Newsweek Poll On 2008

Posted: 12/19/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Well my friends it looks like the race is on for 2008 and the candidates are getting their feet wet already, but there is one poll I have not heard much about and that is the Newsweek poll, this poll seems very elusive indeed and by the numbers it is showing me I can guess why that is, first off lets take a look at the Clinton McCain match-up.
Americans were asked if you had to vote for one who would that be? Survey says; 50% Clinton and 43% McCain, Americans were asked if your party nominated an African American for President and if they were qualified would you vote for them? Survey said; whites 92% and non-whites 96%.
Now ladies out there this is disappointing to say the least, Americans were asked, is America ready to elect a woman president? Survey says; men 59% yes and women 51% yes.
Question was asked if your party nominated a woman for president and she were qualified, would you vote for her? Survey says; 86% men yes, and 86% women yes. If America had to choose between Clinton and Giuliani, Clinton has the edge by only 1%, 48% to 47%, but we can't see into this one much because Giuliani is to much on the left to even be nominated by the Republican party and anything is possible but I don't see it.

A lot of bloggers out there have made their predictions for the ticket in 08, it is still really to early to tell but here we go. I think that it will be Clinton and Obama and I don't know in what order it will take place, on the conservative side I really could not say maybe McCain and well I really don't know there but I don't think it will be Giuliani and not that he would do very well it is just I don't think the Republicans can mobilize their base with him, he has a lot of beliefs that cut to the grain of the conservative base.
I think what is dragging McCain down is his stance on the Iraq War, he is not going to get any traction talking about Iraq and needing more troops there, when the troops they are allocating just is not enough to make a difference. Now if we were talking into the hundreds of thousands then all bets are off, but we are not we are talking about 20 or 30 thousand and I personally don't believe it would be enough, but we will see what happens I guess.


  1. I must say I find it mind boggling that more people don't consider Al Gore a serious candidate yet for 2008: correct me if I'm wrong, but he won the popular vote by a half million votes in 2000!?!

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey my friend he did win the vote in 2000, the majority of the people in this country wanted Gore to be president.

    I wold love also for Gore to be president and I would also love to see him win the position, his endeavor to educate people on the environment went extremely well.

    Well as they say it is not over till it's over, it really is to soon to tell at this point but there are a lot of good contenders out there.

    I really enjoyed your last post ripper, you get all the good videos.

  1. Gore does extremely well on polls using range voting. Range voting produces a much greater voter satisfaction ratio than plurality voting, so that would tell us a lot more about who voters really want. This poll is a lot better, in my opinion.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey Broken Ladder thanks for the heads up on the poll, the poll reflects more opinions of the voters and who they would really support, I cast my vote also on the man to save the planet Mr. Gore.

    It seems most of the contenders are not concerned over the environment like they should be, The war in Iraq means something and I don't want our soldiers sacrifice to be in vain.

    It was doomed from the start, the Republicans did not talk of things such as a draft because of the political fall-out and now here we are in a bungled mess.

    Al Gore was right about this war and right on the environment, I would love to see the guy President and if he were President I don't think we would be in the mess we are in today and planet earth in general would be much better off.