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Posted: 12/13/2006 by Floyd in Labels: ,

A report came out concerning the ability for states to deal with a crisis if it was to occur, this report comes out more than five years after the the terrorists attacks of 2001. Only two states scored higher on the report than Kentucky, they were Oklahoma and Kansas.
It seems that after 9-11 we still have a ways to go to deal with a major health crisis if one were to occur, the report shows that six states cut or failed to maintain their public-health budgets in 2006. What is striking also about this report is that Washington D.C., is less prepared than all but four states.
This should be our wake-up call that after five years we are at this point, that we are not ready in most states to deal with a biological attack, if one were to occur, excerpt;
"The nation is nowhere as prepared as we should be for bio-terrorism, bird flu and other health disasters," Levi said in a statement issued in connection with the report. "We continue to make progress each year, but it is limited. As a whole, Americans face unnecessary and unacceptable levels of risk."
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  1. CD says:

    Hey there! Good post! You know there are some many things wrong with not only states providing health care after a potential attack but health care in general (i.e. lack of a national health care system). In any event, keep up the good work. BTW, you changed your site a little bit, didn't you? I didn't notice that picture there last time and your blog post looks a little different too. Nice work.

  1. I don't know what I did, but I think I made a google account so's I could post, finally!
    Yep, the US is in dire shape, although not as bad as Iraq thanks to our Village Idiot ; (
    Thanks for popping by and the link.
    No wonder people hate us, that video was depressing ; ((((

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey cd, just messing around with the pic, takes up a lot of room, at least I got a Christmas song, thanks again for compliments.

    coffee messiah, I knew you would find that video rather interesting, but like you say very depressing.

    I think Crawford is missing it's village idiot?

  1. They think they're okay as long as they pretend to care. So they make us take our shoes off before we fly, and they give us a useless but colorful Threat Alert Levels system, and they invade random countries. And all of this comes at the price of real but less visible security measures they could have taken. Disgusting.

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks for coming by people in the sun, you think like I do, its just one big shambles when you look at it.

    9/11 should have woke us up to be able to deal with disaster, or the ball should have been rolling then and at this point in time we should have been at compliance or very close. There is no oversight in the Department of Homeland Security, Mike is simply picking up a paycheck.

    Just like people in the sun said about the threat levels system, it really don't matter what that is if it is Orange or Red if we can't react to that.

    Like cd said we need a national health care system, the reason being given is that the quality of care would go down, and now the flip-side is the reason is because the big conglomerate called health care would not be raping us like they are now and charging outlandish fees, heck if you have to go in the hospital now, when they are all done you will owe about 20 grand or so if you are lucky. And what about insurance, those costs are passed on to us in premiums, so in our system as it stands the doctors, hospitals, drug companies and insurance companies are getting fat as ticks on a hound and the American people are getting the shaft without.

    Glad you caught the video coffee messiah, stuff you don't see on the news.
    Here is the link that coffee messiah is talking about.