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Poll on Iraq shows that Americans by a clear majority has reacted that the war is not going as planned, on Nov 14, 2006 29% approve of the presidents handling of the war while 67% disapproved of the handling of the war, now 21% approve and a whopping 75% disapprove, add this little excerpt; Opposition to the war is now taking on historic proportions, with 62 percent saying it was "a mistake" to send U.S. troops to Iraq — slightly more than told a Gallup Poll in 1973 that it was a mistake to send U.S. forces to Vietnam.
Will we succeed? 53% says highly unlikely, is it improving? 52% say getting worse 38% says staying the same and a merely 8% says getting better. Also for your viewing pleasure check out this video over at Minor Ripper on how we are winning the hearts of the little Iraqis.

Videos entitled 'Bush takes big hit over Iraq,' wow,, you think so? So the study group has basically done nothing in order to sway the confidence in the American people. Well if we look at it a lot of us Americans have read the full length of that report and a lot of things it relates to are just not doable in the near future, America is starting to see the scope of this thing and becoming disheartened with the whole idea of it. This accounts for the worst looking poll I have seen thus far on this war, Rumsfeld got canned and we brought in Gates but it has not swayed the downward trend of the support of this war.
Meanwhile the Taliban and it's allies continue to reek havoc on northern Pakistan,

these are the ones Cheney said were in their death throes and have somehow managed to gain new life.

Another problem of the Iraqi government is that they are failing to spend billions of dollars in oil revenue, the government is in such a state that it can not spend money it has to repair the infrastructure damage to utilities, water, schools etc. After us taxpayers footed about $22 billion, the increase of the capital from oil revenues could begin paying for the rebuilding, newsflash, it is not happening.
Most of this is alluded to the strict policies put in place to weed out corruption in the system, but what has happened is they have become afraid to issue any contracts due to them maybe being indicted on corruption charges. Read here where Powell predicted a smooth turnover to the government, lot of good reading in this old document. So instead of going forward we seem to be back paddling on the functioning of the Iraqi government.
What makes this even worse is the fact of the terrorists gaining ground in Afghanistan and now getting a foothold in northern Pakistan and we could blame this really on the government of Pakistan itself by cutting a deal with the terrorists, when they struck a so called 'peace deal' with the Taliban and al Qaeda and as most of you have read these groups are gaining lots of money through the opium trade in Afghanistan which has skyrocketed since the year 2000 when it was at zero and now it accounts for about 90% of the world's opium, the agreement that Pakistan made with the terrorists is that the Pakistan military would stop monitoring the activity of the militants.
This of course leaves the door wide open and the article's we read about the gaining of ground in northern Pakistan should come as no surprise to us, the war on terror does not just involve Iraq and quite a few these days seem to want to associate the war in Iraq as the war on terror and that is just not the case.


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  1. Great post, thanks. Don't know if you've seen these two short videos from Iraq yet or not, but both show the US Military engaging in some very dubious actions. I have them up on my site at ..You have to wonder what these soldiers were thinking when videotaping this stuff...

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    Thanks my friends I put you guys in my blogroll, Ripper I had not seen the video thanks, the main stream media needs to sometimes print and do follow-ups on some video coming out of Iraq.

    Really on the net is where I get most of the news, I still watch the news media but on the internet I find a lot of interesting video and other written media that put the war into more of a perspective.

    this is stuff America needs to see, they need to know some of the truth out there because little by little that is how truth comes out, the internet is such a vast database of information that we need to keep free and open.

    Again, thanks and do drop back in on me from time to time, you are always welcome at reason.