Between A Rock & A Hard Place

Posted: 12/17/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

The Saudis weighed in on what they intend to do if we leave Iraq, they reported that it might consider financing the war effort in favor of the Sunnis who are now engaged in a civil war with the Shiites in Iraq. Saudi Arabia who is an ally of ours, not to mention we get a lot of oil from them expressed their views to Cheney on his visit there. The Saudis do not want us conversing with Iran which turns out to be mostly Shia, but really it can not rule our resolve, but since it was us who opened this can of worms and now don't know what to do about it, except 'stay the course' and hope everything works itself out, then the Saudis give us their take on what will happen if we don't clean up the mess, boy, this all sounded better during "shock and awe."
In Saudi Arabia it's role in all of this seems to be to protect the Sunni population in Iraq or is assuming that we protect that population, since we started this mess. The Saudis even toyed with the notion of bringing down oil prices to put some squeeze on Iran's Shiite rulers.

So it seems that the Middle East is becoming more unstable instead of becoming stable doesn't it? Comparison chart of Sunni & Shia Islam, this page discusses the differences between the two sects, our involvement in Iraq and the ongoing civil war there is touching off areas elsewhere in the Middle East, in his own words;"Our objective is to help the Iraqi government deal with the extremists and the killers, and support the "vast majority" of Iraqis who are reasonable, who want peace," the president said Tuesday, al-Hashemi at his side. He took no questions.
Now this makes me wonder just what majority is he referring to, could it be related to this statement? By a wide margin, both groups believe U.S. forces are provoking more violence than they're preventing -- and that day-to-day security would improve if we left. As I read the day to day news it leads me to believe we are in for the long haul on this one, probably the later part of 2008 if I was guessing and upon reading the Iraq Report kind of solidifies my assumption even more, it alludes to the 'subject to conditions of security' as a way of saying, let's see what is happening then and make a decision, leaving the door wide open, so the group did not come up with a clear cut plan for dealing with the situation, except, to negotiate with the neighbors of Iraq, such as Iran, Syria etc. Since protests have occurred in Beirut I guess talking with Lebanon is out. And after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, kicked off his Holocaust Conference, well, it looks like from that, it is useless to talk to them, or is it? We have not tried in any way to initiate talks with these countries before things got to this point, we have been more or less shut off from the outside world and the means of diplomacy.
The urgency seems to have dwindled down and the president is saying he will deal with the problem sometime next year, this stance has caused criticizing from the Republican side of the aisle as well as the Democrats. Chuck Hagel Republican of Nebraska who often disagrees with how Bush is handling the war issued this statement; the Nebraska Republican, called the delay “unpardonable” and added: “Every day that goes by, we are losing ground.” For years we have set back and had no reaction to the situation in Iraq and for months the administration has issued the famous 'stay the course' formula which was not working and after a group was formed to assess the war in Iraq, we simply reply in layman's terms; let's just not worry about the war in Iraq and let it spoil our Christmas, after all this time, why rush into anything.
This all coming on the heels of the U.N General suggesting the Middle East is nearing it's breaking point and the General also had criticism of Israel on it's offensive in the Gaza Strip, but the speech was also balanced with critical points on both sides.

"Tensions in the region are near the breaking point," he said. "The opportunity for negotiating a two-state solution will last for only so long. "Should we fail to seize it, the people who most directly bear the brunt of this calamity will be consigned to new depths of suffering and grief. And extremists the world over would enjoy a boost to their recruiting efforts."

Nancy Pelosi called for new oversight this week and to protect the American people with the best possible intelligence available and recognizes Congress role in this, Ms. Pelosi also said the newly empowered House Democrats would also move to raise "the minimum wage," now $5.15 per hour;" advance stem cell research" and "roll back subsidies to Big Oil,” all in the opening days of the next Congress — “the first 100 hours,” as she put it. In other words more assertion over the billions of dollars spent every month on this ongoing war, emergency requests is obscuring the true price of this war. Cost is at about $8 billion a month and this of course rises steadily due to breakdown of equipment in this harsh environment, the Iraq Study Group has also said that the cost of the war should be included in the budget. Word of caution here, the Bush veto pen is warming up, they are dusting the dust from it now, can't have you lowly tax payers out there getting anything.
The end of this article is what makes me wonder here is the excerpt; "And if Mr. Bush’s budget does not contain the spending and the Congressional plan does, the president’s blueprint could look better by comparison when it comes to deficit reduction." Deficit reduction? I can't believe they printed such non-sense, so after the flagrant disregard for the deficit, now all of a sudden it is relevant? I will tell you what this is, it is an insult to our intelligence that is exactly what it is, they should have been screaming this when the middle-class and lower classes were being strangled by an irresponsible Congress, with bridges to nowhere and the big oil giveaways.


  1. Jim says:

    Merry Christmas, Floyd. I also felt compelled to put a short post on my blog about the Saudis. It sure looks like whatever Bush does, the War will spread and consequently get even worse ! Or are we supposed to think that we can never leave Iraq ?

  1. Floyd says:

    Hello my friend and Merry Christmas to you and yours, you guys are probably having a little warmer weather than we are.

    I don't think at this point they know how to leave, they did not have a plan to win the peace and now they are stuck, well, between a rock and a hard place.