A New Direction

Posted: 1/04/2007 by Floyd in

Democrats move to toughen ethics rules, lawmakers can still take trips but more explaining will have to be made in doing so. Tickets to games such as NBA, etc. would have to be put at face value and would put to an end of pricing games at $49 to escape the ceiling on gifts. This is to be the first order of business for the new Congress.
It is going to take a lot to clean up Washington but we must start somewhere in doing so and Nancy Pelosi the so called wolf in sheep's clothing is not turning out to be the bad little lady the administration tried so hard to sell, leading up to November of last year. The first 100 days start today with the first woman Speaker of the House, we shall soon see if Congress can indeed be cleaned up from the scandals that have rocked it's halls during the Republican rule.
Bush called for spending cuts, had to do a retake on that one and yes a balanced budget? Believe it or not this is what has been said. John Spratt said it best though with this comment; "We welcome the president's new found commitment to a balanced budget, but his comments make us wary," said incoming House Budget Committee Chairman John Spratt of South Carolina. "They suggest that his budget will still embody the policies that led to the largest deficits in history.


  1. Some Guy says:

    I welcome the new ethics direction, but even under new leadership, I doubt it will reach far enough in to do any lasting good. I guess something is better than nothing...

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  1. Floyd says:

    I will agree there, for one, a lot of damage has been done. I mean we are going to have to pay for this mess one way or the other, the taxpayer will foot the bill.

    We are in debt billions even to other countries, our grand-children won't be able to pay for this. Hey thanks for coming by.

  1. It's a good start, I'll give them that. But, politicians are still politicians. ;-)

  1. Floyd says:

    Hello simply liberal, we can hope, they seem to have good ideas but time will tell. I think they should be putting more emphases on Iraq and how to get out of that death trap, they can not be timid they must be firm.

  1. Sally says:

    Remember back in January 2001 when Cheney and Bush appeared together in a press conference lauding their incoming administration as being full of character and would not be scandal riddened like the Clinton administration was?

    I welcome the new ethics direction as well because they are doing more than holding press conferences...rules are being changed, accountability is being set. I hope it translates into real change!

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey Sally thanks for refreshing my memory there, I recall that. Regardless of what happens the Repugs sure can't start throwing stones, I hope that we see some real change.

    I will be watching them closely as everyone else and they know the American people want real change and they also know to retain their electable status, they have to produce.

    I just hope they don't embrace bipartisanship to much, but I know they all must work together but it will be hard to do, they look at governing two different ways.