Election Eve

Posted: 11/06/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Well people this is it tomorrow is election day and many of you are tired of seeing all the ads on television, and all the negativity surrounding this election. Most analysts have described this as defined by the Iraq War, and it is on the minds of every voter out there. I believe the Iraq War has set the mood of this election, but there are other things such as the balance of power in Washington and the currant majority forgetting the plight of the average American.
Run away government and spending is at an all time high yet some conservatives in tight races fall back on the issue of smaller government and reigning in the budget, the party of smaller government has become the party of big spenders, and just think this article is nearly three years old, the party has started catering to activists when they should be more in tune of governing all of America, because America is a diverse nation not built around one sect or one particular belief but America must be governed as a whole rather than a portion.
So all there is now left to do is vote tomorrow, no more ads on television after that, we know that the voting system is in dire need of repair in this country, a lot of bloggers have posts on the discrepancies in the system on their blogs I might have a couple or so on this blog, but we must vote because this is the only system we have, and if you read a lot of these blogs posting about the voting systems namely Diebold and Smartmatic you will come to a conclusion that the system basically needs over-hauled and America should run its own elections, the radical right should be very concerned about Smartmatic, you can read a story I posted on this blog about them. So why should they be concerned? Well one name Hugo Chavez, the software in Smartmatic comes from his country and technicians have even been flown in from there to help us work out some bugs that were associated with these machines.
Of course Smartmatic says it is not associated with anyone in the Chavez government, but at any rate it makes a skeptic of me, as big of a nation as we are then we should be able to manufacture our own voting machines and software, but it goes beyond that, procedures should be put in place at all levels of making the software to installing it and it should be tamper proof, you would think with our technology and perseverance we should be able to get the job done. At any rate get out there and vote tomorrow, and before we vote again make your voices and concerns heard, because in reality, our voting system deserves a good hard look.


  1. Jim says:

    Whatever happens - you fought the good fight, Floyd.

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks Jim my friend, and it looks like it paid off to a degree, but for real change the issues of working with each other might prove difficult and stagnate America, it looks like the Senate will still be under G.O.P control, but like Paul said; I fought the good fight, and I have kept the faith.