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Bush in his Jordan trip proclaimed today that PM al-Maliki was the right man for the job. Mr. Bush has dismissed a quick troop withdrawal from Iraq, This coming on the heels of Iraq saying it would be able to take over security responsibilities by about June of next year. Mr. Bush has assured the PM that we would stay in Iraq unless we are asked to leave. Mr. Bush seemed confidant and at ease with the situation as he strode back to board the plane, it seems to have turned out to be a very productive meeting. It looks as though this bipartisan panel on Iraq is going to go with a phased pull-out of our troops, as best as I can tell with this beating around the Bush so to speak.
The President today laid doubt with the talk about civil war which is now going on in Iraq. Which leads us to believe your greatest ally is to lay doubt in public opinion, and having the media to roll over is an added bonus.
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  1. Anticipation of the findings were, as we can see, blown way out of proportion. ; (
    It all started in the beginning, and since GW & Co let it all slide, and in my estimation of looking back, all this violence and death is really due to their inability to look at not only history in that area, but to have a plan.
    Obviously none then, none now.
    I'm getting tired of all the cut and run, stay the course, ad nauseum......

  1. Octavian says:

    I'm a proponent of the "get people who repeatedly fail at their aims and then lie about it constantly" strategy.

    Apparently I'm in the minority.

  1. Floyd says:

    No plan whatsoever, messiah coffee, hey octavin I'm with you.

    To tell you the truth guys it really has turned into a circus, the only plan they have is to stand in the green zone and get us picked off slowly, uh, until Ramadan of course.

    They have some ill gotten notion if we fight the terrorists in Iraq, the rest will be scared and lay down their weapons. The case they are making is preposterous.

    Some are trying to get the dear leader to open up talks with Iran, did not they used to be one of the axis of evil?