Iraq Death Toll Hits 3,000

Posted: 1/01/2007 by Floyd in Labels: ,

Well another year has come and gone and now the death toll in Iraq has reached the 3,000 mark of military personnel killed and countless wounded, Saddam has been hanged and the violence continues it seems unabated as we round out 2006 with being one of the deadliest months yet in Iraq. Tonight the church service focused a lot on the dying in Iraq and some of the members sons were there, but the church prayed for all of those in Iraq, and Afghanistan.
So many questions goes unanswered concerning Iraq and Afghanistan, wondering at the higher ups and wondering just what does victory mean? That is a hard answered question is it not, when they tout this slogan it makes one wonder just what exactly is meant by it. I am really glad that I had not been in government when I might have voted for the war and it must be eating some alive right now to know what monster they have created.

The number put out by the news is a number none of us wants to see, however, we can do little about this. Our vote in November has fell on deaf ears and we must now think of 2008, to voice our opinion again. The Democrats can only do so much other than cutting off the funding, but I don't think any of us would want that. But doing everything in their power to do I would think this is what all of us hopes will happen, and that is all we can expect of them to do. Jesse Jackson did an interview today about the Saddam hanging and his belief being we are not more secure from terror, one statement Mr. Jackson alluded to was simply this; “Saddam Hussein didn’t hit us. Bin Laden hit us,” he said. “Iraq didn’t hit us. The Taliban hit us.”
Since the war the Taliban has been flooded with opium and before the war reports show us none accounted for in this country, the flood of opium continues to fuel the Taliban and the operations of terrorists in Northern Pakistan continues unabated and what about Pakistan? The Pakistani government allows the terrorists operations who have set up shop in Northern Pakistan, and terrorists begin to gain footholds elsewhere, as for Iraq, no Happy New Year here.
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  1. EuroYank says:

    Excellent post. Yes Bush2 is supposed to be the good guy. Some 700,000 dead Iraqis women with children included and a land polluted with depleted uranium, and a monthly civilian death toll of 1500 makes one think!

  1. Floyd says:

    Hello my friend nice to see you again, euroyank I think what has happened is that basically we don't know how to exit.

    Iraq is turned into a disaster zone and most of the intellects have fled the country, we can't build infrastructure without engineers and just now they talk of plans, it is a little late for that, it should have been going on for years.

    I think December was the worst month for us of 2006, still total unrest over there and it looks as though it might go on for years.

    thanks for stopping by euroyank, don't be a stranger.

  1. EuroYank says:

    Floyd my friend you forgot there are 100,000 American contractors in Iraq and billions dollars of missing funds. Most of these American contractors receive upwards of 10,000 dollars a month. Somewhat similar to the billions of dollars that supposedly went to KATRINA rebuilding that never got there, or it was all lies. In fact much of the war cost is allegedly for rebuilding.

  1. EuroYank says:

    And Floyd my friend do not forget that the American government disbanded the army, and also all the contracting work was given to American companies that had Republican political connections, and that the Iraqi unemployment rate from the beginning after the invasion was 60-70%.

  1. Floyd says:

    Right Euroyank, I heard that they are going to set up a investigative panel to deal with some of the waste, war is a profitable business for some.

    Some of the KBR drivers are getting upwards of $100,000 a year tax free, so the big boys have got to be making some serious money.

    On disbanding the Army, they are now starting from scratch, the Iraqi Army has lots of absenteeism, sometimes they show up and sometimes they don't. From some of the big brass coming out of there, the training is a slow process, some give estimates of 20 or more years.

    Even in the face of this thing going down hill for years and nothing being done, they believe if they throw 20/40 thousand troops in there everything will be fine. From people I've talked to about three quarters of the population hate our guts.

    They present a military struggle over a political problem, the problem must be solved by Iraqis themselves. This blunder was started by lies and profited on by big corporations, the only one left to pay for this in the end is the American taxpayer, estimates have that cost at about 2 trillion dollars. On a constructive basis we could have eliminated most of the poverty in the United States.