Polar Bears 'Feeling The Heat'

Posted: 12/28/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Well I had another post in mind but this caught my eye on the plight of the Polar Bear and relates to the melting ice now taking place in the Arctic. All of you might have seen the article by now but I guess one more post won't hurt, it seems the fight for global warming awareness has come home however, I won't count any cubs before they are born. The Interior Secretary admits that the ice is melting but, as you read on in this article he also relieves himself of responsibility by saying that climate change is "outside the bounds of his department."
Global Warming is nothing new we all have proof of the CO-2 build-up in the atmosphere, the problem is will we be able to react to it and get on board like the European countries, who have been in the process of leveling fines for over discharge limits?

The Democrats have promised us some initiative on this so we will see how it pans out, but this we do know the Arctic is starting to feel a massive onslaught on the effects of global warming

and the Polar Bear who makes his home there is just the first of many that will get on the news.
The days where I live are getting warmer, much warmer than 20 years ago, this disrupts the cycle of life in insects and other forms of life such a migratory birds, and in the summer we either have a draught or a flood. Long periods without rain disrupt the crop growth as well as long periods of rain, so we need only to look around our near vicinity to realise that global warming is taking place, we don't even need a movie to show us these effects. But I think the movie Al Gore has made (An Inconvenient Truth) was made for those who need to be aware of the environment around them and any out there who have not seen the film I urge you to watch it for yourself.
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  1. Evil liberals must be stealing polar bears to further their Global Warming conspiracy, in order to implement their evil plan of looking out for the environment. Or something.

  1. baabaanne says:

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, Floyd. I've added you to my Google Reader, also have put a link to your blog on my "thanks for commenting" list. Happy New Year.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hello there Beth my friend, put you in my links, nice of you to drop by and don't be a stranger, I could not resist that comment and I really enjoyed your blog.

    Hello simply liberal, ha ha, yeah I started herding them big white teddy bears up there in the great white north. Figure they might further my evil plans of saving our environment, one may never know if one's grand-children might have use of the atmosphere some day.

  1. Sally says:

    The atmosphere is simply overrated!

  1. Floyd says:

    Hello Sally, yep, just overrated, The dang scientists got it all wrong. Polar Bears just swim out to far, Al Gore stirrin up them environmentalists.