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Goodbye to all the campaign ads, it is over, America has chosen the new Senate and House the way it is going the G.O.P will have the Senate and the Democrats will control the House. So now what? Well if they don't work together probably nothing, but if they get politics aside now and work together to try and solve issues on both sides it would be good, I know I am reaching high on making this statement but we can dream can't we.

Another landmark was reached in America and that is for the first time a woman will be speaker of the House, she is left on the spectrum but if we look at this rationally Hastert was on the extreme right and they (the G.O.P) should have ousted Hastert when he was embroiled around the Mark Foley scandal, and coming out a few days ago in support of Donald Rumsfeld only made some of the moderate conservatives think even more concerning their vote. Webb of Virginia at this time is holding a 1 percentage point margin and this one surprised me I thought Webb had this one in the bag, a veteran plus he has a son in Iraq, plus he worked as Ronald Reagan's Navy secretary, this is really a nail biter.

Another thing learned is that the voting system needs to be looked at more closely, this is saying that just because my candidates have a majority in the house does not change my position on the e-voting in this country, it needs over-hauled. I saw Allen in Virginia making a speech to his supporters about the counting of the vote later on tomorrow, and some of these elections might have to be recounted and you can't blame them if it is that close, Missouri, Montana and Virginia are still up in the air, very close in these elections and very polarized nation. The Virginia election could be going on for weeks, Missouri is another nail biter, this is one we won't soon forget.

The problems concerning the e-voting machines happened in Indiana, Ohio, Colorado, parts of Virginia and Chicago, these are the ones I know of and it makes a clear statement unto itself and that is, these machines are subject to run or not run on any given day and the individuals who are in charge of these machines have not been trained in their operation, so whether the party I support takes power or not as I said before it does not change my position on this issue. The one glitch that happened in Colorado from what I heard on CNN the judge did not grant the polls to remain open longer due to the glitch, however a judge in Cleveland allowed the polls to remain open until 10 P.M. Because of the e-voting system error's.


I over spoke concerning the Senate, here is how it is on 8th Nov 2006, Claire McCaskill (D) has won Missouri, Montana & Virginia are close and really I say we look at Montana the Democrat Jon Tester is leading, in Virginia Jim Webb is leading by over 8,000 votes and in any recount or not, I don't believe Allen can pick up this many votes, look at the last recount in Virginia where the leader led by about three hundred votes and after the recount he led by 327 votes. This is nowhere close to Webb's margin over Allen, and if Tester holds on in Montana then the Democrats control the Senate.


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  1. ender says:

    as an indiana voter, i have to agree about the electronic scanners.

    our precinct's machine was NOT functional at 6 a.m., but they allowed us to vote anyway ... they simply collected our completed scan sheets and filed them. actually, they were not supposed to open until the scanner was functioning, but ... hey, at least the election went the way i voted! i'll take the small victories ... but i'd like to see the system further refined.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hello ender, glad you stopped by and gave your in-put on the situation, I am, well I would call myself an adoptive Hoosier, I lived many years in the state.

    For one thing that would help would be that more training would be needed for the ones in the field, that are actually manning the posts so to speak, some of these things probably could be fixed, if people knew more about the machines. I like you believe it can be refined.

    In every major election we see the same problems creeping back around to haunt us once again, because none seems to be addressing that we actually have a problem.