Iraq Chaos

Posted: 11/14/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

20 killed and 150 have been abducted in Iraq and the violence is continuing with no end in sight, the entire operation took only about 20 minutes it was estimated. The gunman were wearing commando police uniforms, they kidnapped their victims from a research institute in downtown Baghdad. Apparently the insurgency is increasing around Romadi which is West of Baghdad and an apparent Sunni stronghold. This is the elite of Baghdad in education and science and Iraq continues its slide downward in this latest violence, that took place in broad daylight and the latest events seem to enhance the idea that Iraq is in chaos and also taken into account is the clothing worn by the kidnappers were police issue, but whether they were actual police remains to be proven. It seems by watching CNN this evening that some of these kidnapped may have been released, see how this pans out. The mission to quell the sectarian violence is not going anywhere, the kidnapping happened right under the noses of the Iraq military and us for that matter and on top of this it seems the Iraqi police force could be on the verge of breaking apart. The government unable to subdue this violence, 14 people have been killed today in bombings that seem to be happening daily and the police in the country seemed to be loyal to the thugs and the insurgency instead of law and order, militia's have infiltrated the police and a lot of the Iraqi military, and among all this going on Iran has become bold in its views and insisting its nuclear capabilities.

An article put out by NPR Lt. Col. Carl Grunow said the Iraqi force is undisciplined and the mistakes by commanders training them are hampering the developments of the Iraqi Army. Give a listen to the Lt. Col. On his assessment in the field and what he feels we could do different in training the Iraqi Army, from what I got out of listening to the Lt. Col. It is totally off the wall in Iraq. Training the Iraqis in a different type of warfare than they are used to could be quite a task and by listening to this NPR link, might give us some insight as to what exactly we are up against when even trying to train this force. After listening to Mr. Grunow we can see a little into the training process we are involved in and the most difficult task ahead, the insurgency seems to be strengthening and that is occupying most of our time being strained on forces who are there and trying to train the Iraqi force. And you have military leaving daily to go to their families and bury the dead, after listening to Mr. Grunow it seems these forces basically do what ever they please. (PDF)

The president has gave no inclination on the meeting with the Independent panel surveying the strategy in Iraq and whether he will work toward a solution or will he take the road less traveled called 'stay the course.' Evan Bayh of Indiana today on CNN said that the Iraqis need to step up to the plate and begin to move forward, and maybe with the new secretary of Defense might bring some better insight to what is happening, Iraq is important but not the central point on the war on terror, and while also we continue to put all of our resources into Iraq we let other priorities slide further out, I also got out of this interview something on the line of four to six months a phased withdrawal of forces from Iraq, now Murtha's plan seems to be to back off probably to Kuwait to establish a more quick response agile force. So before we start to criticize Murtha to much we need to know exactly what he is saying and the idea he may have into this Iraq mess, Murtha has been a decorated Marine and knows quite a bit on warfare, which he should he has been in many battles himself and if we strategically moved back say to Kuwait, it don't seem like Iran or anyone would try and interfere with Iraq, we are still within striking distance.


  1. Chaos? Train? Seems like going into another country, with a history so different than ours, and to expect good results, always ends like this.
    It's obvious GW thought just by doing something, he might actually be doing something. How old is this guy, 60?
    Now all of 41s people are coming in, to help his son yet again?
    How could people have voted for him once, yet alone twice.
    Anyway, interesting thoughts! Cheers!

  1. Octavian says:

    I think what should have been obvious before is painfully obvious now. Lack of Democracy was not the problem in Iraq, a vocal portion of their population has no concept of peaceful discourse on neutral terms.

    Even Democracy cannot solve the problem, as the Iraqis seem intent on just electing people who want to follow Islamic Law, something that is inherently anti-democratic.

    Our mission has went from protecting America, to taking down a dictator, to establishing a democracy. Now it is apparent that we have an even more daunting task, we have to change minds shaped by a thousand years of thought to suddenly embrace "enlightenment".

    It simply isn't possible in the near future. If we want to stay in Iraq for the next 50 years and raise an entire generation of children on Western Enlightmenent culture, maybe then the violence will quell.

    But I'm not holding my breath.

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks coffee messiah and octavian, thanks for the in-put. you come to the same conclusion as Lt. Col. Grunow did, it would take years to get a handle on this mess.

    You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.

    I think a lot of this is they are in denial, I saw an elite one of our armed forces today on CNN and he seemed not to have a clear answer if he needed more troops or not? John McCain became a little irate with him, in reality this concentration on Iraq alone and making it a central focus has disrupted some of our other priorities. I am not that crazy for John McCain but he is right on this troop level thing, however there is one problem, we don't have enough troops to accomplish what he is asking.

    I tend to agree with Bayh on this one, it is a priority but it is not the only priority, it is not Iraq alone, it is much more than this and it seems they are losing focus and putting all the emphasis's on Iraq, and the people of America know this as well and that is why most want us out of there.

    In other words we defeat Iraq and every thing's fine, that is the mind set of most who promote this war. In other words we are defeating the terrorists there so they won't be here, makes sense, then, all the terrorists must be in Iraq? Or, when we whip up on Iraq, the terrorists who are in other places in the world will be frightened to do anything and basically lay down their arms.

    Thanks again for stopping by, always a pleasure.