A Nice Move

Posted: 12/18/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

The Democrats might have saved us some money already, you know the budget that should have been finished by October? Well, the Democrats decided to pass a continuing resolution that extends the 2006 budget into next year. There are about 12,000 earmarks mostly just pork stuffed into the stalled spending bills, these simply disappearing can save the tax payers about $17 billion.
In 1995 there were about 1,495 special projects inserted into spending bills, sounds like a huge number, doesn't it? By 2005 after a decade of Republican rule, the number had soared to 14,000 looking at this we can see the big difference in the big spend Republicans, they should be know as the party of the big spenders, I know they tout smaller government and toy with the idea of a balanced budget, but, unfortunately the proof is in the pudding.

What is even more interesting is this excerpt to the Wall Street Journal, which reads; In a bizarre move, the Wall Street Journal editorial page credited Republicans for this development.
In other initiatives Nancy Pelosi, would require negotiation with the drug companies concerning the drug benefit under the Medicare program. HHS, would negotiate with the companies and apparently mandate it also. O.K opinion time, before the November elections Nancy was attacked on every angle by the 'love thy company, as thy self' attitude of the far right. Since these elections I have heard nothing but good things coming from this woman, she did not turn out to be the big bad wolf that she was so often portrayed to be. The veto pen is getting the dust wiped off it as we speak, I have a feeling that veto pen will get a good work out when it comes to the minimum wage or roll backs on big oil, if you look at it the pen itself has been resting all these years for just such an occasion.
The Pentagon is eying a $468.9 billion dollar budget in 2008, up by 6% from last year, but hey when it comes to money America has a bottomless pit in the eyes of the administration, I don't want to seem to harsh on them so I will say, it costs a lot to stay in Iraq, a place where most of the population wants you gone. It will be interesting to see how the new Congress reacts to all of this, but it is hard really to do to much about it, if we go to cutting off funds probably only the
the troops would suffer and the radical right knows this, but if we look at it I can't really see this new Congress buckle down like the old Congress has and I believe the new Congress will require more documentation on exactly where the money is going.