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Posted: 11/09/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

The message sent to the administration and to the ones in powers of both houses is a rather simple one to define, simply put, the people are in power in this great democracy and that is why our government has worked since our founding fathers put forth our great guidelines in 1776. When our elected officials control both Houses we see that eventually corruption and greed take hold and we as Americans of course show them the door, one strong message that came out of this is that our leaders are not above its people and the message was reiterated with the vote.The consensus seems to be working with partnership and President Bush himself in his press conference reiterated this in the same and this is what America needs a balance of power and both seem to be wanting partnership government and trying to get things done, but we all know what a hard head the G.O.P has had toward comprise on any policy and all the olive branch passing just could be posturing. Mr. Rumsfeld of course so called quote unquote, resigned, and only a few days ago he was doing a tremendous job. Whether we move in the right direction or not remains to be seen, a lot of the radical right blogs are calling us out of the game before we have even gotten our feet in the water.

So we can say they (the G.O.P) got trounced because of arrogance of power and that played a role in this election I believe, so now you have Americans who are saying in the back of their minds; Who do they think they are? See how many messages we have on the board now. Howard Dean no matter what people think about him ran a campaign in all of the states and it paid off, Howard's team ran toward the center while Rove headed toward the right. Read the above article how Dick Cheney spoke;" Accepting the need for change is different from actually doing it. The US vice-president, Dick Cheney, insists there will be no shift in Iraq strategy whatever voters think. "You cannot make national security policy on the basis of that [the election results]," he said this week. "It [Iraq] may not be popular with the public. It doesn't matter, in the sense that we have to continue the mission." How can anyone even try to work in a bipartisan atmosphere under these kinds of statements?

And lets not forget how the G.O.P warned us and tried to use the fear element and using the media as a tool painting Nancy Pelosi as a left wing nut, well she sure did not sound this way in her interviews with the media and now some of the blogs out there are attacking her yet, without giving the woman a chance, lets give her chance just because she is a woman and the first woman to hold this office, does not mean she can not handle it, you can then criticize after you see what is happening I mean some of the big blogs out there that have constantly held up this war that have never had Iraqi sand in their shoes, all of the blood-letting in Iraq have weighed heavy on all Americans, basically we are sick of this war, this is another big message sent to our dear leader the President in his meeting today even laughed about the drapes in Pelosi's new office I could also tell he was not impressed with Rove, which by this time knew he had led him in the wrong direction. And if the president does follow Cheney's radicalism nothing will be accomplished and he will be remembered for the war in Iraq, or on the other end of the spectrum he could be remembered as a President who worked with change and can accept that sometimes mistakes are made but we must learn to work through them and sometimes we must compromise a little to keep moving forward, America has sent out their message, however, it is up to the President if he receives it.


  1. Jim says:

    Lord Acton nailed it once and for all time -
    "Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely."

    Happy dance - one branch is ours again.

  1. Jim says:

    It's so enjoyable to see Charlie Rangel expecting that Dick Cheney vacate the office that is supposed to be for the Ways and Means Committee in the House!

  1. Floyd says:

    Dick Cheney is one that is helping drag Bush down, Bush needs to distance himself from right wing nuts one being Cheney, Rangel is so much more of a great thinker than Cheney is.

    I saw on Wolf Blitzer about 5:30 how still the right extremists trying to guide the Republicans toward the right again, just like Karl Rove guided Bush to defeat.

    They have learned nothing from this Jim, absolutely nothing, and as long as they continue this radical right alienation we should not here or feel to much of a threat from these guys for years to come.

    They made the argument on Wolf's show on being against the minimum wage again, are they that stupid as not to know this issue concerns millions of Americans, with arguments such as this they will be no threat to anyone, this country will not allow itself governed from the radical right and as long as the Republicans push such an agenda they will go nowhere.

    Dick Cheney is from the old regime, he is under the impression he can do as he pleases, he is one of the biggest problems in Washington right now, he does not need be allowed on any committee.

    Acton called it right there on corruption, America will not allow itself moved toward fascism, none are above the people except God, when you think you don't have to listen to the people then the people speak and you have to listen. Karl Rove ran to far right and payed the price, and no matter what the main-stream news is saying that is exactly what happened, and Bush was showing he was not impressed with him.

  1. Dustin says:

    I think Jim may have nailed it. The extreme right wing saw the past couple of elections not only as an endorsement from the people on their positions and tactics, but I heard many saying it was a divine endorsement as well. When things are going well it's easy to believe you're correct. The US political system is supposed to be a system of checks and balances. Anytime any party gets too far out of line I think they need to check themselves and get back to what the people actually want. It's amazing that the term "constituent" is almost never cited in politics anymore...isn't that supposed to be who they're representing?

  1. Floyd says:

    Right on Justin my friend they forgot who they were working for, and the more power that was acquired by them the more distant they became to the average American.

    You present a great point on the checks and balances, this is what makes us great, they got out of touch with the main-stream and drifted to the far right, over in la la land. The American people basically called them on it and voted accordingly.

    They were so out of touch with the main-stream they did not even see it coming and today in the news they try to figure out what exactly went wrong, blaming everything basically but their out of touch reality and still pushing their agenda toward the far right, they even attacked their dear leader, for moving slightly back toward the center, on saying he will work with the new members of Congress and the Senate.

    Hey Jim, Allen gave his concession speech today, looks like Webb is going to the Senate and gives us this branch, however, I don't trust Lieberman, the other one Sanders he will vote with the Dems, I know Lieberman says he will to, but if he don't that would put us even again and tricky Dick would cast the winning vote, I guess only time will tell and I will give him the benefit of a doubt. Because looking at it this way he will have to face the voters again, I know the news has reported the Republicans voted him in, but I am not buying that theory,,not in that state.

  1. CD says:

    Hopefully we will see change with the new congress. Although Bush still has his veto powers, I'm crossing my fingers that at least some things will get done and passed that benefit the middle class.

  1. Jim says:

    Around the Web it's said that after this "thumping" that Bush got, he will start to take advice from his father's people, like James Baker and Robert Gates. If you figure (as I do) that the Preznit never had an original thought enter his brain, hopefully policy will improve with different input.I wouldn't count on it, but perhaps Rove and Cheney will have somewhat less influence.

  1. Floyd says:

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one to cd, Bush is still the commander the big chief, but look if he wants to get some of his agenda on the table a compromise will have to be reached. The media is speaking half truths on this, Bush is commander we know this, but if Bush will not bend any sway on this issue, there are other issues that will be dealt in the same fashion, so Bush is or should be smart enough to know this, so when you see or hear the media telling you the Congress or Senate has no say on Iraq, you are hearing a half truth, if Bush wants to move any of his agenda forward he will sit down and talk about Iraq, see there are two extremes, Bush='stay the course.' Murtha='get the hell out now.' The funding issue is off the table, the media is constantly begging anyone in our governing branches and everyone there has told them that cutting funding for Iraq is off the table, they know what they can do and so does Bush. Between the two extremes common ground can be reached, if Bush is to do anything else in the next two years.

    That is a good quote Jim, we don't have to go to the extremes of cutting funds, just when he wants something to pass the Congress, we just say,'what about Iraq.? You see people it is a great system, the media would do well to take a civics extreme course, and Bush did not think anything out, they went in thinking this would be a cake walk and now don't know how to leave, and that's why the Democrats are here and we will get out of Iraq, if he don't get Rove and Cheney from his ear, nothing will happen.