Losing Patience

Posted: 11/27/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

It seems the lawmakers are losing their patience on Iraq, the increasing sectarian violence seems to be relentless and a swift action need be addressed on our involvement in the stagnated war. Sen. Hagel has also put in his two cents on the issue, Hagel wants to bring in the surrounding region to find a solution, Hagel in this article also talks about exonerating ourselves honorably from impending disaster there.

Well Mr. Hagel newsflash is; It is a little late for that,Hagel is a member of the party that controlled congress for the last six years and failed to provide oversight as the administration pursued its disastrous policies. It also looks as though members of Bush's own party have come out to denounce the war and he has been drawing criticism from within his own rank and file. In contrast Rep. Hunter believes we will win the conflict in the long run and suggests we send the trained Iraqi battalions into the heat of battle before making a decision to leave. Mr. Hunter is the outgoing chairman of the Armed Services Committee and should really know first hand that if we could do that, we would have done so.
The insurgency apparently has the funds to sustain itself from monies made from oil smuggling, kidnapping and corrupt Iraqi officials, while on the Afghanistan front the Taliban is getting a lot of it's major currency through the opium trade, in Iraq the government itself is not willing or has not the ability to curb the financing of the insurgency. At least 215 Shiites were killed in bomb and mortar attacks Thursday in Sadr City. Shiites retaliated Friday by burning six Sunni Arabs alive and killing 19 others in attacks on Sunni mosques.
During the next Congress the Democrats have pledged time and time again to work with the Republicans to try to reach an agreement on the war, and they continue to pledge that however, I also believe the Republicans should make an effort to try and come to some other workable strategy, because it is obvious this one is at a standstill, The war is being driven by leaders of Sunni Arab and Shiite militias vying for dominance and has spiraled into a pattern of revenge killings and sectarian cleansing of neighborhoods.
Well, let us just see what this civil war actually means; A civil war is a war in which parties within the same culture, society or nationality fight for political power or control of an area. Political scientists use two criteria: the warring groups must be from the same country and fighting for control of the political center, control over a separatist state or to force a major change in policy. The second criteria is that at least 1,000 people must have been killed in total, with at least 100 from each side. Ever wonder why the news media and a lot of our government officials refuse to acknowledge what we all know, is civil war somehow more of a dire word than Iraq bloodbath or sectarian violence? Or, is it a word that most view as failure, we should call this thing for what it is and not what we want it to be. More than some of our officials are losing their patience on this issue, a lot of the American people are as well, and I do believe that we will come up with something other than just a plan that seems to be going nowhere.


  1. fc says:

    Very well put, Floyd... It seems we have evolved from a "Never Knowing what the wingnuts will do..." to a "I'll believe it when I see them do much different than they already have". At least we are seeing a time where it will evolve into something different than what is on the ground over there now...

    Off Topic... I made you a banner for my script that I am running now on my blog. The BlogMad banner was giving problems with some of the other stuff I run. Anyway, I didn't know you had changed themes on your page, so I just did another screen capture for a new one. When I get it uploaded to the net I'll let you look at it and approve it or not...

    - fc

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    - fc

  1. mike says:

    I'm not even sure you can classify it as a standstill over there any more. I think it's slipping away and about as close to civil war as you can get.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey thanks for stopping by guys, hey fc I am just messing around with these templates, I think I will settle on this one for now.

    Thanks for running the banner fc, great fc, my approval is always yes for you my friend I am sure it will do nicely, I may get settled in here soon I just keep messing with these plates, thanks for coming by and visiting my friend.

    Hey Mike nice of you to drop by also, your blog is one of the greats also, have to get you on my roll if you don't mind. Stop by reason anytime, yep Iraq is in the old civil war that is basically the definition that can be applied right now, it was I believe either NBC or ABC that came out and said since it met the definition from now on they will call it civil war and Iraq is turning out to be up there with some of the worst.