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Ted Haggard confessed to his followers today that he is guilty of sexual immorality in a letter that was read to the church by another clergyman, he apologized and asked for forgiveness. The man has deceived his congregation but I commend him on his honesty, what makes this bad is that Haggard was condemning the very acts he was engaged in.
Haggard in his letter accepted full responsibility for his actions, Haggard attempts to demoralize what he has done and refers to the acts he committed as dark and repulsive, in this assumption he feels like it was just something evil that over-powered him.
Scandals have hit the church before the Catholic Church in particular, Foley now claims that a clergy within the church while he was an alter boy molested him and Foley would see justifying himself for what he done, what Foley is saying is this; I was molested as a boy and this has since caused by behavior now.
Haggard on the other hand accepted responsibility but not fully, in Haggard's confession he came to the conclusion in this statement; There's a part of my life that is so repulsive and dark that I have been warring against it for all of my adult life,"
What Haggard is saying is this; The devil made me do it.
The people who do attend church I commend you for this, I myself need to go more often. The verse in the Bible that reads like this; If the blind lead the blind, shall they not both fall in the ditch? Now don't get me wrong everyone is not blind, but people attending church should be following God and not man.
Ted Haggard had thousands of followers in his congregation and yet every Sunday he had to get up and deliver a sermon knowing he was unfaithful and knowing he was committing sin and yet he continued on, and if not for his lover things might have never been brought to light, Haggard said he was sorry and asked forgiveness because his past actions caught up with him and that would be the only reason he did so.


  1. fc says:

    Hey bud... It is really amazing to me the hypocrisy these folks exhibit. Now... If this guy has been struggling with this issue his whole life then why base his whole 'public' life on bashing gay people and using gay rights as a wedge issue in elections.

    Seems he has been in a nightmare situation :: Preaching to himself his entire life. --- Sad...

    - fc

  1. Floyd says:

    Well said my friend, when people go to church a rule of thumb would be this; Listen to the preacher and follow along with your Bible, however put your trust in God not man.

    You said well he has been preaching to himself, he broke the trust of thousands of people and that is why the guy went public on him, he was tired of the hypocrisies.