on both sides of the aisle have made different cases, ousting of Saddam, defeat of the insurgency, cease fire of some kind on the raging civil war, or Madi Army laying down it's many weapons.
The variables are endless here on just what a victory is in Iraq, and this 'cut and run' simile brought up by a lot of the administration in the past don't hold water here, it's been years and we did accomplish ousting of Saddam at a cost of billions of dollars and thousands of lives, what we are fighting in Iraq is not conventional warfare, it is more of a house to house war and one we would need 100 to 200 more thousand troops to stop.


  1. Anonymous says:

    The President has made such a mess. good post.

  1. Floyd says:

    Right Beth, they can't seem to see beyond the box, and keep going down a road with no end. Right now we are fighting this from house to house and gorilla warfare, they are turning the military more or less into a bunch of policemen.

    As you here the news from there, or let me say what news that does manage to get out of there, the situation there is getting worse and to throw 20 or so thousand troops into a small area just don't make any sense militarily when looking at the big picture.

    Like the consensus is this we must achieve victory there (whatever that may mean?) and by doing so will the terror movement be dead? Of course not the war on terrorism itself is much bigger than Iraq, and I believe that America is seeing this for what it is, and America has begun to look outside the box and see this mess for what it really is.

    This is not a little Army they are talking about the Iraq Study Group at that time estimated one of them had over 60,000 fighters, and they are not fighting conventional warfare, and in closing "Being stubborn is not a virtue."

  1. agloco says:

    great post. so now what if the senators doesn't want more troops in Iraq? his still the president...



  1. Floyd says:

    You got that right, it was more or less a statement coming out against it to soften the political back-lash coming from their constituents back home.

    It has no teeth now if something started going on like cut off the money and make him pay for his own war, that would be different and they could end Iraq by doing that. I don't know how it would affect our troops though?

    But the reality is they could stop this war if enough got on board to do that, what the administration is doing is blowing smoke, if the votes where there it would happen.

    If something were being accomplished I could see into it more, I think after this don't work and we all know it won't, I don't think Congress should write anymore blank checks for this. It is costing to much lives and money and is accomplishing nothing, the only ones left to pay for this are the Iraqi people, the American Soldier and the American people, oh, I almost forgot and our grand-children.

    Hey thanks for coming by and your in-put, don't be a stranger.

  1. CD says:

    If there was ever a time for impeachment it should be now. If Clinton can be impeached there are numerous evidence that Bush has lied. However, Pelosi knows she doesn't have the votes to make that happen but if she did, do you think it would happen?

  1. Floyd says:

    You know cd if they had the votes it would happen, Bush wants to be more of a ruler than a President. Seems to me more or less the class bully, the apostle Paul said it best; when I was a child I spoke as a child, but when I became a man I put away childest things.