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Posted: 11/11/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

On this Veteran's Day we find ourselves still embroiled in the conflict of Iraq and our troops still in harm's way, we today pray for them and their families and wish them safe on this day and always.It seems by watching the news that has been happening around us we see those more interested in promoting self interest than searching for a real solution that would begin to draw down our troops and move forward to see them eventually back on American soil.America spoke loudly on their belief on the war and now it is up to our higher ups to act on that very loud voice and make no mistake America is watching to see if her voice will be heard, and adjust the vote accordingly. In the last few days we have heard partnership and bipartisan talks and a lot of things are out there, to move forward on a plan that will work.We have also seen that the sectarian violence is deteriorating Iraq to a degree that is more severe than even we could have imagined, and America came through with the vote and simply said this is not working, let us try a new approach, let us get some new ideas and thinkers together and put everyone together with different issues common ground should and could be reached.
But we should also have a mind-set to change and be able to adapt to change if something is not working, but without that type of thinking there will be no change.This is a day we remember all our veteran's of our nation and their great sacrifice to our cause and our freedom, those and those before them help shape this country and made it what it is today, always on duty and always awaiting the call, they leave family and friends to answer the call of this nation and children who pray and hope day and night that their father or mother be returned to them safe and without harm. And we as Americans not one group and not one belief but with one voice, come home soon and stay safe, and thank all veteran's for their belief and commitment to liberty and freedom.
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  1. Jim says:

    It bothers me so much that our soldiers are told that they are "protecting America in Iraq." It's just not so.

  1. Floyd says:

    Me to Jim, we lost sight of the real goal and that is Osama Bin Laden, remember him, he was the one responsible for 9/11.

    I think Bush & co. gave up on him, awful long time to find one man in the world, must have a hell of a good hiding place.