Election Fraud

Posted: 11/24/2006 by Floyd in Labels: ,

It would seem that in one Kentucky town there was a very high turnout, about 120% according to a lawsuit filed, The plaintiffs -- Kinzer, 66, and fellow candidate Pauline Bentley, 57, his sister-in-law -- lost bids for seats on the city commission by one vote.

Secretary of State Trey Grayson has initiated some steps to combat fraud, one being the ban on electioneering near the polls, and is working closely with the Kentucky Attorney General's Office to eliminate voter fraud in Kentucky, Also he has pledged prompt indictment on alleged buying of votes.
Another who is at the forefront of the stamp out voter fraud in this state is the Attorney General, Greg Stumbo, who I would enjoy seeing run for governor of this state in 2007, “On election day, the Office of the Attorney General will have a strong presence across the Commonwealth," said Attorney General Greg Stumbo. "In fact, I will personally be out in the field monitoring the election process to ensure every citizen's right to a free and fair election is upheld. My Office will enforce election laws and hold accountable those who engage in the crime of vote fraud."
I encourage any visiting here for the first time to read my articles on voting for more information on a somewhat broken system, which has many flaws and is in dire need of repair. There are many things wrong with our voting system in general, however,

we tend to forget about our voting systems and procedures, after the elections are over.

This is the least thing we need to be doing, the e-voting in this country needs to be taken a good look at and all the flaws and potential dangers need to be addressed. This is not an issue we seek because our party or candidates we supported did not win, this is something we need to look at in general across party lines and free from politics. Our voting system and how it is conducted affects us all no matter our party affiliation, I am not saying we should trash the whole system, but we should be concerned with the many bugs that hibernate within this system, it is the same as global warming, we know that it is there but if we never take corrective action, then it is the same as not knowing.


  1. Dustin says:

    Hadn't seen that one. Thanks for pointing it out. 120%, eh? Geez...

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey Dustin I knew you would enjoy this, but it only proves how much our system needs reformed.

  1. Octavian says:

    Hey, you got to give them credit. Coaches always say we should give 110%!

    You'd think people would have some respect for Democracy

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey thanks for coming by octavian and giving in-put, this voting system we got is in need of reform, I think the best I can determine from this is the officials must have let other people living out of the city limits, in the county to vote.

    I have seen some small towns here but none this small yet.
    Coach always said that to, I played a little football and every time we lost we got a lecture, we hated the extra work outs so much, I guess we did at least try and give 110%.