Blindly Onward

Posted: 12/15/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

The Washington Post put out an article on Condoleezza Rice's rationale on talking with Iran or Syria to try and bring some kind of stability to the deteriorating conditions in Iraq, what I think the Iraq Study Group tried it's best to emphasize is that we need to have some kind of a more open foreign policy, and not more 'isolation' and distancing ourselves from opening some kind of talks with the region and the general area around Iraq. The reasoning Ms. Rice gives is simply this; "If they have an interest in a stable Iraq, they will do it anyway," in other words we don't have to talk to them about anything or acknowledge them, they will act on their own.

The article will go on to say that Iran cooperated with us on Afghanistan and the group was wondering could this be done with Iraq? Ms. Rice also reiterates the administration policy to push and promote democracy in the Middle East, if they don't want this then how do we push or force it upon them. When we entered Iraq we were to be seen as liberators of a tyrant and yet the greatest number of polls taken in the area, does not see us in this light. Sometimes this reminds me of walking a path without a flashlight, just blindly walking were our feet takes us and not knowing that a cliff might lay ahead. It seems like the U.S is isolated from the rest of the world and if you don't see it our way then you are not our friend and we don't want to play anymore, and besides Iran and Syria are not the only neighbors of Iraq and not the only ones mentioned in the Iraq Study Report. In further reading in the Post you will find the Army is in dire trouble and is counting on the guard to pick up the slack Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker, reiterated that we went into this war "flat-footed" with a $56 billion equipment shortage and 500,000 fewer soldiers than we had in 1991, he also said that it is critical now to shore up the force for what he called a long and dangerous war. And all this time I thought the dear leader was listening to these Generals? Check out the cost; The Army estimates that every 10,000 additional soldiers will cost about $1.2 billion a year, up from $700 million in 2001 in part because of increased enlistment bonuses and other incentives. The Army will have to "gain additional resources to support that strategy," Schoomaker acknowledged.
The guard can be mobilized involuntarily only once, and for no more than 24 months, they want to draw on this resource and bring them in for further duty and the reserves, because as it stands now this Iraq fiasco is breaking our backs. What this would do is put a strain on us to react should we have a disaster here at home or should we be needed elsewhere in the world, it is most like putting one's eggs all in one basket. This Generals assessment is about the to the point argument that I have read in a long time. This is not a new argument of the Army being stretched and in dire trouble and is probably the reason the General resorted to banging his hand on the table this is an excerpt from January of this year; Gen. George Casey's remarks contrasted sharply with statements made on Wednesday by U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, who disputed findings of an unreleased study conducted for the Pentagon that said the Army is overextended because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. President Bush shrugged off the report Thursday.
Let's clarify, don't we listen to our Generals in the field? I thought that was our constant motto to assess things based on our leaders in the field.


  1. This kind of logic is so twisted.
    It like saying someone getting beat up, won't need our help ; (
    They continue to amaze ; (

  1. Floyd says:

    Hello coffee messiah my friend, yeah their kind of logic would escape any rational human being.

    See they contradict themselves often,they say they listen to conditions and generals of the field, but in reality they only hear what they want to hear.

    The foreign policy is this; we have none, all of the previous administrations contained much diplomatic initiatives to which I won't get into now, Ronnie's Administration had a lot, Bill's did, Jimmy's did, in reality they all did,,but now it is like we are in isolation mode, in other words agree with our assessment or get out of our way.

    Did you ever see that poll taken on how the world view's us? Well I will give a clue, we come in right under Iran.