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Amanda from Pandagon blog moving to Chapel Hill to join the Edwards campaign, I wish her luck she has a great blog well worth reading and she seems excited to be on the team, it seems lately John Edwards has been coming on strong and his latest stance on the minimum wage has me looking at him more closely, this is a action (The minimum wage) to help out the average American who is living on this wage and basically in poverty, since the last increase the cost of living has gained about 25%, while the low guy on the totem pole gets the shaft. This wage they are trying to get passed is being bogged down from most Republicans who insist on giving out corporate welfare when voting on this, I do hope that you guys everywhere remember this when it is time to vote, this is a wage to benefit the lower income tier not to finance some guys trip to Hawaii.
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Poll: Voters want Bush gone

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Poll shows most wish Bush's term was over including 21% of Republicans and even more is the compounded almost 50% say it would affect how they would vote in 2008, 64% said the previous Congress should have done more to oppose his Iraq war plan. Most believe history will look upon his accomplishments as 'below average,' but during all of this it is full steam ahead.
Polls don't matter, it is just a majority of Americans who might have a different point of view to how the war may be progressing in Iraq. Polls are to be basically ignored, hmm, wonder where we heard that one before? Ah yes, it was prior I believe to the November elections during the rejection of the currant policies on domestic and foreign issues concerning the course our country was on and compounded by the failed agenda in Iraq.

This is time many Americans went to the voting precincts to voice their opinion through the ballet box concerning the course the country was taking, and since that time Americans have seen the deterioration of Iraq as a whole and situation there becoming more bloody and dangerous almost escalating on a daily basis.
In Washington Saturday tens of thousands marched in protest of the Iraq war and the blatant misleading of the public concerning it, and in protest also the war in Iraq being escalated instead of trying to reach out diplomatically to the neighbors of Iraq. The U.S has looked the other way without including the general region to which Iraq is located in and engaging in any kind of lateral talks on the issue, the administration has followed the road of war instead of seeking a political reason for the civil war which is still engulfing the whole country of Iraq and in danger of spilling over to other hot beds in the region.
I enjoyed reading about the little 6th grader who organized a petition drive at her school, sometimes children amaze me in speaking more wisdom than some adults. Some have been around the T.V when the news was broadcast and put enough pieces together that they, yes, even children know that the price and cost to American lives to try to solve a civil war that we know nothing about and should be letting Iraqis take the lead and diplomatically end this civil unrest.

Tens of Thousands Protest Iraq War -- Saturday, Jan. 27, 2007 -- Page 1 -- TIME

Poll: Voters want Bush gone

Crimes And Corruption

Bush seeks more than $10 billion in aid for Afghanistan -

Posted: 1/27/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Time to ante up on Afghanistan to the tune of another $10 billion, anyone out there who don't think the tax payer will have to bear this burden speak up now or forever hold your peace, this coming on top of the over $14 billion we are already out to topple the Taliban (who has now risen from the ashes.)
Bush seeks more than $10 billion in aid for Afghanistan -

Senators Reject President's Plan

Posted: 1/24/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Senators reject Bush's escalation plan of sending more troops into Iraq and the rejection came from both sides as the Republicans more and more come to see the light of this killing field known as Iraq. We now concentrate on what is to be accomplished from all this? The training that is supposed to be taking place there between the U.S and Iraqi forces, just what is that accomplishing? An interview I just saw on the 'Situation Room' summed it up like this; The forces we are training are not loyal in any way to our interests and they are indifferent to our way of life as a whole, a lot of the forces we are training are affiliated with Iran in some form or the other, so it leaves one to wonder, what will be accomplished?
The American people are seeing into the workings of all this and have reacted in such a way as not throwing their support behind the latest agenda. Part of this major fall-out is due to the media on the web and the facts as they become available in real time, the helicopter which had been shot down in Iraq a few days ago not many news agencies that I am aware of have said anything much about the execution style killings of four Americans as new details emerge surrounding the downing of the helicopter. / World / US & Canada - Senators reject plea to back new Iraq plan

John McCain has came out against Cheney on the war, but remember, he was for him before he was against him. Another thing you will see soon is McCain will come out more against Bush and the escalation, I know McCain has always urged we send more troops the thing he got wrong was the numbers game and he will have to back down gracefully on this mistake.
Even Sen. Lugar of Indiana said that he did not believe that the surge option will work, that is big time there, it is of note that this is a non-binding resolution and a window into who just believes this thing will not work. But Bush on the other hand is moving forward and Cheney said regardless of what anyone thinks they are moving on with this plan.
Intensive battles are being fought on Haifa Street against the insurgency and this street is a heavy Sunni stronghold, the General in charge sees this as the surge will work because we are holding our own.

What is not happening here is higher-ups not being able to see outside of the box so to speak there are thousands of Haifa Streets in Iraq.

This brings us back to what is actually going to be accomplished here? We are not training forces who have our goals or interests at heart and Bush or Cheney have yet to define a know victory to which they are seeking there, they have said nothing of victory, yes, they have mentioned victory many times in interviews but have never actually defined what that victory is. Us bloggers on both sides of the aisle have made different cases, ousting of Saddam, defeat of the insurgency, cease fire of some kind on the raging civil war, or Madi Army laying down it's many weapons.
The variables are endless here on just what a victory is in Iraq, and this 'cut and run' simile brought up by a lot of the administration in the past don't hold water here, it's been years and we did accomplish ousting of Saddam at a cost of billions of dollars and thousands of lives, what we are fighting in Iraq is not conventional warfare, it is more of a house to house war and one we would need 100 to 200 more thousand troops to stop.

The Speech

Posted: by Floyd in Labels:

What we got last night was more of the same blah,blah,blah and more blah. The escalation of the war in Iraq is under way and the death toll is rising with no end in sight of this chaos, but what else is new? Answer, nothing. People make mistakes and I really believe that if the President would have taken responsibility for this failed policy years ago America would have understood, when you start digging a hole you better get a ladder before you keep digging.
Everyday you hold on to a failed plan it only hurts the GOP in the long run and holding to Iraq is really taking it's toll on the party, a lot of Republicans up for reelection are against sending more troops over there and many have voiced their opinion on that, but is anyone listening? Things are getting worse in Iraq and not better and most of the American people see that, so what did we learn? Absolutely nothing. Bush is sticking to the plan of sending more troops and costing more lives and money in a country where 80% of the people hate our guts.

Over the past week ago we have heard it said the Democrats should produce a plan to deal with the Iraq situation, this is more hog wash, the plan is to make clear to the Iraqi government that they must step up and start dealing with the militia's of various groups and corruption within their police force and the only way this will happen is to begin some kind of phased withdrawal. For instance Tony Blair said he was for the escalation but is planning to remove some British forces, I think the case has been stated fairly, but I also wonder what happens if it don't work? What then? This is not going to work it would take a miracle for this to work, and if it was so great why not do it last year when the violence increased in a couple months 40%? Like I say more blah, blah, blah, but the trouble here is we are dealing with people's lives not only money even though our grand-children will never pay out of this mess we are still dealing with people's lives, who is to pay for all this mess?
McCain blames Cheney for the war
But really McCain should be praising Bush for going along with the 20,000 theory, I mean after all he was for it and he has not been doing that great in the polls lately and why may we ask? Because America is sick of all the B.S.

Companies Press Environment Issues

Posted: 1/20/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Companies are stepping up the pressure on the environment and the seeking of newer technology that is more environmentally safe, the coalition made up of; Alcoa Inc., General Electric Co., DuPont Co., and Duke Energy Corp., plans to publicize its recommendations on Monday.
This group is known as the United States Climate Action Partnership, and also includes Caterpillar Inc., PG&E., FPL Group., PNM Resources Inc., BP America Inc., and Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.Caterpillar is pushing for future clean technologies that reduce emissions and sustain the environment.The group will be calling on a 'nationwide' limit on carbon dioxide emissions of 10% to 30% over the next 15 years.

Lately many of the Presidential candidates have come out in support of some environmental standards and the recent documentary by Al Gore has made the overall general public more concerned about the environment they live in. In the general feeling for change a lot of companies don't see anything of major value occurring during the next two years, this article alludes to the fact that Bush 'might' mention some environmental change in his speech to Congress next week. He may mention it, but the flip-flopping he has done around this issue, I would make light of any solution he may speak about.
Bush has flip-flopped to many times to be taken seriously on an environmental issue and has to gain back credibility on this issue, in debates with Gore it seems that the environment would be somewhere near the top of his agenda but on gaining office backpedal was in order.
The environment is taken more serious today than in the past, the plight of the polar bear put the issue in perspective with many Americans, the Americans who care if their children and grand-children will have clean air to breathe and they care more about the atmospheric changes that global warming has on our weather.
The latest I've heard concerning the companies of General Electric and others (see Bloomberg link) will announce the new coalition and urge for the carbon emissions caps on Jan 22nd., one day before the President is scheduled to give his speech, the environment is also high on the Democrat agenda and Nancy Pelosi has said that a new house committee will be formed to focus on the issue.
Companies press Bush, Congress on climate | Top News | (New)
The Independent, Bush opposes caps on carbon (New)
Bloomberg (New)
Greenwatch (EPA exempts pesticides from clean water act)
Backpedals on the environment
Bush and the environment

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This is beta so could have some bugs, it works with my posts or at least almost all of them. This little item will save you space and you can add the little button below your posts this saves you some space and this service does tracking also. Has many bookmarks that you can use, if you use bookmarks nine times out of ten it has yours check out this tool that has lots of potential.
They also have the feed button but I think the one I have over on the right might give you more choices, I made the button at blogflux and linked to the readers check it out also. If we add all the bookmarking networks to our blog, we just might run out of room, this little button takes care of that problem, might have bugs but is worth checking it out. There is one of my posts I can't get it to work on yet and don't know why?
Like I say it will save you lots of room and is worth it.
Add This! Social Bookmark and Feed Button - Web2.0 Social Media Optimization

House seeks more oil royalties, kills tax breaks | Top News |

Posted: 1/18/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Thanks Nancy, for a woman made into a big bad wolf by the Juggernaut prior to the elections, you have turned out to be a breath of fresh air for America. Hot off the press, passage of a bill by a 264/163 vote that is aimed at 'big oil' and valued over $14 billion over 10 years.
Excerpt from Steny Hoyer; "The oil and gas industry is extraordinarily well established and well off," said House Democratic leader Steny Hoyer. "It does not need the American taxpayer's help to be successful or to make a dollar."
But think about 163 of our so called leaders still voted for 'big oil' over the average American tax payers.
This wraps up the 100 hours which was completed in 87 hours, but darkness still lays ahead in the Senate where Republicans insisted on attaching an $8.3 billion dollar tax break to business concerning the minimum wage increase. The ethics legislation is also being derailed in the Senate where Democrats have a very thin majority, the Republicans want to attach legislation to this concerning a line-item veto.
House seeks more oil royalties, kills tax breaks | Top News |

House passes student loan interest bill | - Houston Chronicle

Posted: by Floyd in Labels:

I have been debating whether Republicans or the majority of them hate the middle class, or, do they just hate America in general? Take a look at the bill Bush opposes, it has to do with student loans and cutting down rates form 6.8% to 3.4%, the bill passed 356/71 and mustered quite a bit of bipartisan support. When you read this article you can see my point, like the (R) of Utah who said it does noting for kids, you see people we still have some hinderer's to derail good bills put forth to help Americans, but it did not stop 124 Republicans for voting for the bill.
The Republicans then got up in arms because the Democrats would not consider an amendment that would give the President a modified line-item veto, at the same time a bipartisan group came up with a 'non-binding' resolution opposing the President's plan for troop buildup in the failed Iraq policy. Why would you give someone a line-item veto that anything could be struck from the bill before it was signed?
House passes student loan interest bill | - Houston Chronicle


War; The Iraq Way

Posted: 1/15/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

The Vice President of Iraq has declared that the Sunni's were victims of ethnic cleansing and his estimate about 23,000 or so were killed last year, some estimates run even higher than this and it is hard to get a clear record on the exact number. Mr. Hashemi also stated that the bombing of a Shi'ite shrine in Samarra last February, blamed on Al Qaeda had hit the Sunni full force.
The Iraqi President has taken a mind of his own in an appointment that was not decided by the decider, Lt Gen. Abud Quanbar was chosen to head the military effort in Baghdad. General's in the field have complained that officials in Maliki's government have blocked them from combating Sadr's Al Mahdi militia.
The new appointee would command 18 Brigades who are supposed to fight with Americans to combat the violence, they were supposed to be there earlier according to the Iraq Study Group's report and the Brigades promised them never materialized, should we trust they would be there now? Apparently in his new appointment President Maliki never enlightened his own government of what was taking place, a lawyer in the Sunni bloc issued this statement; "Nobody asked us, this is the first I've heard."

Some citizens have stated that living in Baghdad is like really living in jail, as violence takes the city by storm. Abu Mina a ceramic Artist and professor is but one example out of many that are virtual prisoners in Baghdad, when speaking of the sectarian gunmen Mina said that only boys and men were being killed and substantiates the Vice president's assessment of ethnic cleansing. Mina's son has attended school only once in the past two weeks, and Shia as well as Sunni live in daily fear of their lives. Maliki the Iraqi president has hesitated to crack down on Shi'ite militias such as the Mehdi Army, who according to the Iraq Study Group has about 60,000 or so fighters and this is an estimate. Mr. Mina seemed skeptical of the plan of sending more troops to quell the ongoing violence and said if no improvement within a couple of months he and his family will move on.
As far as moving on it is costing a higher and higher price, a story along this line is that of Ra'ad Farouk who paid the amount of $25,000 to an immigration broker who is now demanding another $10,000. Farouk said he received many death threats over the past months because he works for the Health Ministry and insurgents see anyone working with or for the government as betrayers.
Before 2006 the brokers who provided asylum in Europe for Iraqis the going price was about $5,000 and now the average price is between $15,000 and $25,000 dollars, a pharmacist three months ago paid $30,000 to get asylum to Sweden only to discover the broker he had been dealing with was a fake, it is also estimation that about 2,000 Iraqis are crossing the Jordanian border on a daily basis.
Bush draws a lot of heat from his Iraq plan of adding more troops to the area that looks like more of an escalation of the war in Iraq, critics have come out from both parties on the continuing the escalation of the war and Mr. Bush has challenged lawmakers to find a strategy of their own. The strategy has long been to draw down forces and allow the government of Iraq to begin to look for a solution to this ongoing problem, I mean I don't want to beat a dead horse but that is the plan. Among all this escalation Ms. Rice is supposed to be deployed in the region seeking a peace or cease fire. Bush said the American people will blame him for the Iraqi government installed till after his term,,then, it is someone else's problem.
Reuters AlertNet
L.A Times
Gulf Daily News
i On Global Trends
Unconfirmed Sources

Florida Voting

Posted: 1/12/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Florida's 13th Congressional district is still in play
and after the election in November of last year Vern Buchanan the Republican won by a margin of 400 votes, well now the rest of the story.
18,000 votes in Sarasota County contained no vote for Buchanan or the Democratic opponent Christine Jennings, not a few but 18,000 votes. So it is being contested and remains under investigation, and rightly so. This is a story that is pretty much staying out of the main-stream news media.

The source code is available but is most secretive, you know this is the kind of stuff that makes one wonder just what are they trying to hide? This is the kind of secrets one runs into when questioning the voting system and the software that runs that system in this country.
A poor ballet design has been attributed to the lost votes, however ES&S remains secretive over a democratic process in this country and that my friends is the reason we need to take a long hard look at the voting process, the voting system on these machines and on articles you will run into on this blog itself should have the public up to take notice of this serious problem.
What does the ES&S say about this? Well it is said that the so called lost votes was in a heavy democratic district and their "best guess" is that if the votes had been cast then Jennings would have won by about 3,000 votes, hmm I would say it is something worth fighting for. The Congressman who is being now seated is taking no position on the matter but believe the votes were accurately counted, I guess I would not complain either if I got an election handed to me.

Bush vows veto of Medicare drug-price negotiations - MarketWatch

Posted: by Floyd in Labels: ,

President Bush takes a swing at seniors and vowing to veto legislation designed to negotiate lower drug prices from the big producers. The legislation allows the Health and human Services Department to negotiate lower drug prices on a variety of drugs that benefit seniors and other Americans as well, the president is standing firm against the seniors as well as middle America and the poor.
Also in his speech of last night he proposed nothing more than an escalation of the war in Iraq and threats to others involved in supplying arms to the country, such as Syria and Iran. Nothing but more of the same with a to little to late agenda, thinking inside the box these brigades will be in fluxed into Baghdad and claiming they can hold the ground we gain there. A lot of generals have spoken their peace lately against this ill gotten plan only to find their self being replaced and others are being brought in who share the same agenda as the higher ups do, namely the Bush administration.

Senator Hagel; Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska described the move as "the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since Vietnam, if it's carried out."

Meanwhile, a top US official yesterday said none of the al-Qaida suspects believed to be hiding in Somalia died in a US airstrike this week.

A day earlier, a Somali official said a US intelligence report had referred to the death of Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, one of the three senior al-Qaida members blamed for the 1998 bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

But the US official in Kenya said Ethiopian troops and US special forces were still pursuing the three suspects in southern Somalia.

More big changes are on the way for the military, the pentagon is abandoning the active duty time for the citizen soldier. In other words, a citizen-soldier could be mobilized for a 24-month stretch in Iraq or Afghanistan, then demobilized and allowed to return to civilian life, only to be mobilized a second time for as much as an additional 24 months. In practice, Pace said, the Pentagon intends to limit all future mobilizations to 12 months.

It is just the way it looks they are going to drag out this war as long as possible, they being Bush and company. Instead of talking to the surrounding area as the Iraq Study Group has stated, we are issuing idle threats toward the neighbors of Iraq. I know Congress can't do a lot but I expect them to do everything in their power to not escalate this war farther than it is right now. I agree with Senator Hagel this is by far the worst blunder since Vietnam.

Poll finds 70% oppose sending more troops to Iraq.
Scotsman News
Bush vows veto of Medicare drug-price negotiations - MarketWatch
Democracy Direct

Allen Roland

Tax Cut & The Minimum Wage

Posted: 1/09/2007 by Floyd in Labels: ,

Democrats are eying a tax cut for the middle class, what boggles my mind is that a lot of people in Kentucky must be ill-informed of Mitch McConnell's stance against the working class of this country, I think we have proved the public is not informed or really don't care what is taking place here? The fact is whether we are talking about the minimum wage or middle America the stance is always the same, look for Mitch he will be on the side of corporate wealth and greed and really is one of the worst Senators we have in the state and the Unions of this state would do good to wage a full court press against the re-election of this stuffed shirt.
We have to many as it is standing against middle America right now, it is high time the minimum wage was raised by the Dem's lead by Nancy and I know that most Kentuckians out there would welcome this living on a week to week paycheck, just remember when it comes time to vote cast a vote for middle America and the working class and send the ones home that are in there merely to hinder the common good of working Americans.

The point Mitch was really making is this; we are not raising tax on all my rich buddies so that the average American can take home a bigger paycheck. Just say what you really mean Mitch quit beating around the 'Bush'. I think Mitch tucked in another little $20 million some where or the other, oh yeah, a victory party or something I believe.
In the third and final presidential debate, Oct. 13, Bush said he supported Sen. Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) minimum-wage proposal. But McConnell never introduced such a bill. The Hill reported in April that McConnell was working on a plan to increase the minimum wage from $5.15 to $6.25 an hour, but McConnell never formally introduced his bill, which was described as an effort to provide centrist Republicans political cover to vote against Kennedy’s bill.
But McConnell has made his voice heard before, Mitch looks out for one person,,,himself.

Adopting the rules of the House title IV
Vote Passed (280-152, 3 Not Voting)

During consideration of the resolution setting House rules for the 110th Congress, the chamber approved this section that is intended to reform the earmark process and to reduce deficit spending.

Ben Chandler-(D) yes
Geoff Davis-(R) No
Ron Lewis-(R) No
Harold Rogers-(R) No
Edward Whitfield-(R) Yes
John Yarmuth-(D) Yes

We are still getting a lot of hindrance in Washington and a lot of talk is going around now concerning bipartisanship, to me this simply means to give into every thing or most things concerning the Republican mess that has now got us to this point we are at. Record deficits and an Iraq quagmire, it looks as though it will still be a struggle to get America back from the far right track the previous Congress and administration has gotten us into.
Dems look at tax cuts for middle class | - Houston Chronicle
New York Times
Kansas City Star
Peak Dems
The Blue State

Google Toolbar for Firefox

Posted: 1/07/2007 by Floyd in Labels:

Finally the 'Blog This' is back, the new beta version of google toolbar for firefox has it. They also have an Internet explorer version of the toolbar and other versions. It is worth the download for the blog this alone, but it has other features also, bookmarks, g-mail and others. I don't see a labels view on it though, so you will have to add a label later if you want to.
Well here is my post to my blog and the first time using 'blog this' since the old blogger was around, I don't know of any bugs but I just started using it so can't really give a take on how it performs yet, well enough talk here goes, if it posts to my blog I will leave the label off this is only a test, but if it works this alone has sold me I miss the 'blog this' about the new blogger the most.
Google Toolbar for Firefox

A New Direction

Posted: 1/04/2007 by Floyd in

Democrats move to toughen ethics rules, lawmakers can still take trips but more explaining will have to be made in doing so. Tickets to games such as NBA, etc. would have to be put at face value and would put to an end of pricing games at $49 to escape the ceiling on gifts. This is to be the first order of business for the new Congress.
It is going to take a lot to clean up Washington but we must start somewhere in doing so and Nancy Pelosi the so called wolf in sheep's clothing is not turning out to be the bad little lady the administration tried so hard to sell, leading up to November of last year. The first 100 days start today with the first woman Speaker of the House, we shall soon see if Congress can indeed be cleaned up from the scandals that have rocked it's halls during the Republican rule.
Bush called for spending cuts, had to do a retake on that one and yes a balanced budget? Believe it or not this is what has been said. John Spratt said it best though with this comment; "We welcome the president's new found commitment to a balanced budget, but his comments make us wary," said incoming House Budget Committee Chairman John Spratt of South Carolina. "They suggest that his budget will still embody the policies that led to the largest deficits in history.

Iraq Death Toll Hits 3,000

Posted: 1/01/2007 by Floyd in Labels: ,

Well another year has come and gone and now the death toll in Iraq has reached the 3,000 mark of military personnel killed and countless wounded, Saddam has been hanged and the violence continues it seems unabated as we round out 2006 with being one of the deadliest months yet in Iraq. Tonight the church service focused a lot on the dying in Iraq and some of the members sons were there, but the church prayed for all of those in Iraq, and Afghanistan.
So many questions goes unanswered concerning Iraq and Afghanistan, wondering at the higher ups and wondering just what does victory mean? That is a hard answered question is it not, when they tout this slogan it makes one wonder just what exactly is meant by it. I am really glad that I had not been in government when I might have voted for the war and it must be eating some alive right now to know what monster they have created.

The number put out by the news is a number none of us wants to see, however, we can do little about this. Our vote in November has fell on deaf ears and we must now think of 2008, to voice our opinion again. The Democrats can only do so much other than cutting off the funding, but I don't think any of us would want that. But doing everything in their power to do I would think this is what all of us hopes will happen, and that is all we can expect of them to do. Jesse Jackson did an interview today about the Saddam hanging and his belief being we are not more secure from terror, one statement Mr. Jackson alluded to was simply this; “Saddam Hussein didn’t hit us. Bin Laden hit us,” he said. “Iraq didn’t hit us. The Taliban hit us.”
Since the war the Taliban has been flooded with opium and before the war reports show us none accounted for in this country, the flood of opium continues to fuel the Taliban and the operations of terrorists in Northern Pakistan continues unabated and what about Pakistan? The Pakistani government allows the terrorists operations who have set up shop in Northern Pakistan, and terrorists begin to gain footholds elsewhere, as for Iraq, no Happy New Year here.
Other reading; Bring Them Home Now
London Free Press; (from Aug. to Nov. attacks grew 22%)
Salon, 2005 article; (how many have been deployed? the figure might surprise you)