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Posted: 11/25/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

I saw an article on the breaking up of icebergs off the coast of New Zealand and it just so happens that I had rented a DVD of Al Gore's movie rendition called "an inconvenient truth" A Global Warning.
It turned out to be one of the most informative movies I had ever watched and it will leave you scared, and thinking about the environment around you. All of the damage we are unleashing on our environment is bound to catch up to us sooner or later and it looks very much like the former may be happening to us now. Of course this has been occurring for decades in this state alone with surface mining and logging of the vast forests that used to be here.

” Business must do more to influence politicians because for the moment, she said, “environmental groups are the ones steering the legislative process” This is a statement I got from Industry on EU policies, this in a nutshell is exactly the problem if one is to do some serious thinking on the issue, it would not be difficult to come to a conclusion such as this; How good would it be for anyone to cater to every need of business if our coastal cities are flooded? The United States is the biggest contributor to the effects of global warming and in the past years we have seen disregard for any environmental laws we may have been lucky enough to establish. As big business started it's rule of our land many measures we have had in place have been crushed in the onslaught of the almighty dollar, and when disaster comes home to us in the form of floods, landslides and temperature rises, these are the same people who will say;

"hmm, I never thought that all this might cause a flood, but at least big business came out alright."

Russell Train had this to say concerning the Bush policies on the environment; "It’s almost as if the motto of the administration in power today in Washington is not environmental protection, but polluter protection," he said. "I find this deeply disturbing." A Republican himself he was the second chief of the EPA under the Nixon and Ford administrations. Another little article I found back in 2004 is almost laughable to say the least, but in reality I believe that we have collectively started thinking a little more about the world we live in, now if we could only translate this to our policy makers.
This is not an issue that is going away and as we read about New Zealand in the news it becomes more apparent each and every day, destruction of our environments takes many forms and in this state one of the forms it takes is surface mining, which pollutes the streams, destroys wildlife and forests. Over 2,000 miles of streams in Appalachia have been buried by this kind of mining and of course it was helped by the Army Corps of Engineers following a lenient policy.


  1. Great film, just to show the changes is worth seeing it.
    That anyone could doubt what's going on in the environment, is mind boggling! ; (

  1. Informative? How can you call a movie like that informative when every single point made in that film has at least one other person who claims they can disprove that point? Honestly, how the hell do you know which one to believe?

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey thanks for stopping by guys, coffee messiah my friend, and pikkel weezel we only believe what sound science is proven to us that causes a said fact upon our environment.

    I don't see any scientists coming out against what the film is showing, the film only brings to us the tests that have occurred over a period of time and its direct correlation to CO(2). In every thesis controversy is bound to arise, feeding mostly on a politically charged outcome, so that is when we fall back on the collection of data, the collection of data in any given field is our best ally.

    You do however ask a question; which one do we believe? In this part of Kentucky right now it is 62 degrees, tomorrow I think 65, the point I am making is that 20 years ago the temperature for this time of year was much cooler than this.

    Really we should not need a film to tell us we are destroying our environment, we need only to look around and figure for ourselves what actually is taking place on our earth. We have done some things like switching our refrigerant to more environmentally safe alternatives.

    Until we realize the effect we have on our environment and become more aware of our affects upon it, I am afraid it will only grow worse.

  1. Octavian says:

    I agree. We have to start taking care of our environment. That is the only way that we are really taking care of ourselves.

    Everytime humans dump their waste into the oceans and don't look for a way to clean it up, we are brining outselves closer to paying the prices for our actions.

  1. Floyd says:

    Right you are my friend I found another good reading article where the EU Parliamentary Panel urges 2020 for a Co(2)date target.

    This is a statement from the guy who had drawn up the report;"Climate change is the biggest threat facing us today," Morgan said. "The EU has begun to make inroads in tackling this threat, particularly through its Emissions Trading Scheme, but more must be done, and quickly. It's time we made the biggest polluters pay for their actions."

    It looks like they are going to set up on a credit system; Those who pollute less than their allowance are able to sell their excess credits, while those who exceed their allowance must buy credits. It is designed to give firms a financial incentive to invest in clean technology and cut emissions.

    America could do much more to pick up the slack on it's end on this matter, we can't set back and just wait on this to destroy the atmosphere even more, I kind of like to breathe fresh air.

  1. Did you see this?


    Unbelievable ; (

    Thanks too for stopping by!

  1. ausurfer says:

    pikkel weezel -- I cannot understand how any thinking person cannot see the changes that are occurring in the environment -- prime example, those huge icebergs floating off NZ.

    Come to Australia some time and see the changes for yourself -- we are struggling under the worst drought in history, with many cities getting close to running out of water. The weather patterns are also especially weird...last week in Victoria, one day they were experiencing high temps and resulting bush fires, yet the next day they received snow -- snow at that time of the year just is not supposed to happen. The same day, other places in Qld received snowfalls -- some places where it had never fallen before.

  1. Floyd says:

    ausurfer, thanks for commenting, I had heard about that drought, it seems these changes are taking place really everywhere around the globe, in Africa they are plagued with a drought. This really is a non-partisan issue all of us need to be concerned about our environment, it will only get worse. Unless more regulation is put in place our grandchildren will pay for the mistakes we make.

  1. Simon says:

    Good article and comments are interesting as well. Although the western world is starting to wake up to the 'environment issues' for all the care that is taken with polution etc in the western world - it is totally ignored by countries like India nd China who are only interested in building their economies, at all costs!

    Regards Simon Dumville

  1. Floyd says:

    Hello Simon my friend, China in its race toward industrialism has stepped up its pollution quite a bit, it runs a lot of its equipment on coal and China has a lot of coal. This is a problem that we can only solve if we in the world start making a difference, after writing this article I see that a lot of us are concerned about the environment we live in.

    Individuals are concerned all over the planet about this, as we all should be and some of it is paying off, but we can't slack up we need to keep up on legislation and watch that closely. This President since he took office has rolled back our reforms we made in the past and threw our forests to the oil and logger barons.

    This is a constant reminder that politics play one central role in our environment, at least in the United States. However before his election he made statements like he would be a friend to the environment but of course after being elected, he followed the interests of big business. It is not that big business could not do better, simply put they don't want to spend any profit to help the environment around them and could care less about me or you, all business cares about is the bottom line or the most I know do.

    But I think a lot of us have been educated over the years about the effect we have on our environment and are doing what we can to help, but this is something we must never slack up on, our grandchildren will thank us for it later.