Poll: Voters want Bush gone

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Poll shows most wish Bush's term was over including 21% of Republicans and even more is the compounded almost 50% say it would affect how they would vote in 2008, 64% said the previous Congress should have done more to oppose his Iraq war plan. Most believe history will look upon his accomplishments as 'below average,' but during all of this it is full steam ahead.
Polls don't matter, it is just a majority of Americans who might have a different point of view to how the war may be progressing in Iraq. Polls are to be basically ignored, hmm, wonder where we heard that one before? Ah yes, it was prior I believe to the November elections during the rejection of the currant policies on domestic and foreign issues concerning the course our country was on and compounded by the failed agenda in Iraq.

This is time many Americans went to the voting precincts to voice their opinion through the ballet box concerning the course the country was taking, and since that time Americans have seen the deterioration of Iraq as a whole and situation there becoming more bloody and dangerous almost escalating on a daily basis.
In Washington Saturday tens of thousands marched in protest of the Iraq war and the blatant misleading of the public concerning it, and in protest also the war in Iraq being escalated instead of trying to reach out diplomatically to the neighbors of Iraq. The U.S has looked the other way without including the general region to which Iraq is located in and engaging in any kind of lateral talks on the issue, the administration has followed the road of war instead of seeking a political reason for the civil war which is still engulfing the whole country of Iraq and in danger of spilling over to other hot beds in the region.
I enjoyed reading about the little 6th grader who organized a petition drive at her school, sometimes children amaze me in speaking more wisdom than some adults. Some have been around the T.V when the news was broadcast and put enough pieces together that they, yes, even children know that the price and cost to American lives to try to solve a civil war that we know nothing about and should be letting Iraqis take the lead and diplomatically end this civil unrest.

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Poll: Voters want Bush gone

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  1. Sally says:

    At times Bush seems smug still about his policies and what most of the American voters want...is he that dense?

  1. Floyd says:

    Hello Sally nice of you dropping by

  1. Floyd says:

    I think he is just talking to the die hard right Americans when he is talking, because the ones in the middle and on the left are not hearing him.

  1. Octavian says:

    Perhaps the Bush Administration is mistaking the word for the citizens of the European country of Poland, which is also often ignored. However, I might not be so bold as to allow for such an ingenious mistake on account of this Administration.

    Of course polls don't matter to them. If they did, it would interfere with their "do whatever they want" policy. What child ever wants his parents to be right about his guilty pleasures?