Lawmakers debate Iraq

Posted: 11/19/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

In this article lawmakers debate the Iraq war with Republicans calling for more troops and Democrats calling for withdrawal. I thought all of this got ironed out in the last election America but apparently they still don't get it? In all of the Iraq discussion and America basically discussed to no end of this they are arguing for more troops, and every American should realize by now that we don't have enough troops to do what they are asking, 20,000 more is not going to get the job done it will only prolong the agony.
McCain's argument is that beefed up troops will quell the insurgency and arrest the momentum of the death squads a pretty tall order if the number is 20,000 more, now if we are talking 100 to 200 thousand more I might give a listen to that. So here is the problem America the fact is they did not listen to what we said on November 7Th, and need another convincer in 2008. They are looking at Iraq this way; If we leave that means defeat, well we got rid of Saddam so to me it would not be a defeat, what we are doing now is defeating our purpose by sending the troops back on tour after tour in Iraq, it is putting a severe strain on our military personnel.
Henry Kissenger weighed in on the matter also and told the BBC that a military victory was not possible and called for an international conference to work out the country's future. Something that can be supported by the surrounding area and our allies and stated we have to come to some legitimate conclusion of what the outcome would be.
A top Syrian official arrived in Iraq on Sunday, Syria is seen as as a key to quieting some of the insurgency going on in Iraq. It was the Syrians first visit since Saddam was ousted from power, Syria has also been accused of allowing foreign fighters to cross the border into Iraq. He also promised to , cooperate with Iraqi authorities struggling to control chaos that threatens the country with civil war, hmm I thought a civil war was what they were in. This article also relates to all the violence engulfing Iraq, in one of the attacks a woman screams; "Innocent people were killed. Where is the government?" one Iraqi woman shouted at the scene. "Women and children were killed. God is great, God is great." I think this statement says it all.
112 die as bloodbath in Iraq continues, meanwhile Charlie Rangel wants to reinstate a draft, now McCain wants to win the peace in Iraq here is a good example for him to follow, I wonder if he will get on board or is just all talk, he knows as well as I do 20,000 extra won't get the job done so I think he should get on board with this. Now, do I think this will get anywhere? Uh, let me think? Are you out your mind?