Full Meltdown

Posted: 11/04/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Amid the recent fall-out of the leader of the NAE Ted Haggard, we are constantly being in a spin of what is going on with the religious right? The Washington Post came out with a somewhat informative initiative on the subject and I happened to see the name Dobson associated with the article and knew that the previous post concerning him about the Sponge Bob Square pants having homosexual overtones.
Now he seems wrapped up in a controversy with Republican former Congressman Dick Armey, from Texas. Armey seems to have struck a nerve due to his comments last Sunday in the Post, and basically Armey's argument is Republicans have left their value roots. Armey went as far as to call them thugs and basically blamed Dobson of splitting the conservative right.
Now they have came out and fought back against the Armey comments, but is that the true feelings of their would be members? Even back in 2005 we can read about a break in the ranks you might say.
Some of the religious right are made up of Christians who look very lowly on the issues concerning scandals and scandals that have run amok have a lot of evangelicals breaking ranks with the party of big government and big spending and lately we have learned that the RNC has even excepted money from a porno distributor and this goes contrary to their way of living a Christian life and the scandals themselves are starting to stack up, now some will vote on the issues of abortion, you can not pick a candidate based on one issue, I don't do this much but on what Armey said in this article from the Washington Post is fact and therein lies the criticism because they associate the far right with their beliefs, they then come to the conclusion that they must be able to govern better. But in my blog searching (I won't list them) I have found some criticism out there from the religious right toward the way the country is going, right now I don't know the full scope, if any, this will play in November, but I do know that come November the religious right could make a bigger statement concerning the direction we are going, a lot more than I thought they would a month earlier.