Democrats move to restore agency

Posted: 11/12/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

I saw an article in the New York Times today that said the Democrats would try and move legislation next week to restore the power of a federal agency in charge of searching out waste and corruption in Iraq, the bill is likely to be introduced Monday.
This move would nullify a Republican provision 'SLIPPED' into a huge military authorization bill, which set a termination date for the agency. In other words and in layman's terms, the Republicans put this provision in another bill that was sure to pass, and as proved many times they are very good at doing tactics like this. What does this mean? Well, the simple of it is this, they (G.O.P) did not want the public to find out how much waste, financial fraud and corruption in contracts was going on in Iraq.
I heard about this myself first on CNN from Jack Cafferty and it peaked my interest so to speak, and am glad to read it here and most of all glad that the Democrats are moving to restore it, pretty slick of the G.O.P to slip it into a military authorization bill which they were sure to have known it to pass, this is but one of the tactics that has been going on. “There have been serious allegations and evidence of misconduct among suppliers,” Mr. Levin said. “And the taxpayers, of course, get socked on that. And the troops are not properly taken care of when that happens.”

Let's look at another little slipping instant back earlier in the year, this one concerning the man who wants to be President in 2008 and the speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, in case the drug companies happens to accidentally kill you or a family member, you have no recourse even if they are negligent in doing so. This provision was 'SLIPPED' into another Defense Appropriations Bill, the legislation was worth billions of dollars to a small group of drug makers,
meetings took place supposedly behind closed doors between a trade group for the vaccine makers and Frist and staff and the White house, the language was exactly what the vaccine manufacturers had asked for in e-mails and meetings.

Here is another little thing 'SLIPPED' into a homeland security bill back in 2002, this one by Dick Armey, but this reeks of Frist all the way to me, here is an excerpt; Drug giant Eli Lilly and Company makes thimerosal. It's the mercury in the preservative that many parents say causes autism in thousands of children – like Mary Kate Kilpatrick. This little thing they slipped into this bill blocks lawsuits on a controversial vaccine preservative, in other words; this preservative that is being used, if it hurts or happens to kill your kid, you can't sue them. And they know that the preservative has problems to begin with, in other words it has Mercury in it and we would not want to give our kid mercury, would we.


  1. Dustin says:

    The day after this bill passed I saw Kucinich on TV on at least two stations letting everyone know what happened. I don't think that guy gets the credit he deserves in the party.

  1. Floyd says:

    You are right dustin, I like his stand on Social Security and he was talking on the no strategy in Iraq policy back sometime last year, a great Congressman from Ohio.

    Another good thing from Dennis is the paper trail for voting machines, I agree with that also, however, it would make it difficult to vote in some districts due to a paper back-log. In our modern time of technology it seems we can't even manage an election process, this feat should be attained by us with the utmost of ease, everyone knows we can do this, they are just making the big corps. like Diebold and Smartmatic rich thats all. And Bitza, I can't think of the rest right now but that is all we are doing making them rich, the greatest country on earth can't run its own elections.

    And like you said dustin the guy just don't get enough credit. Always good to hear from you, thanks for dropping by.