Falling from Grace

Posted: 11/02/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

A leader of 30 million-member National Association of Evangelicals, who has been very vocal concerning same sex marriage has stepped down from his post today. This coming on the heels of being accused of paying for sex with a man over the past 3 years. Haggard who has a 14,000 member New Life Church stepped aside by saying he could not continue under the cloud of these accusations. An article put out in 2005 has Ted listed and saying that apparently he talks to the President or his advisers regularly. You will find Ted down next to another Colorado Springs based James Dobson founder and chair of focus on the family, who had been caught up in, the believe this or not, SpongeBob SquarePants controversy, apparently has homosexual overtones.
Mr. Dobson has been in the news before on the reaction of the Miers withdrawal in 2005, apparently Rove told him about Miers views on abortion and Haggard simply said the system worked.
I don't know how long these links will be available but apparently Haggard has even lent advice to Arlen Specter, and Tony Blair, he even traveled to Israel to talk with Prime Minister Sharon. He did break with the Church on the 2003 decision of the Supreme Court which struck down Texas anti-sodomy law. Ted was quoted as saying;

"I believe the church has to teach against immorality, but I don't believe it's the role of the state to spend money to find out what consenting adults do in their bedrooms and then haul them off to jail," Haggard said.
The NAE views homosexuals about the same as all of the religious groups tend to believe it to be, kind of makes one wonder about ole Ted. Whether or not this happened as the claim has been made, it brings us more into focus on the evangelicals and this one has got my attention due to the fact of it being a high profile figure and to put in perspective a leader of the the church itself who now has come under the gun. Let us look at the NAE view on homosexuals in the military, in 1994 they requested that President Clinton withdraw his initiative to lift the currant ban at that time of homosexuals in the military.
So now that you have a clear perspective of their published beliefs on homosexuality, it is rather mind boggling to know that the leader while assessing all of these beliefs that in private was living a different life and I wonder still if the main-stream media will pick up on this or sweep it under a rug? Haggard was a father of five and a graduate of the Oral Roberts University in 1978.