House passes student loan interest bill | - Houston Chronicle

Posted: 1/18/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

I have been debating whether Republicans or the majority of them hate the middle class, or, do they just hate America in general? Take a look at the bill Bush opposes, it has to do with student loans and cutting down rates form 6.8% to 3.4%, the bill passed 356/71 and mustered quite a bit of bipartisan support. When you read this article you can see my point, like the (R) of Utah who said it does noting for kids, you see people we still have some hinderer's to derail good bills put forth to help Americans, but it did not stop 124 Republicans for voting for the bill.
The Republicans then got up in arms because the Democrats would not consider an amendment that would give the President a modified line-item veto, at the same time a bipartisan group came up with a 'non-binding' resolution opposing the President's plan for troop buildup in the failed Iraq policy. Why would you give someone a line-item veto that anything could be struck from the bill before it was signed?
House passes student loan interest bill | - Houston Chronicle



  1. CD says:

    Good post. The interest hike last June had a huge impact on students and their families. The interest rate hike would have cost me 34K in interest alone if I didn't choose the option of consolidating. You can see improving education is not a big issue of this administration, and while American test scores fall further below countries like Singapore we continue to add barriers for students to improve.

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks for the input cd, education should be one of the top priorities.
    But when you trace everything down and see who are against the average American, it becomes crystal clear.

    I hope that during this government that all of America can see who is really standing up for the average citizen and a lot of us average citizens had to scrape and save and do odd jobs to even get through higher education.

    And for a representative from Utah or any state or form this state for that matter, namely Mitch McConnell,(Kentucky) to get up and make a statement that this would not help our children get a better education is either stupid or out of touch.

    With the far right agenda it is never about the average American it is always about big business and corporate welfare, and when you trace it down nine times out of ten it is someone like Mitch born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

    During elections these are the ones that make speeches how their interests lay with the constitutes who elected them, but on reaching Washington somehow that changes into something completely different.

    These are the ones that vote down average Americans to obtain higher education, they vote down stem cell research, they vote down the minimum wage, they vote down and try to cripple ethics reform, and these are the same ones advocating our involvement in a civil war, in a country where no one wants us and the cost of lives and billions of dollars, (trillions in the long run) to continue to interfere in a civil war that most of the American public is against.

  1. The student loan program is a very cruel-debt, the only one that I'm aware of...that follows our 'young' all the way to their grave.

  1. Floyd says:

    Right brotherbruz, it nags you all the way there. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, this little problem is a major one and should have priority status, because if we can't approve the ongoing education of our children and make it more accessible to the average American then future generations will suffer.

    The cost is on the rise , tuition and mandatory fees rose in every state, the state support for higher education increased only 1.2%, down from last years 3.5% and turns out to be the smallest increase in a decade.

  1. Sally says:

    I think Bush has forgotten what it means to work with the Democrats. He has had almost six years of not having to work with the other party.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hello Sally nice to see you back again, I think he has forgot and the ones who are now finding themselves in the minority are also being indignant and basically still, wanting it their way and the minority in those branches just don't get that luxury.

    See it is like this education interest rate for student loans, they want to kick on that and take for instance the ethics overhaul they want to attach frivolous things to these as well as the minimum wage, attaching big tax breaks to business.

    It will take a long while for recovery on these things and the stranglers left behind will continue to be a stumbling block in the way of progress for the 'average Americans'.

    I put in one of my posts the 100 hours was done in 87 hours and I got it wrong I believe the true figure is 42 hours and 25 minutes. At any rate one accomplishment is one more than we had before.

  1. Sally says:

    I too, think they forget they are no longer the majority as usual. Businesses are not all big and evil and if they need help there should be help but helping them with tax breaks, student loans however, affect a huge portion of the public. For that reason, student loan help is more friendly to all!

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