Parting Shots

Posted: 12/02/2006 by Floyd in Labels: , ,

In a parting shot Republicans trash the environment on their way to becoming the minority in the house for the first time in 12 years. Opening up the Gulf to off-shore drilling, and really this is the tip of the iceberg for this lame- duck Congress this won't be the last of it and that I am sure. A Congress that has basically rubber-stamped everything that was put before them, I look at this more or less as a parting shot to the American people. Another hit was put out on the women of this country, can't leave out you guys either the D.D has a link from their page to this also and like I said previously this is only the beginning to disrupt progress as much as possible before they pack their bags.

A judge has also ruled that the Roadless Area Conservation Rule should be applied to prohibit road construction on hundreds of oil and gas leases issued on national forest roadless areas since the rule was first enacted in 2001. Thanks to the Earthjustice attorneys who brought the legalities home to the Bush administration environmental policies. Of course this does not surprise me from this lame-duck Congress I was already aware of the parting shots while reading Peyton Knight talk about the scary dealings of the former do-nothing branch.
Sen. DeMint of South Carolina urged the lame-duck to save the spending bills as a house warming present for the Democrats, this would be fine for DeMint to suggest such a thing since

it will take Democrats years to clean up the Republican fiasco of big government and big spending.

3,000 doctors will be on capital hill to make a point on Medicare not to cut payments by 5%, lower payments could cause doctors not to treat as many Medicare recipients as they do now unless Congress is able to act during the lame-duck session, according to the AMA upwards of 45% of the doctors will either restrict treating some of the patients and or will not accept new patients with Medicare insurance.
Personally I think the re-nomination of Bolton is basically a stupid move, they could not get this guy approved before and I don't believe this will happen in the lame-duck session,(up-date-"it didn't")let me put it this way; if they do this it is nothing but plain old spite. The guy has to many strikes against him to even get into arguing for his nomination, it relates to statements he has said in the past, concerning other countries and the United Nations in general.
Another parting shot Republicans relish in is the left over spending bills like the war spending request that is said to top $100 billion, but hey we can afford it, what else are our tax dollars to be used for, don't expect them to squander our money on things like revitalizing our coast line around Mississippi and New Orleans, the dilemma we are in on this one is this, sure we could cut off funding and let Bush fund his own war but, in reality, it would hurt our troops and that we can not do so really they still have us over a barrel so to speak and we can not let the troops down. I have only given you a glimpse into the future of the lame-duck, but the battle will rage on after the duck is gone.