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Had to dig somewhat to find some decent content for my blog, it seems television news is becoming one big soap opera that we sometimes lose focus on what we should be dealing with. The main-stream news are already running and appointing the next president of the United States which will not take place till in 2008, so to not talk about the currant issues I presume it is as usual doing it's job, by clouding the issues with non-constructive non-sense.
Found a story on Kucinich discussing the Iraq war and the cost of that war which is very essential to us, as well it should be since we are funding it. Sometimes one is left to contemplate how much money can we spend and stay afloat? I think that most of us in the backs of our minds wonder from time to time how much till the breaking point? Well Mr. Kucinich is basically telling us how the price is always going up on the funding since this war began and little if any progress is being made.

What caught my eye was that last year when the war was escalated the Department of Defense spent $117 billion, and in the spring they are coming in with $130 billion, in one year the cost of war could go up $130 billion. Kucinich goes on to point out that not only does the administration feel 'unrestrained' in spending, but also have gained no insight to the November elections, I agree, after the November elections Republicans appeared on every talk show and spin zone within this great country, giving it's take in general on the elections. look what happened leading up to the election Cheney blamed Iraq for trying to influence the election, On Oct. 17, Cheney told Limbaugh: 'I was reading something today that a writer -- I don`t remember who -- was speculating on increased terrorist attacks in Iraq attempting to demoralize the American people as we get up to the election. And when I read that, it made sense to me. And I interpreted this as that the terrorists are actually involved and want to involve themselves in our electoral process, which must mean they want a change.' And O'Reilly blamed North Korea. It seems mostly a constant state of denial that has swirled around the G.O.P since the wake-up call in November, but did they tout their losses as a failed policy or out of touch politics? No, they simply said America did not vote for liberalism but voted against the 'Bush' policies and not against conservatism, well, seems like denial to me. And that leaves us here, still in Iraq and not knowing what to exactly do but give money blindly to the Defense Department hoping it is spent well, but is it? Mr. Kucinich points out that the $130 billion is not specific, and he speculates it could be used for continuing the war, apparently not only Democrats are concerned but the Pentagon itself is showing concern.
From the interview it seems Kucinich wants to basically cut off the money, put an end to the funding as he puts, the only hope of ending this war and I would almost agree with him but I believe in the long run it might hurt our troops if I knew it would not hurt the troops I would get on board with him. The special inspector general has called corruption the second insurgency, those a pretty harsh words, but we as Americans tend to wonder how much do we pay in life and money to end this nightmare? Like I say cutting the money off might hurt our troops but if we are dealing with someone who does not want to see any other point of view,, what else is left?


  1. Octavian says:

    Our creditors will let us spend money until they own us.

  1. Floyd says:

    And then they collect, a little more tax at a time. America is not dumb we know we can't spend like this and keep our taxes low, it just is not going to happen.

  1. Although it takes awhile sometimes to see that all that's going on, is to continue to make us Slaves, to the system.
    Once you get sucked in, look out.
    As I get older, I find myself getting closer and closer to the faraway (if you know what I mean).
    I'm only sorry I wasn't strong enough to see it all in my youth.
    It's never too late to fight the man/system ; )

  1. Floyd says:

    I know exactly what you mean I think I might be getting close to the faraway myself.

    You know someday we all ante up, these billions of dollars they talk about is monies we owe. I think we might be running on one big Visa card that the middle-class is going to pay big time on, under this administration we are up to our eye-balls in debt.

    What's funny is it reminds me of that commercial of the man riding the lawn mower, the one in suburbia up to his eye-balls in debt.

  1. "Had to dig somewhat to find some decent content for my blog, it seems television news is becoming one big soap opera that we sometimes lose focus on what we should be dealing with."

    Floyd and all, check out Signs-of-the-Times (Scroll about 1/2way for the news items).

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey peteroflongtree, nice site, they even got the Afghanistan cash crop listed. It really is hard to find the real news these days, we have to dig deeper and deeper for it.

    Thanks for stopping by, and don't be a stranger my friend.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey I made a mistake LONE, yep I linked back to the site in my links.

    I like to read good news, like I say it really is hard sometimes to find any these days.