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Posted: 11/20/2006 by Floyd in Labels: ,

I am sure all have heard day in and day out about the many different ways of dealing with our failed policies of Iraq, but there is yet another failed policy that should be rather high up on our general priorities to do list. There was yet another one of our failed responses to the people of New Orleans and citizens of our own United States, when Katrina rolled into New Orleans the news cameras kept it rolling 24/7 so as to boost their ratings with an audience glued to the television sets of America.
We saw first hand and up close at what happens when mother nature gives one gentle blow from her hand and we trust the ones in charge to react in some logical manner, concerning the havoc reeked in a city on our homeland. While the camera rolled for days we saw the actual sluggishness and incompetence of our elected officials to actually be able to respond to the devastation that had taken place in one of our fairest and historical cities. As our elected kept looking more and more inept the people of New Orleans were trapped and dying, they were dying on American soil due to our inability to react to the situation.

The camera who was watching the plight of our fellow citizens grew tired and eventually starting chasing other big stories to keep those ratings up and corporate America happy,

but the problem never went away when the camera left, the problem remains. In the aftermath nothing much has yet taken place except, many lawsuits against the insurance companies that we are supposed to pay premiums to and in time of disaster they are on our side, boy what a joke that turned out to be. Homeowners are still in limbo 14 months after the tragedy struck, a $7.5 billion dollar program to rebuild New Orleans was initiated and 79,000 applied for it but unfortunately only 1,721 have been told how much grant money they are to receive, and only 22 have received any cash at all.
Mental health problems in the area have almost doubled after the Katrina storm and since then only two of the 11 hospitals in New Orleans have have become fully functional. This is yet another aftermath of Katrina, brought on by the stress and anguish of dealing with the storm and loss of family members and ineffectiveness on our elected officials part of dealing with a natural disaster. After all this time the hospitals continue to take a beating in Katrina's aftermath, the poor of the area seem to be bearing a lot of the burden and since we are at this stage so long after the storm it don't leave one to optimistic, and I say this mostly from what I have learned and I have learned that the coverage of Katrina and the inept of our officials dealing with the problems have eased in the public arena.
CNN, Fox News, and many other main-stream reporters on the scene in the wake of Katrina have packed their cameras and and bags and have gone on to report another story in the news and believe me I know there are many, they have went back to their offices and on to other agendas written for them form their superiors, Katrina,,,had become obsolete.


  1. fc says:

    How quickly the public forgets... just as you say if it aint making money and ratings for the media, they don't care.

    That is why it is so important for the netroots and grass root alliances to stand up and make sure all important issues are kept on the front burner.

    That is what is so impressive with the 50 state strategy Howard Dean has put into place. People that know how to reach the both the netroots and their local grassroots - boots on the ground... It worked for the Rethugs, it can work for us...

    Keep up the effort Floyd...

    Nice clean look to your page too... I like it...

    - fc

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks fc, always good to hear from you. Been messing around with these hacks and this template seems to work best with the hacks, thanks my friend for the compliment, I just wish I knew script like you do.

    Yep the news packed up and went on to something else, the Katrina disaster continues to be just that, a disaster. From what I have been finding around the net the problem is as big as ever, it really is disgusting to hear what is going on and our inability to take care of our own citizens when a disaster of this magnitude hits.

    I am sure that the money that was allocated for this could move along more swiftly, you know when this happened I think everyone just about in this country gave money for these poor folks who bared the brunt of the storm, point is,,the storm is still going on.