Fox News Reporters freed for $2,000,000?

Posted: 11/15/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Apparently it is put out that the kidnapped Fox News Reporters were gained release through a payment of 2 million dollars, they were kidnapped last summer, Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig were the reporters who were taken hostage. apparently the kidnappers used the money to further enhance its weapons cache. The two were released last August after being held captive by terrorists in Gaza nearly two weeks. A spokeswoman for Fox News could not provide an official statement about whether Fox was aware of the money paid to free its employees.
A source at Fox said many parties were involved including the government, a state department spokesman said his agency did not pay for the release of the Fox News employees. This could embolden terrorists to take more hostages of American decent, but apparently they promised not to. Fox back in August in this article reported the two captives had been released but made no mention of any payment by them or anyone else, they could have been released out of the goodness of the terrorists hearts? Wiig's wife, Anita McNaught, thanked Palestinian officials and FOX News for their efforts in getting the men released. The men refused to take questions.
The terrorists as reported by these sources used the ransom to buy rocket launchers and more weapons with according to the terrorists to enhance the war with Zionists. It looks like analyzing all of this the Fox spokeswoman tried to pass the buck to the government, I can see none would want to admit to aiding terrorists and to my knowledge none have been kidnapped yet so far, they must have kept their promise 'not to.' Just makes for interesting news, 'fair and balanced.'
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  1. Not too surprised.
    More memos from Fox coming out how they continue to spin the news (sic).
    When will they simply go away???
    When will people finally realize they've been manipulated???

  1. Floyd says:

    My thoughts exactly on the matter Messiah coffee, at least none has been kidnapped after this, but if they did pay the 2 mil. they were taking a chance on it. Negotiating with terrorists just is not the approach to take, Fox News is about the biggest propaganda machine we have in the country.

    One would get about as much info. out of reading the tabloids than watching this channel, it seems the propaganda machine did not work to well on this election, it seems America is way smarter than they think and if something is not working then America will try a different approach.

  1. Avatar says:

    one part of me belives there are going to be several special reporter introspectives coming from fox..

  1. Floyd says:

    I tend to believe into that part also my friend, hey don't be a stranger Avatar, stop around from time to time. I would say you know Fox News and their reporter perspectives fairly well as I, thanks for stopping by my friend.