Nancy Pelosi Supports Murtha for Speaker

Posted: 11/13/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Nancy Polosi helped in her bid to be speaker in January is throwing her support behind John Murtha of Pa. The most or one of the most outspoken war critics on Capital Hill, Polosi saluted Murtha on his outspokenness of the Iraq War and cited Murtha as making the war a national issue. Murtha helped Polosi win a minority whip position in 2001 and is repaying the favor with loyalty.

Well, it seems now if this occurs we have a whole different ball game, Murtha is an ex-Marine who is not afraid to speak his peace and I don't believe he will do much compromising either, I can't see Murtha going out of his way to compromise anything. Maybe some common ground can be reached on Iraq but Bush might be wishing now that Nancy was speaker of the house. Remember in the recent election where Republican & Co. Warned America that Nancy Polosi would be speaker and all hell would break loose?

Murtha on Huff Post, " same old rhetorical garbage in the President's press conference." But this is not the only time Murtha lashed out about the war, in April of this year in Pittsburgh he took his stand again on re-deploying the troops. Murtha wants the troops deployed out of Iraq to a safe distance and become a quick-reactive force, if I was guessing probably Kuwait.
John has never backed down from his feelings about the war in Iraq and back in June when Karl Rove was touting the war, Murtha you might say chastised him well, since Karl was pushing the stay the course issue from his office in America and not with the troops and I commend Murtha for doing so, it is easy to sit in America and talk about something so far away as Iraq because you are not the one getting shot at over there. Murtha's response to Rove was clear and to the point, "sitting in his air-conditioned office on his big, fat backside."
I wish Murtha all the luck in the world; Give'em hell devil dog.


  1. Alex says:

    It's Nancy PElosi.

  1. Floyd says:
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  1. Floyd says:

    I did it wrong again, let's try this again,,,PELosi, no matter she is endorsing Murtha to take over the position of keeping Bush in line. I believe that Bush will will long for the days of Nancy Pelosi being speaker.

  1. fc says:

    I love it... I hope he gives them everything they deserve...

    Give um hell Nancy...

    - fc

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey cat my friend, believe me after this is over they will be wishing PELOSI was speaker, thanks for dropping by, thanks for coming by alex.

  1. Murtha's just a self-interested power hog. He knows better than to advocate a dumb cut and run policy. The country's already suffering ethnic cleansing, but what's happening today will look like a cakewalk compared to a Democratic-ordered precipitous withdrawal. You want hell on earth in Iraq -- select Murtha and his defeat-o-crat cronies to the leadership and you'll get it.

    Burkean Reflections

  1. If by outspoken you mean nuts... I agree

  1. Floyd says:

    No matter when we should leave Iraq, it is in deterioration mode, so what I'm saying is if we leave now or two years from now, what is the dif? What kind of progress is being made? We can't even make progress in Afghanistan, today about 90% of the world's opium comes from there, in 2000 that number was 0%. The Taliban has also somehow raised from the dead, who Cheney said was in its death throes and Bush said was in non-existence.

    In Iraq we are caught in a bloody civil war, death squads run rampant in the city, and on top of this 70% of Iraqis want us out, that is just not that good of numbers for me.

    McCain has something and I can't very well disagree with him, because I have his position on more troops solves the problem and it would, maybe, but that is a big maybe. We don't have that kind of numbers, to bring up the levels where we could patrol this whole town of Baghdad, not to mention how dangerous it would be. But if we had maybe a half-million or more, we could get a handle on this sectarian violence, death squads and the insurgency. Right now the level of troops vs Iraqis is about one soldier to 47 Iraqi, the level I mentioned is one soldier per 11 Iraqi, (but this is in Baghdad alone). Right now country-wide we have one soldier vs 192 Iraqis. And we look again at the extra half-million level country wide we come up with one soldier vs 44 Iraqi.

    It has been alleged that large amounts of American tax dollars and seized Iraqi revenues were lost by the CPA. One audit put the total number as high as $8.8 billion, so we have a little corruption going on during reconstruction process. The infrastructure in Iraq is trashed, and with everyone getting shot at, it don't look promising.

    When we started this mess, we went in thinking of the way it 'should' go, however, it did not go as planned did it? Now we do not know how to get out of this mess do we? except now, Bush and the Dems will come to an agreement and in my opinion we will leave Iraq.

  1. Octavian says:

    Murtha deserves a big pat on the back. He was one of the only people in the Democratic party that the Republicans couldn't smear during their double-standard days. Hopefully those days are over.

  1. Floyd says:

    You are right in saying they could not smear him, he is a decorated Marine and been in countless battles, so when he talks about Iraq change, he knows what he is talking about, thanks for stopping by guys Octavin, Donald Douglas and Opinionnation, look forward to talking with you again.