Katrina Waste & The Pork Barrel

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Where do we begin on this one? Think Progress has reminded us of the Bush speech which has taken place in Jackson Square, it was a good PR speech don't get me wrong but, words are only seen as thus if there is no teeth in the details. The issue is basically history as it seems and New Orleans is still buried in red tape, the mismanagement of the Katrina crisis makes us see a vivid picture of just what is being accomplished there, and that leads me to this post today that I found in Netscape News. What we find in this story is the waste that has and will occur as the fall-out of the Katrina crisis begins to come into focus, if you read the other articles under this label you will find that the victims of Katrina have had nothing but red tape and are still being victimized.

In the article I found at Netscape News we find that the Bush administration has squandered about a billion dollars on fraudulent disaster aid, but that my friends is only the tip of the iceberg in this mismanagement program. The former Homeland Security Department's inspector general was quoted as saying that not enough progress is being made. When Bush first started this thing he tried and succeeded for the most part to keep Union labor out of New Orleans, you know what has happened? Well, in layman's terms, a few companies have gotten rich off of Bush's government pork, and the pork flowed to politically connected firms, The propriety of four no-bid contracts together worth $400 million to Shaw Group Inc., Bechtel Group Inc., CH2M Hill Companies Ltd., and Fluor Corp. that were awarded without competition. These companies despite their claims are connected politically to the system, although I will note that they claim otherwise.
Look at a subsidiary of Fluor which has donated over $900,000 dollars to Republican candidates since 2000, the four groups which have denied connections politically have been among 6 who have been awarded new contracts. Some of these contracts were never rebid but were simply given to the big firms and pray tell we have any Union workers in there, the workers who stand up for their rights are not to be awarded anything, Democrats who are about to take power as the majority must not forget their roots, good faith bipartisan is good but I don't think we should shun our ideals, I think some power should be asserted by the majority and one such power would be the minimum wage.
The Republicans in the Senate are not going to filibuster such a bill and go home to their districts for re-election, just won't happen. I'm not saying go in like a raging bull but, we can't go in like a lamb either. Democrats have already called for more accountability concerning the Katrina bids and I am hoping that this happens, the accountability for the spending of funds and exactly where the funds are going to is a start, but we have a long road ahead and the whole Katrina effort has only become one big failure by this administration, unfortunately it is only one on a list of many, we remember not so long ago the failure of FEMA when they could not deliver the trailers, while people just pointed fingers at each other and the trailers remained immobile.
Here is a CNN article about the trailers over a year ago and the ineffectiveness of the FEMA fiasco, and yet another article from CorpWatch on who got the trailer contract, Fluor whose stock had climbed as of May this year a whopping 65% due to the Katrina disaster, read also in this CorpWatch article how FEMA defended it's actions and of course you and I now know the rest of the story.

Katrina One Year Later (PDF Document)


  1. Where's the surprise?
    Waste here, waste in the Middle East.
    Show's GW is indeed good at Waste Management ; (

  1. Octavian says:

    2 Billion Dollars!

    That's two space shuttles!

  1. CD says:

    Humm I wonder how much Fluor is giving in contributions to the government. The government's own audit reports show how much waste is happening as a result of the hurricane. But yet, business is as usual. We could have a national health care in place along with getting every single person above the proverty line if money this kind of things didnt happen on a routine basis.

  1. Floyd says:

    That is a good one coffee messiah,octavian, it is a way of looking at one of many of government wastes that have occurred, when we look at it, it really boggles the mind all of the waste that is occurring.

    You are right cd, this is their own numbers. And a good point a health care system could be fully improvised if we used all the waste dollars and put them to good use to really benefit the average American citizen.

  1. Sally says:

    This does not surprise me at all...maybe the vast scope of it does. It makes you wonder how much waste is not even counted!!