Afghanistan, In Turmoil

Posted: 11/18/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

A top American defense official, General Michael Maples said the insurgency had expanded its operations and abilities even while incurring serious losses on the the field of combat. According to human rights watch in New York over 3,000 have died this year in Afghanistan fighting, twice as high as the 2005 level. One of the obstacles faced here is the drug trade fueling the insurgency, it grew by 50% this year and separately in a U.S government study shows that this opium trade could destabilize the Afghan government.
An article I found in 'shock magazine' enhances this article with the news that 90% of the world's opium now comes from Afghanistan and sadly the number was 0% in the year 2000. Opium accounted for 52% of Afghan GDP in 2005, nearly $12 billion. According to Antonio Maria Costa, the director of the U.N Office on Drugs and Crime, said, "Afghanistan is hooked on its own drug. The drug problem in Afghanistan is running out of control."

Violence and Taliban influence are at highest levels since the regime was ousted in 2001 and both seem to be driven by popies,

as Afghanistan becomes the world's largest opium supplier. profitts of the drug trade fund the Taliban insurgency, and even perhaps support al-Qaida. A Counter Narcotics Police force, trained by the U.S. DEA, is trying to do all it can in the face of this onslaught, Afghan children and women known to hide heroin under their burkas have joined the drug trade as smugglers. Some 6,100 tons or enough for 610 tons of heroin were produced in 2006, a great many Afghans have also become addicted to the drug.