The Kurdish Connection

Posted: 11/28/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

The President and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice are scheduled for a trip taking them to Jordon to have talks on Iraq sometime this week, the problem is, some of Iraq's biggest influences have been ignored and snubbed if you will, Meanwhile, one of Ms. Rice’s most trusted aides, Philip D. Zelikow, announced Monday that he was resigning his post as State Department counselor and apparently was at odds on the policy of Iraq, and the Middle East in general.
The previous article points out toward the end that there has not been much give and take on our end of the process when dealing with crisis such as the one taking place in Iraq now, civil war has been raging for some time now with no end in sight to the blood-letting and roaming militias, who are now patrolling Iraq on a daily and nightly basis as more bodies turn up in the Tigris River.

This should be a time to get all on board who are anyway remotely or otherwise having influence on Iraq,who as time goes by having been torn asunder by the sectarian violence taking place there and on the world stage of public opinion the main-stream media so blatantly and methodically continue to look at Iraq in a mildly assuming way, most not acknowledging that Iraq has been embattled in civil war for some time now with the warring Sunni and Shia militias both vying for political dominance within their country. This escalation started out being fought over political control of the country, since the Democratic elections took place there, these two factions which make up the biggest portions of Iraq have been at odds and the violence has escalated at a steady pace and seems not to be letting up anytime soon.
Our support of the more freedom loving Kurds in the North have been an on again, off again relationship and the pull-out of our troops and others will most definitely hurt them the worst of all, they have not only been persecuted by the government of Saddam when he was in power but also neighboring Iran, and the Kurds seem to be our best hope of Democracy in the region, however we have painted ourselves into a corner so to speak and really by us exiting is maybe our best option or at least re-deploying our forces to more strategical locations such as Kuwait and to the North which is mostly now Kurdish controlled. In 1987 and 89 , under the command of Ali Hassan al-Majid a genocide was carried out against the Kurds and what took place was;

destruction of some 2,000 villages, and slaughter of around 50,000 rural Kurds, by the most conservative estimates. The large Kurdish town of Qala Dizeh population of about 70,000 was completely destroyed by the Iraqi Army.

So by knowing some things that have taken place in the area, we can clearly see that in the polls taken in Iraq concerning our leaving and general feelings about us run quite high in the eyes of the Kurds. 95% of the Kurds school age children attend school, the previous Baathist party of Saddam eradicated most of the prominent scientists by execution, but now it seems they have put education back on the forefront. A lot of our attention needs to be emphasized on the part of the Kurdish population and the old proxy of 'cut and run' policy has been much practiced by our administrations when dealing with this sect of Iraq and it is high time we start listening a little to what the 'other Iraq' is whispering in our ear.


  1. You know what they say about turning a blind eye.....
    GW has it down to a "T!" ; (

  1. Floyd says:

    Hello my friend, down to a "T". I just heard on the news today that the agenda would continue in Iraq, this has to be a give and take on some things, the Democratic Congress is not going to roll over so easy as the previous one, I think soon he will be finding this fact out.

    I think if a lot of the so called braininess thinkers get together, we should come up with some kind of viable plan to deal with Iraq, but this 'my way or the highway' attitude just won't cut it anymore, the Democrats know full well that the American people want to see some kind of a workable plan that contains an exit strategy and believe me they will push this point home.

  1. fc says:

    Hey Floy... I read somewhere the other day that the Kurds have their economy back into gear at pre-war levels or higher. Nowhere else in Iraq can this be said. It is partly due to the no-fly-zones pre-war and the fact that they were not as devastated as the Shi'a were in the south... There was a major fire at one of the northern oil refineries (Kurd territory) so they are not completely immune to the civil war either...

    Good post...

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  1. Octavian says:

    Isn't it ironic that the most secular faction, the kurds, are also the most prosperous?

  1. Iraq is now a country full of anger and hatreds, how do you defuse those?

  1. Floyd says:

    You pose a good question Green Earth, just about the whole of the country is in a bloodletting.

    It would take many years and I do mean years, for any kind of normalcy to get back in the uprooted lives of the Iraqi people.

    What makes me wonder so much is that these warring sects, the Sunni and Shia both want us out of there. The Iraqi government is in a shambles and the ruling part of the government that has some function is on one side or the other of these militias, we are going to have to come up with something because right now it is not working.

    If we could get a handle on these militia's we may be able to restore some order, a lot the Iraqi citizens are cowering in their homes afraid for their lives. It is in total chaos, the militia's are in control really of most of Iraq and a big portion of Baghdad and it would take a lot of soldiers to be able to end all this violence, I know you have heard this 20,000 more figure, but it is not enough.

    Stop by from time to time Green Earth and check us out.