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Posted: 12/07/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. In the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed.
--George w. Bush

speaking underneath a Mission Accomplished banner aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln.

Setting the mood so to speak, the Iraq report came out yesterday on maybe pursuing a somewhat different approach, (view the PDF) whether we heed anything they have suggested is up to the President. The outline is a start, but the logistics of training of the Iraqi Army is a whole different concept to adopt.

The training in itself will take much longer than next year, maybe it is meant to give some kind of political cover to Bush? By giving us a 'bow out gracefully approach' to a degrading situation.
A link back to this article can also be found here Channel 4-Newsroom blog.

The fact of the matter is General's who have seen the zone first hand paint a more bleaker picture of Iraq, discussing the training issue some have ventured to say it will take years to accomplish the task. Just Google Lt. Col. Grunow and you will see my reference to him there, I know he is just a Lt. Col. But he knows whats going on with the training involved and how hard it is to train this Army.
Now don't get me wrong I am not saying they can't be trained, all I'm saying is that it will take time and it makes it hard caught in the middle of civil war while fighting an insurgency. There really is no timetable on the draw down of troops, sometime next year, and Bush wanting to remain steadfast on his approach by saying we will be there until the Iraqis want us to leave, it would seem to me that the panel would have specified more direct times or specifics of the issues.
The so called new Iraq policy will not comfort one mother, who issues this statement;

"You get sympathy cards from presidents and senators and all that stuff, with their deepest condolences. But you know what? Tomorrow, another kid gets killed," she says.

This woman tells a down to earth reality of war and I don't believe in the least this is an isolated feeling, I believe this assessment is more widespread than the ones in power make us to believe, and this is why I think the panel should have laid out a little clearer terms. But it was a bipartisan commission and I respect them for that, but the war hawks should listen more to the mothers who have lost their children and then they may be able to think a little more when coming to conclusions, I wonder the reaction of Bush? Looking at the Cat's blog I think he may have the reaction down pat so to speak. Bush is supposed to meet with Tony Blair today to discuss the future course on Iraq, this link came in just now. Just last month Mr.Blair spoke rather candidly about the Iraq invasion calling it a disaster, however after the invasion and during it Tony Blair has been a stanch ally, even in the face of taking heat from his homeland he remained steadfast in this disaster, so it is to no surprise he would be invited here after the panels recommendations have came to light.