Powell Calls It What It Is

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Colin Powell made a statement yesterday that will be spinning every which way but loose by the main-stream media, it is none other but a statement of truth and that is Iraq's violence meets the standard of civil war. Why does this sound so pertinent? It is because the way the main-stream media has been dancing around the issue refusing to call this war what it is, in a way it does not really matter except by the media not calling the war what it is, well, it looks as though they are in denial. This is not really the first time Powell has disagreed with the regime, in 2004 Powell came out and said that the evidence concerning the cause for war was a mistake, in other words the evidence he submitted to the United Nations to justify war, may have been wrong.

Going back to the civil war in Iraq and the media, and let us look at what exactly is a civil war, one definition would be this;

"a war between opposing groups of citizens of the same country. a conflict within a given society or nation state."

This is quite a broad definition I know but this will get you into the mind-set of the media, to which seem more and more puppets of the state. NBC however was the first one to get tired of rolling over, so they made a statement in the effect that Iraq was involved in a civil war, it said basically that it met its definition to be called a civil war. But as I stated before it would seem that most of the media is in denial of the facts presented to them or they are lap dogs, it has to be one of the two, these people are supposed to be journalists they had to have attended college somewhere, but increasingly to me it seems they might have flunked History.
Let's check out another criteria for civil war and that would be this;"a war in which parties within the same culture, society or nationality fight for political power or control of an area. Political scientists use two criteria: the warring groups must be from the same country and fighting for control of the political center, control over a separatist state or to force a major change in policy. The second criteria is that at least 1,000 people must have been killed in total, with at least 100 from each side." Like I say I don't know if the media is in denial or lap dogs, or they did not do to well in history, this has been going on and escalating steadily since the elections that were held in Iraq and a lot of it seems politically motivated as well as religious, but at least the subject gives the media something to talk about and spin on, sometimes I think if they ever run out of spin there might not be to much left for them to talk about.
Yesterday the bipartisan Iraq study group put together views and opinions and called for a gradual pull-out of American troops from Iraq and was approved unanimously by the 10 member panel. The panel did not call for a specific timetable on the withdrawal but the report makes it clear that Mr. Bush emphasize to the Iraqis, that withdrawal is imminent. We will see shortly what the reaction will be to this decision, but I remain a pessimist when it comes to the language that is in the report, but also it is a give and take situation here and it was a bipartisan panel that came up with this and unlike our school days we "can't just grab our ball and go home."

The Kurdish Connection

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The President and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice are scheduled for a trip taking them to Jordon to have talks on Iraq sometime this week, the problem is, some of Iraq's biggest influences have been ignored and snubbed if you will, Meanwhile, one of Ms. Rice’s most trusted aides, Philip D. Zelikow, announced Monday that he was resigning his post as State Department counselor and apparently was at odds on the policy of Iraq, and the Middle East in general.
The previous article points out toward the end that there has not been much give and take on our end of the process when dealing with crisis such as the one taking place in Iraq now, civil war has been raging for some time now with no end in sight to the blood-letting and roaming militias, who are now patrolling Iraq on a daily and nightly basis as more bodies turn up in the Tigris River.

This should be a time to get all on board who are anyway remotely or otherwise having influence on Iraq,who as time goes by having been torn asunder by the sectarian violence taking place there and on the world stage of public opinion the main-stream media so blatantly and methodically continue to look at Iraq in a mildly assuming way, most not acknowledging that Iraq has been embattled in civil war for some time now with the warring Sunni and Shia militias both vying for political dominance within their country. This escalation started out being fought over political control of the country, since the Democratic elections took place there, these two factions which make up the biggest portions of Iraq have been at odds and the violence has escalated at a steady pace and seems not to be letting up anytime soon.
Our support of the more freedom loving Kurds in the North have been an on again, off again relationship and the pull-out of our troops and others will most definitely hurt them the worst of all, they have not only been persecuted by the government of Saddam when he was in power but also neighboring Iran, and the Kurds seem to be our best hope of Democracy in the region, however we have painted ourselves into a corner so to speak and really by us exiting is maybe our best option or at least re-deploying our forces to more strategical locations such as Kuwait and to the North which is mostly now Kurdish controlled. In 1987 and 89 , under the command of Ali Hassan al-Majid a genocide was carried out against the Kurds and what took place was;

destruction of some 2,000 villages, and slaughter of around 50,000 rural Kurds, by the most conservative estimates. The large Kurdish town of Qala Dizeh population of about 70,000 was completely destroyed by the Iraqi Army.

So by knowing some things that have taken place in the area, we can clearly see that in the polls taken in Iraq concerning our leaving and general feelings about us run quite high in the eyes of the Kurds. 95% of the Kurds school age children attend school, the previous Baathist party of Saddam eradicated most of the prominent scientists by execution, but now it seems they have put education back on the forefront. A lot of our attention needs to be emphasized on the part of the Kurdish population and the old proxy of 'cut and run' policy has been much practiced by our administrations when dealing with this sect of Iraq and it is high time we start listening a little to what the 'other Iraq' is whispering in our ear.

Losing Patience

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It seems the lawmakers are losing their patience on Iraq, the increasing sectarian violence seems to be relentless and a swift action need be addressed on our involvement in the stagnated war. Sen. Hagel has also put in his two cents on the issue, Hagel wants to bring in the surrounding region to find a solution, Hagel in this article also talks about exonerating ourselves honorably from impending disaster there.

Well Mr. Hagel newsflash is; It is a little late for that,Hagel is a member of the party that controlled congress for the last six years and failed to provide oversight as the administration pursued its disastrous policies. It also looks as though members of Bush's own party have come out to denounce the war and he has been drawing criticism from within his own rank and file. In contrast Rep. Hunter believes we will win the conflict in the long run and suggests we send the trained Iraqi battalions into the heat of battle before making a decision to leave. Mr. Hunter is the outgoing chairman of the Armed Services Committee and should really know first hand that if we could do that, we would have done so.
The insurgency apparently has the funds to sustain itself from monies made from oil smuggling, kidnapping and corrupt Iraqi officials, while on the Afghanistan front the Taliban is getting a lot of it's major currency through the opium trade, in Iraq the government itself is not willing or has not the ability to curb the financing of the insurgency. At least 215 Shiites were killed in bomb and mortar attacks Thursday in Sadr City. Shiites retaliated Friday by burning six Sunni Arabs alive and killing 19 others in attacks on Sunni mosques.
During the next Congress the Democrats have pledged time and time again to work with the Republicans to try to reach an agreement on the war, and they continue to pledge that however, I also believe the Republicans should make an effort to try and come to some other workable strategy, because it is obvious this one is at a standstill, The war is being driven by leaders of Sunni Arab and Shiite militias vying for dominance and has spiraled into a pattern of revenge killings and sectarian cleansing of neighborhoods.
Well, let us just see what this civil war actually means; A civil war is a war in which parties within the same culture, society or nationality fight for political power or control of an area. Political scientists use two criteria: the warring groups must be from the same country and fighting for control of the political center, control over a separatist state or to force a major change in policy. The second criteria is that at least 1,000 people must have been killed in total, with at least 100 from each side. Ever wonder why the news media and a lot of our government officials refuse to acknowledge what we all know, is civil war somehow more of a dire word than Iraq bloodbath or sectarian violence? Or, is it a word that most view as failure, we should call this thing for what it is and not what we want it to be. More than some of our officials are losing their patience on this issue, a lot of the American people are as well, and I do believe that we will come up with something other than just a plan that seems to be going nowhere.

Pollution A Global effect

Posted: 11/25/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

I saw an article on the breaking up of icebergs off the coast of New Zealand and it just so happens that I had rented a DVD of Al Gore's movie rendition called "an inconvenient truth" A Global Warning.
It turned out to be one of the most informative movies I had ever watched and it will leave you scared, and thinking about the environment around you. All of the damage we are unleashing on our environment is bound to catch up to us sooner or later and it looks very much like the former may be happening to us now. Of course this has been occurring for decades in this state alone with surface mining and logging of the vast forests that used to be here.

” Business must do more to influence politicians because for the moment, she said, “environmental groups are the ones steering the legislative process” This is a statement I got from Industry on EU policies, this in a nutshell is exactly the problem if one is to do some serious thinking on the issue, it would not be difficult to come to a conclusion such as this; How good would it be for anyone to cater to every need of business if our coastal cities are flooded? The United States is the biggest contributor to the effects of global warming and in the past years we have seen disregard for any environmental laws we may have been lucky enough to establish. As big business started it's rule of our land many measures we have had in place have been crushed in the onslaught of the almighty dollar, and when disaster comes home to us in the form of floods, landslides and temperature rises, these are the same people who will say;

"hmm, I never thought that all this might cause a flood, but at least big business came out alright."

Russell Train had this to say concerning the Bush policies on the environment; "It’s almost as if the motto of the administration in power today in Washington is not environmental protection, but polluter protection," he said. "I find this deeply disturbing." A Republican himself he was the second chief of the EPA under the Nixon and Ford administrations. Another little article I found back in 2004 is almost laughable to say the least, but in reality I believe that we have collectively started thinking a little more about the world we live in, now if we could only translate this to our policy makers.
This is not an issue that is going away and as we read about New Zealand in the news it becomes more apparent each and every day, destruction of our environments takes many forms and in this state one of the forms it takes is surface mining, which pollutes the streams, destroys wildlife and forests. Over 2,000 miles of streams in Appalachia have been buried by this kind of mining and of course it was helped by the Army Corps of Engineers following a lenient policy.

Election Fraud

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It would seem that in one Kentucky town there was a very high turnout, about 120% according to a lawsuit filed, The plaintiffs -- Kinzer, 66, and fellow candidate Pauline Bentley, 57, his sister-in-law -- lost bids for seats on the city commission by one vote.

Secretary of State Trey Grayson has initiated some steps to combat fraud, one being the ban on electioneering near the polls, and is working closely with the Kentucky Attorney General's Office to eliminate voter fraud in Kentucky, Also he has pledged prompt indictment on alleged buying of votes.
Another who is at the forefront of the stamp out voter fraud in this state is the Attorney General, Greg Stumbo, who I would enjoy seeing run for governor of this state in 2007, “On election day, the Office of the Attorney General will have a strong presence across the Commonwealth," said Attorney General Greg Stumbo. "In fact, I will personally be out in the field monitoring the election process to ensure every citizen's right to a free and fair election is upheld. My Office will enforce election laws and hold accountable those who engage in the crime of vote fraud."
I encourage any visiting here for the first time to read my articles on voting for more information on a somewhat broken system, which has many flaws and is in dire need of repair. There are many things wrong with our voting system in general, however,

we tend to forget about our voting systems and procedures, after the elections are over.

This is the least thing we need to be doing, the e-voting in this country needs to be taken a good look at and all the flaws and potential dangers need to be addressed. This is not an issue we seek because our party or candidates we supported did not win, this is something we need to look at in general across party lines and free from politics. Our voting system and how it is conducted affects us all no matter our party affiliation, I am not saying we should trash the whole system, but we should be concerned with the many bugs that hibernate within this system, it is the same as global warming, we know that it is there but if we never take corrective action, then it is the same as not knowing.

Church to protest at teens funerals in Alabama

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Westboro Baptist Church to make its presence known at the funerals of the teens killed in Alabama, find the pdf here. I do not know how this Fred Phelps sleeps at night after a day of protesting at people he has never known? At first I thought this place was limiting its protests to the military, however now I just don't know what to say.

The research that I have found on this group generally centers around the protesting of military funerals and calling our great men and women who serve vile names and carrying signs in the wake of grieving families. There is a good post about this over at Pam's blog on the same subject, she blogged about it. There is good reading of what these people stand for at this link; God Hates Fags Dot Com. Now these folks seem to believe that God only loves certain people, when I went to this page it says that God hates Sweden, God hates Canada.

I just don't know what else to say about these people,

I mean looking at what I have read it is hard for me to try and rationalize the scope of this."

Here is a link to some photo's of a protest they done in London, Ky. Wow, London, they must have a lot of balls to come done here in the hills and do this ignorant stuff? Uh, o.k I see now there is cops everywhere around them, they even have their children taking part in this idiocy. That Hardees where they are, is across the road from one of the funeral homes in London.
Apparently the people don't have a job or how else could they take off to go and protest all these funerals, and where do they get all the money it would take to travel on and where do their kids go to school, they would not have time to attend school with their parents busy teaching them all this hate, and at any rate I don't believe that Christ would want us to grow our children up to hate people.

The Surge Option

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Judging from this it seems that we are toying with the notion that 20,000 more troops in Iraq will relinquish some of the violence now associated with the different warring factions going on in the area. This idea has been dubbed the "surge option" by some officials, the article goes on to say that an increase this year from 128,000 to 144,000 has not seemed to curb the violence. So might as well throw another 20,000 in the mix, actually during the increase in troops it has seemed to spike a up tilt in the violence that is going on there, what they are failing to tell you here is that a great majority of Iraqis want us out and another great majority approve attacks on us. I thought America spoke pretty clearly in this election her feelings on the matter, however,

it also seems that our officials do not listen very well. Here is a link that will give you once again an impression that has been touted by me and many bloggers for a long time and that is basically the Iraqis are wanting us 'out' it is as simple as that, apparently we could care less what the Iraqis want and the bottom line is we are going to free them if it kills them. And all this talk of John McCain, one opinion and that is 20,000 more troops will win Iraq, want to read John McCain's real plan for Iraq, link to Robert Reich, who talked with McCain on this very matter Sunday morning.
John at this time is more interested in looking Presidential and when all is said and done, he could say well I told them to put 20,000 more in Iraq and it would alleviate some of the violence and normalize the situation. But it could be a liability, we put 20,000 more in and nothing happened. Whether this will work or not remains to be seen but the odds certainly are not in its favor, the Americans want us out, the Iraqis want us out and most 'Reagan' conservatives want us out, uh, surely we are not all wrong. Most of the Army brass that have been involved see the training of the Iraqi Army as climbing Mount Everest with swimming trunks on, and most feel it would take years to accomplish the necessary training.< /span>

Another failed agenda

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I am sure all have heard day in and day out about the many different ways of dealing with our failed policies of Iraq, but there is yet another failed policy that should be rather high up on our general priorities to do list. There was yet another one of our failed responses to the people of New Orleans and citizens of our own United States, when Katrina rolled into New Orleans the news cameras kept it rolling 24/7 so as to boost their ratings with an audience glued to the television sets of America.
We saw first hand and up close at what happens when mother nature gives one gentle blow from her hand and we trust the ones in charge to react in some logical manner, concerning the havoc reeked in a city on our homeland. While the camera rolled for days we saw the actual sluggishness and incompetence of our elected officials to actually be able to respond to the devastation that had taken place in one of our fairest and historical cities. As our elected kept looking more and more inept the people of New Orleans were trapped and dying, they were dying on American soil due to our inability to react to the situation.

The camera who was watching the plight of our fellow citizens grew tired and eventually starting chasing other big stories to keep those ratings up and corporate America happy,

but the problem never went away when the camera left, the problem remains. In the aftermath nothing much has yet taken place except, many lawsuits against the insurance companies that we are supposed to pay premiums to and in time of disaster they are on our side, boy what a joke that turned out to be. Homeowners are still in limbo 14 months after the tragedy struck, a $7.5 billion dollar program to rebuild New Orleans was initiated and 79,000 applied for it but unfortunately only 1,721 have been told how much grant money they are to receive, and only 22 have received any cash at all.
Mental health problems in the area have almost doubled after the Katrina storm and since then only two of the 11 hospitals in New Orleans have have become fully functional. This is yet another aftermath of Katrina, brought on by the stress and anguish of dealing with the storm and loss of family members and ineffectiveness on our elected officials part of dealing with a natural disaster. After all this time the hospitals continue to take a beating in Katrina's aftermath, the poor of the area seem to be bearing a lot of the burden and since we are at this stage so long after the storm it don't leave one to optimistic, and I say this mostly from what I have learned and I have learned that the coverage of Katrina and the inept of our officials dealing with the problems have eased in the public arena.
CNN, Fox News, and many other main-stream reporters on the scene in the wake of Katrina have packed their cameras and and bags and have gone on to report another story in the news and believe me I know there are many, they have went back to their offices and on to other agendas written for them form their superiors, Katrina,,,had become obsolete.

Lawmakers debate Iraq

Posted: 11/19/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

In this article lawmakers debate the Iraq war with Republicans calling for more troops and Democrats calling for withdrawal. I thought all of this got ironed out in the last election America but apparently they still don't get it? In all of the Iraq discussion and America basically discussed to no end of this they are arguing for more troops, and every American should realize by now that we don't have enough troops to do what they are asking, 20,000 more is not going to get the job done it will only prolong the agony.
McCain's argument is that beefed up troops will quell the insurgency and arrest the momentum of the death squads a pretty tall order if the number is 20,000 more, now if we are talking 100 to 200 thousand more I might give a listen to that. So here is the problem America the fact is they did not listen to what we said on November 7Th, and need another convincer in 2008. They are looking at Iraq this way; If we leave that means defeat, well we got rid of Saddam so to me it would not be a defeat, what we are doing now is defeating our purpose by sending the troops back on tour after tour in Iraq, it is putting a severe strain on our military personnel.
Henry Kissenger weighed in on the matter also and told the BBC that a military victory was not possible and called for an international conference to work out the country's future. Something that can be supported by the surrounding area and our allies and stated we have to come to some legitimate conclusion of what the outcome would be.
A top Syrian official arrived in Iraq on Sunday, Syria is seen as as a key to quieting some of the insurgency going on in Iraq. It was the Syrians first visit since Saddam was ousted from power, Syria has also been accused of allowing foreign fighters to cross the border into Iraq. He also promised to , cooperate with Iraqi authorities struggling to control chaos that threatens the country with civil war, hmm I thought a civil war was what they were in. This article also relates to all the violence engulfing Iraq, in one of the attacks a woman screams; "Innocent people were killed. Where is the government?" one Iraqi woman shouted at the scene. "Women and children were killed. God is great, God is great." I think this statement says it all.
112 die as bloodbath in Iraq continues, meanwhile Charlie Rangel wants to reinstate a draft, now McCain wants to win the peace in Iraq here is a good example for him to follow, I wonder if he will get on board or is just all talk, he knows as well as I do 20,000 extra won't get the job done so I think he should get on board with this. Now, do I think this will get anywhere? Uh, let me think? Are you out your mind?

Afghanistan, In Turmoil

Posted: 11/18/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

A top American defense official, General Michael Maples said the insurgency had expanded its operations and abilities even while incurring serious losses on the the field of combat. According to human rights watch in New York over 3,000 have died this year in Afghanistan fighting, twice as high as the 2005 level. One of the obstacles faced here is the drug trade fueling the insurgency, it grew by 50% this year and separately in a U.S government study shows that this opium trade could destabilize the Afghan government.
An article I found in 'shock magazine' enhances this article with the news that 90% of the world's opium now comes from Afghanistan and sadly the number was 0% in the year 2000. Opium accounted for 52% of Afghan GDP in 2005, nearly $12 billion. According to Antonio Maria Costa, the director of the U.N Office on Drugs and Crime, said, "Afghanistan is hooked on its own drug. The drug problem in Afghanistan is running out of control."

Violence and Taliban influence are at highest levels since the regime was ousted in 2001 and both seem to be driven by popies,

as Afghanistan becomes the world's largest opium supplier. profitts of the drug trade fund the Taliban insurgency, and even perhaps support al-Qaida. A Counter Narcotics Police force, trained by the U.S. DEA, is trying to do all it can in the face of this onslaught, Afghan children and women known to hide heroin under their burkas have joined the drug trade as smugglers. Some 6,100 tons or enough for 610 tons of heroin were produced in 2006, a great many Afghans have also become addicted to the drug.

Steny Hoyer wins house majority

Posted: 11/16/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Steny Hoyer was voted by the Dems as house majority leader when the Congress convenes in January, Hoyer defeated John Murtha by a vote of 149/86. Some of Hoyer's accomplishments was an amendment adopted by the house in May to increase funding for Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response Firefighters (SAFER) and the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Programs. Hoyer has many things to his credit including his commitment to law enforcement and is a long time supporter of COPS on the beat program, in addition Steny Hoyer also is a widely respected voice on foreign policy and international affairs. As the former Chair and Ranking Democrat of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (the Helsinki Commission), he championed the cause of human rights, individual freedoms, democracy and religious liberties throughout the world. He called for decisive U.S. and NATO action to stop the carnage throughout the former Yugoslavia, and, more recently, condemned the repressive tactics of Afghanistan's former ruling regime, the Taliban; recognized the danger posed by that government before the terrorist attacks of September 11; and urged action against genocide in Sudan. In the race to pick the majority leader Nancy Pelosi threw her support to John Murtha a strong voice against the Iraq war and one of the more outspoken voices on the hill. Mr. Hoyer not as outspoken as Murtha has several credentials to bring to this post and would think that he will do us a good job and the Dems prove once again that they can go to the middle, however, the news seem to find that this was a bitter race for majority leader but the Republicans have the same problem in this regard. Hoyer is a 25 year veteran of Congress, Murtha who ran against him for the post will return to the the powerful defense subcommittee with responsibility for the war in Iraq and the Pentagon budget.

Fox News Reporters freed for $2,000,000?

Posted: 11/15/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Apparently it is put out that the kidnapped Fox News Reporters were gained release through a payment of 2 million dollars, they were kidnapped last summer, Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig were the reporters who were taken hostage. apparently the kidnappers used the money to further enhance its weapons cache. The two were released last August after being held captive by terrorists in Gaza nearly two weeks. A spokeswoman for Fox News could not provide an official statement about whether Fox was aware of the money paid to free its employees.
A source at Fox said many parties were involved including the government, a state department spokesman said his agency did not pay for the release of the Fox News employees. This could embolden terrorists to take more hostages of American decent, but apparently they promised not to. Fox back in August in this article reported the two captives had been released but made no mention of any payment by them or anyone else, they could have been released out of the goodness of the terrorists hearts? Wiig's wife, Anita McNaught, thanked Palestinian officials and FOX News for their efforts in getting the men released. The men refused to take questions.
The terrorists as reported by these sources used the ransom to buy rocket launchers and more weapons with according to the terrorists to enhance the war with Zionists. It looks like analyzing all of this the Fox spokeswoman tried to pass the buck to the government, I can see none would want to admit to aiding terrorists and to my knowledge none have been kidnapped yet so far, they must have kept their promise 'not to.' Just makes for interesting news, 'fair and balanced.'
More reading on this terrorist group; PRC
Link to; A young man who never made it back

Iraq Chaos

Posted: 11/14/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

20 killed and 150 have been abducted in Iraq and the violence is continuing with no end in sight, the entire operation took only about 20 minutes it was estimated. The gunman were wearing commando police uniforms, they kidnapped their victims from a research institute in downtown Baghdad. Apparently the insurgency is increasing around Romadi which is West of Baghdad and an apparent Sunni stronghold. This is the elite of Baghdad in education and science and Iraq continues its slide downward in this latest violence, that took place in broad daylight and the latest events seem to enhance the idea that Iraq is in chaos and also taken into account is the clothing worn by the kidnappers were police issue, but whether they were actual police remains to be proven. It seems by watching CNN this evening that some of these kidnapped may have been released, see how this pans out. The mission to quell the sectarian violence is not going anywhere, the kidnapping happened right under the noses of the Iraq military and us for that matter and on top of this it seems the Iraqi police force could be on the verge of breaking apart. The government unable to subdue this violence, 14 people have been killed today in bombings that seem to be happening daily and the police in the country seemed to be loyal to the thugs and the insurgency instead of law and order, militia's have infiltrated the police and a lot of the Iraqi military, and among all this going on Iran has become bold in its views and insisting its nuclear capabilities.

An article put out by NPR Lt. Col. Carl Grunow said the Iraqi force is undisciplined and the mistakes by commanders training them are hampering the developments of the Iraqi Army. Give a listen to the Lt. Col. On his assessment in the field and what he feels we could do different in training the Iraqi Army, from what I got out of listening to the Lt. Col. It is totally off the wall in Iraq. Training the Iraqis in a different type of warfare than they are used to could be quite a task and by listening to this NPR link, might give us some insight as to what exactly we are up against when even trying to train this force. After listening to Mr. Grunow we can see a little into the training process we are involved in and the most difficult task ahead, the insurgency seems to be strengthening and that is occupying most of our time being strained on forces who are there and trying to train the Iraqi force. And you have military leaving daily to go to their families and bury the dead, after listening to Mr. Grunow it seems these forces basically do what ever they please. (PDF)

The president has gave no inclination on the meeting with the Independent panel surveying the strategy in Iraq and whether he will work toward a solution or will he take the road less traveled called 'stay the course.' Evan Bayh of Indiana today on CNN said that the Iraqis need to step up to the plate and begin to move forward, and maybe with the new secretary of Defense might bring some better insight to what is happening, Iraq is important but not the central point on the war on terror, and while also we continue to put all of our resources into Iraq we let other priorities slide further out, I also got out of this interview something on the line of four to six months a phased withdrawal of forces from Iraq, now Murtha's plan seems to be to back off probably to Kuwait to establish a more quick response agile force. So before we start to criticize Murtha to much we need to know exactly what he is saying and the idea he may have into this Iraq mess, Murtha has been a decorated Marine and knows quite a bit on warfare, which he should he has been in many battles himself and if we strategically moved back say to Kuwait, it don't seem like Iran or anyone would try and interfere with Iraq, we are still within striking distance.

Nancy Pelosi Supports Murtha for Speaker

Posted: 11/13/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Nancy Polosi helped in her bid to be speaker in January is throwing her support behind John Murtha of Pa. The most or one of the most outspoken war critics on Capital Hill, Polosi saluted Murtha on his outspokenness of the Iraq War and cited Murtha as making the war a national issue. Murtha helped Polosi win a minority whip position in 2001 and is repaying the favor with loyalty.

Well, it seems now if this occurs we have a whole different ball game, Murtha is an ex-Marine who is not afraid to speak his peace and I don't believe he will do much compromising either, I can't see Murtha going out of his way to compromise anything. Maybe some common ground can be reached on Iraq but Bush might be wishing now that Nancy was speaker of the house. Remember in the recent election where Republican & Co. Warned America that Nancy Polosi would be speaker and all hell would break loose?

Murtha on Huff Post, " same old rhetorical garbage in the President's press conference." But this is not the only time Murtha lashed out about the war, in April of this year in Pittsburgh he took his stand again on re-deploying the troops. Murtha wants the troops deployed out of Iraq to a safe distance and become a quick-reactive force, if I was guessing probably Kuwait.
John has never backed down from his feelings about the war in Iraq and back in June when Karl Rove was touting the war, Murtha you might say chastised him well, since Karl was pushing the stay the course issue from his office in America and not with the troops and I commend Murtha for doing so, it is easy to sit in America and talk about something so far away as Iraq because you are not the one getting shot at over there. Murtha's response to Rove was clear and to the point, "sitting in his air-conditioned office on his big, fat backside."
I wish Murtha all the luck in the world; Give'em hell devil dog.

Democrats move to restore agency

Posted: 11/12/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

I saw an article in the New York Times today that said the Democrats would try and move legislation next week to restore the power of a federal agency in charge of searching out waste and corruption in Iraq, the bill is likely to be introduced Monday.
This move would nullify a Republican provision 'SLIPPED' into a huge military authorization bill, which set a termination date for the agency. In other words and in layman's terms, the Republicans put this provision in another bill that was sure to pass, and as proved many times they are very good at doing tactics like this. What does this mean? Well, the simple of it is this, they (G.O.P) did not want the public to find out how much waste, financial fraud and corruption in contracts was going on in Iraq.
I heard about this myself first on CNN from Jack Cafferty and it peaked my interest so to speak, and am glad to read it here and most of all glad that the Democrats are moving to restore it, pretty slick of the G.O.P to slip it into a military authorization bill which they were sure to have known it to pass, this is but one of the tactics that has been going on. “There have been serious allegations and evidence of misconduct among suppliers,” Mr. Levin said. “And the taxpayers, of course, get socked on that. And the troops are not properly taken care of when that happens.”

Let's look at another little slipping instant back earlier in the year, this one concerning the man who wants to be President in 2008 and the speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, in case the drug companies happens to accidentally kill you or a family member, you have no recourse even if they are negligent in doing so. This provision was 'SLIPPED' into another Defense Appropriations Bill, the legislation was worth billions of dollars to a small group of drug makers,
meetings took place supposedly behind closed doors between a trade group for the vaccine makers and Frist and staff and the White house, the language was exactly what the vaccine manufacturers had asked for in e-mails and meetings.

Here is another little thing 'SLIPPED' into a homeland security bill back in 2002, this one by Dick Armey, but this reeks of Frist all the way to me, here is an excerpt; Drug giant Eli Lilly and Company makes thimerosal. It's the mercury in the preservative that many parents say causes autism in thousands of children – like Mary Kate Kilpatrick. This little thing they slipped into this bill blocks lawsuits on a controversial vaccine preservative, in other words; this preservative that is being used, if it hurts or happens to kill your kid, you can't sue them. And they know that the preservative has problems to begin with, in other words it has Mercury in it and we would not want to give our kid mercury, would we.

Remember those who served

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On this Veteran's Day we find ourselves still embroiled in the conflict of Iraq and our troops still in harm's way, we today pray for them and their families and wish them safe on this day and always.It seems by watching the news that has been happening around us we see those more interested in promoting self interest than searching for a real solution that would begin to draw down our troops and move forward to see them eventually back on American soil.America spoke loudly on their belief on the war and now it is up to our higher ups to act on that very loud voice and make no mistake America is watching to see if her voice will be heard, and adjust the vote accordingly. In the last few days we have heard partnership and bipartisan talks and a lot of things are out there, to move forward on a plan that will work.We have also seen that the sectarian violence is deteriorating Iraq to a degree that is more severe than even we could have imagined, and America came through with the vote and simply said this is not working, let us try a new approach, let us get some new ideas and thinkers together and put everyone together with different issues common ground should and could be reached.
But we should also have a mind-set to change and be able to adapt to change if something is not working, but without that type of thinking there will be no change.This is a day we remember all our veteran's of our nation and their great sacrifice to our cause and our freedom, those and those before them help shape this country and made it what it is today, always on duty and always awaiting the call, they leave family and friends to answer the call of this nation and children who pray and hope day and night that their father or mother be returned to them safe and without harm. And we as Americans not one group and not one belief but with one voice, come home soon and stay safe, and thank all veteran's for their belief and commitment to liberty and freedom.
Graphic by; Dark-Wraith

Same thing again

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President Bush once again nominated John R. Bolton, to which he himself ended up appointing because an agreement could not be reached even in the Republican controlled Senate. Richard Lugar scheduled hearings in April 2005, however, 59 former American diplomats sent Lugar a letter urging the Senate to reject him.
"Mr. Bolton did not win the support of a majority of members of the Foreign Relations Committee, and the Senate refused to make a final decision on this nomination pending review of documents that the Administration declined to provide in blatant disregard for the Senate's constitutional rights and responsibilities."

Some statements Bolton has said;

At a 1994 panel discussion sponsored by the World Federalist Association Bolton stated "There is no such thing as the United Nations". He added that "if the U.N. secretary building in New York lost 10 stories, it wouldn't make a bit of difference."

"...treaties are law only for U.S. domestic purposes. In their international operation, treaties are simply political obligations". John Bolton, Wall Street Journal November 17, 1997.

Bolton suggested that "A sounder US policy [towards North Korea] would start by making it clear to the North that we are indifferent to whether we ever have 'normal' diplomatic relations with it, and that achieving that goal is entirely in their interests, not ours."

From an article in the New York Times, you read, that clashes may be in the making on not getting warrants for wiretapping, and confirmation of John Bolton to the U.N., which has already failed to win confirmation when the Republicans were in power.

A glimmer of hope emerges through Harry Ried's suggestion of a bipartisan conference on Iraq, with Mr. Bush, and Mr. Bush said it was interesting, I am confidant in the Iraq change in strategy for the number one reason we all want it and we have spoken. And as long as Democrats are attempting to try and move Bush forward within their power, it looks like the pressure is on the other side to comply and try to come to a bipartisan solution.
The President put bipartisanship on the back burner and urged the lame-duck session which begins next week to push Bolton through and to vote on the NSA wiretapping program, which I would assume is his top priorities at this time.

Needing Compromise

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Remember Sen. Lincoln Chafee the R.I Senator? Well in a news conference he says he may be leaving the Republican party and also claims that he has got up and alone trying to make a point to some of the G.O.P to move more toward the center and that the party had moved to far to the right, he goes on to say he mostly stayed with the party to help bring some dollars to his state.

Read the second page of this article where Dean decided to nationalize the election, just like I said Dean ran his party toward the center, while Rove took the right, it does not end there though all day today on CNN and other news outlets you had constituents calling themselves conservatives moving again, far right, I still don't think they got it. I think Dean deserves to be called the guru now, I mean Rove held the title a long time until the 'thumping' so now it might be time to pass the torch.

What about the control of the Senate, I love this little quote;

Section 3, Clause 4: Vice President as presiding official

The Vice President of the United States shall be President of the Senate, but shall have no vote, unless they be equally divided.

Section Three provides that the Vice President is to serve as President of the Senate. The Vice President has no vote unless the Senate is equally divided.

These past few days it seems that everyone wants to work together, but really it is to soon to tell if this will be taking place, another quote on the Iraqi deaths came out and put the figure at 150,000 by the health minister and re-enforced his belief that the American troops need to leave. Some agreement will have to be reached between 'stay the course' and 'get the hell out of there now' Americans have shown in staggering numbers they are tired of this war and if the President can't see this, America will speak again in 2008.

The Message

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The message sent to the administration and to the ones in powers of both houses is a rather simple one to define, simply put, the people are in power in this great democracy and that is why our government has worked since our founding fathers put forth our great guidelines in 1776. When our elected officials control both Houses we see that eventually corruption and greed take hold and we as Americans of course show them the door, one strong message that came out of this is that our leaders are not above its people and the message was reiterated with the vote.The consensus seems to be working with partnership and President Bush himself in his press conference reiterated this in the same and this is what America needs a balance of power and both seem to be wanting partnership government and trying to get things done, but we all know what a hard head the G.O.P has had toward comprise on any policy and all the olive branch passing just could be posturing. Mr. Rumsfeld of course so called quote unquote, resigned, and only a few days ago he was doing a tremendous job. Whether we move in the right direction or not remains to be seen, a lot of the radical right blogs are calling us out of the game before we have even gotten our feet in the water.

So we can say they (the G.O.P) got trounced because of arrogance of power and that played a role in this election I believe, so now you have Americans who are saying in the back of their minds; Who do they think they are? See how many messages we have on the board now. Howard Dean no matter what people think about him ran a campaign in all of the states and it paid off, Howard's team ran toward the center while Rove headed toward the right. Read the above article how Dick Cheney spoke;" Accepting the need for change is different from actually doing it. The US vice-president, Dick Cheney, insists there will be no shift in Iraq strategy whatever voters think. "You cannot make national security policy on the basis of that [the election results]," he said this week. "It [Iraq] may not be popular with the public. It doesn't matter, in the sense that we have to continue the mission." How can anyone even try to work in a bipartisan atmosphere under these kinds of statements?

And lets not forget how the G.O.P warned us and tried to use the fear element and using the media as a tool painting Nancy Pelosi as a left wing nut, well she sure did not sound this way in her interviews with the media and now some of the blogs out there are attacking her yet, without giving the woman a chance, lets give her chance just because she is a woman and the first woman to hold this office, does not mean she can not handle it, you can then criticize after you see what is happening I mean some of the big blogs out there that have constantly held up this war that have never had Iraqi sand in their shoes, all of the blood-letting in Iraq have weighed heavy on all Americans, basically we are sick of this war, this is another big message sent to our dear leader the President in his meeting today even laughed about the drapes in Pelosi's new office I could also tell he was not impressed with Rove, which by this time knew he had led him in the wrong direction. And if the president does follow Cheney's radicalism nothing will be accomplished and he will be remembered for the war in Iraq, or on the other end of the spectrum he could be remembered as a President who worked with change and can accept that sometimes mistakes are made but we must learn to work through them and sometimes we must compromise a little to keep moving forward, America has sent out their message, however, it is up to the President if he receives it.

America Has Spoken

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Goodbye to all the campaign ads, it is over, America has chosen the new Senate and House the way it is going the G.O.P will have the Senate and the Democrats will control the House. So now what? Well if they don't work together probably nothing, but if they get politics aside now and work together to try and solve issues on both sides it would be good, I know I am reaching high on making this statement but we can dream can't we.

Another landmark was reached in America and that is for the first time a woman will be speaker of the House, she is left on the spectrum but if we look at this rationally Hastert was on the extreme right and they (the G.O.P) should have ousted Hastert when he was embroiled around the Mark Foley scandal, and coming out a few days ago in support of Donald Rumsfeld only made some of the moderate conservatives think even more concerning their vote. Webb of Virginia at this time is holding a 1 percentage point margin and this one surprised me I thought Webb had this one in the bag, a veteran plus he has a son in Iraq, plus he worked as Ronald Reagan's Navy secretary, this is really a nail biter.

Another thing learned is that the voting system needs to be looked at more closely, this is saying that just because my candidates have a majority in the house does not change my position on the e-voting in this country, it needs over-hauled. I saw Allen in Virginia making a speech to his supporters about the counting of the vote later on tomorrow, and some of these elections might have to be recounted and you can't blame them if it is that close, Missouri, Montana and Virginia are still up in the air, very close in these elections and very polarized nation. The Virginia election could be going on for weeks, Missouri is another nail biter, this is one we won't soon forget.

The problems concerning the e-voting machines happened in Indiana, Ohio, Colorado, parts of Virginia and Chicago, these are the ones I know of and it makes a clear statement unto itself and that is, these machines are subject to run or not run on any given day and the individuals who are in charge of these machines have not been trained in their operation, so whether the party I support takes power or not as I said before it does not change my position on this issue. The one glitch that happened in Colorado from what I heard on CNN the judge did not grant the polls to remain open longer due to the glitch, however a judge in Cleveland allowed the polls to remain open until 10 P.M. Because of the e-voting system error's.


I over spoke concerning the Senate, here is how it is on 8th Nov 2006, Claire McCaskill (D) has won Missouri, Montana & Virginia are close and really I say we look at Montana the Democrat Jon Tester is leading, in Virginia Jim Webb is leading by over 8,000 votes and in any recount or not, I don't believe Allen can pick up this many votes, look at the last recount in Virginia where the leader led by about three hundred votes and after the recount he led by 327 votes. This is nowhere close to Webb's margin over Allen, and if Tester holds on in Montana then the Democrats control the Senate.


New York Times
Indianapolis Star
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Election Eve

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Well people this is it tomorrow is election day and many of you are tired of seeing all the ads on television, and all the negativity surrounding this election. Most analysts have described this as defined by the Iraq War, and it is on the minds of every voter out there. I believe the Iraq War has set the mood of this election, but there are other things such as the balance of power in Washington and the currant majority forgetting the plight of the average American.
Run away government and spending is at an all time high yet some conservatives in tight races fall back on the issue of smaller government and reigning in the budget, the party of smaller government has become the party of big spenders, and just think this article is nearly three years old, the party has started catering to activists when they should be more in tune of governing all of America, because America is a diverse nation not built around one sect or one particular belief but America must be governed as a whole rather than a portion.
So all there is now left to do is vote tomorrow, no more ads on television after that, we know that the voting system is in dire need of repair in this country, a lot of bloggers have posts on the discrepancies in the system on their blogs I might have a couple or so on this blog, but we must vote because this is the only system we have, and if you read a lot of these blogs posting about the voting systems namely Diebold and Smartmatic you will come to a conclusion that the system basically needs over-hauled and America should run its own elections, the radical right should be very concerned about Smartmatic, you can read a story I posted on this blog about them. So why should they be concerned? Well one name Hugo Chavez, the software in Smartmatic comes from his country and technicians have even been flown in from there to help us work out some bugs that were associated with these machines.
Of course Smartmatic says it is not associated with anyone in the Chavez government, but at any rate it makes a skeptic of me, as big of a nation as we are then we should be able to manufacture our own voting machines and software, but it goes beyond that, procedures should be put in place at all levels of making the software to installing it and it should be tamper proof, you would think with our technology and perseverance we should be able to get the job done. At any rate get out there and vote tomorrow, and before we vote again make your voices and concerns heard, because in reality, our voting system deserves a good hard look.


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Ted Haggard confessed to his followers today that he is guilty of sexual immorality in a letter that was read to the church by another clergyman, he apologized and asked for forgiveness. The man has deceived his congregation but I commend him on his honesty, what makes this bad is that Haggard was condemning the very acts he was engaged in.
Haggard in his letter accepted full responsibility for his actions, Haggard attempts to demoralize what he has done and refers to the acts he committed as dark and repulsive, in this assumption he feels like it was just something evil that over-powered him.
Scandals have hit the church before the Catholic Church in particular, Foley now claims that a clergy within the church while he was an alter boy molested him and Foley would see justifying himself for what he done, what Foley is saying is this; I was molested as a boy and this has since caused by behavior now.
Haggard on the other hand accepted responsibility but not fully, in Haggard's confession he came to the conclusion in this statement; There's a part of my life that is so repulsive and dark that I have been warring against it for all of my adult life,"
What Haggard is saying is this; The devil made me do it.
The people who do attend church I commend you for this, I myself need to go more often. The verse in the Bible that reads like this; If the blind lead the blind, shall they not both fall in the ditch? Now don't get me wrong everyone is not blind, but people attending church should be following God and not man.
Ted Haggard had thousands of followers in his congregation and yet every Sunday he had to get up and deliver a sermon knowing he was unfaithful and knowing he was committing sin and yet he continued on, and if not for his lover things might have never been brought to light, Haggard said he was sorry and asked forgiveness because his past actions caught up with him and that would be the only reason he did so.

Breaking ranks

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The political battle rages still as the G.O.P struggles to hang onto power and maintain the status quo of cutting the rich oil companies big breaks, the thought of their losing this battle to continue their big government approach and run away spending. The thought of a loss of power just seems so odd to them and the American people are starting to hold them accountable for their actions, I mean someone has to be and they happen to be the one's who are in power, but if we really look at the situation the American people are in power and when you get enough of the people upset the votes start to add up and rhetoric means nothing.
The Army Times is scheduled to run a blistering editorial calling for the ousting of Donald Rumsfeld who just recently was buoyed up by the President who asserted his intention of keeping Rumsfeld and Cheney in their currant positions during the last years of his presidency. Here is an excerpt of the article;
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has lost credibility with the uniformed leadership, with the troops, with Congress and with the public at large.
In the move to keep Rumsfeld and Cheney, the President said that he valued Cheney's advice and judgement and that both of them were doing fantastic jobs, it seems that both Republicans and Democrats alike have called for firing Rumsfeld and this is bringing much disagreement in the ranks and even back in 2004 Rumsfeld was under attack by McCain saying he had no confidence in him and also was echoed by retired Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, so this is nothing new and now the G.O.P is trying to talk about gay marriage and abortion and anything they can other than the Iraq War depreciating into chaos. The Iraq War has now topped the length of World War-2, we can not withdraw immediately but we have to have some plan in tact where we have some kind of exit strategy.
I think Americans have come to grips on the scare tactics used by the G.O.P using the taxing of Americans and run away spending, the G.O.P has hastily forgotten the big tax breaks given to the big drug companies and oil companies, while we foot the bill, but if I done that I probably would be saying the same thing to stay in power, using fear and lies to win over the middle-class and poor classes of America. What used to be closed ranks on the G.O.P is starting to widen due to Rumsfeld and Cheney is not helping either, the old school of conservatism is starting to say; wait a minute this was not we wanted? In 1981 it was said very well this way;

In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. From time to time we've been tempted to believe that society has become too complex to be managed by self-rule, that government by an elite group is superior to government for, by, and of the people. Well, if no one among us is capable of governing himself, then who among us has the capacity to govern someone else? All of us together, in and out of government, must bear the burden. The solutions we seek must be equitable, with no one group singled out to pay a higher price.

Full Meltdown

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Amid the recent fall-out of the leader of the NAE Ted Haggard, we are constantly being in a spin of what is going on with the religious right? The Washington Post came out with a somewhat informative initiative on the subject and I happened to see the name Dobson associated with the article and knew that the previous post concerning him about the Sponge Bob Square pants having homosexual overtones.
Now he seems wrapped up in a controversy with Republican former Congressman Dick Armey, from Texas. Armey seems to have struck a nerve due to his comments last Sunday in the Post, and basically Armey's argument is Republicans have left their value roots. Armey went as far as to call them thugs and basically blamed Dobson of splitting the conservative right.
Now they have came out and fought back against the Armey comments, but is that the true feelings of their would be members? Even back in 2005 we can read about a break in the ranks you might say.
Some of the religious right are made up of Christians who look very lowly on the issues concerning scandals and scandals that have run amok have a lot of evangelicals breaking ranks with the party of big government and big spending and lately we have learned that the RNC has even excepted money from a porno distributor and this goes contrary to their way of living a Christian life and the scandals themselves are starting to stack up, now some will vote on the issues of abortion, you can not pick a candidate based on one issue, I don't do this much but on what Armey said in this article from the Washington Post is fact and therein lies the criticism because they associate the far right with their beliefs, they then come to the conclusion that they must be able to govern better. But in my blog searching (I won't list them) I have found some criticism out there from the religious right toward the way the country is going, right now I don't know the full scope, if any, this will play in November, but I do know that come November the religious right could make a bigger statement concerning the direction we are going, a lot more than I thought they would a month earlier.

Falling from Grace

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A leader of 30 million-member National Association of Evangelicals, who has been very vocal concerning same sex marriage has stepped down from his post today. This coming on the heels of being accused of paying for sex with a man over the past 3 years. Haggard who has a 14,000 member New Life Church stepped aside by saying he could not continue under the cloud of these accusations. An article put out in 2005 has Ted listed and saying that apparently he talks to the President or his advisers regularly. You will find Ted down next to another Colorado Springs based James Dobson founder and chair of focus on the family, who had been caught up in, the believe this or not, SpongeBob SquarePants controversy, apparently has homosexual overtones.
Mr. Dobson has been in the news before on the reaction of the Miers withdrawal in 2005, apparently Rove told him about Miers views on abortion and Haggard simply said the system worked.
I don't know how long these links will be available but apparently Haggard has even lent advice to Arlen Specter, and Tony Blair, he even traveled to Israel to talk with Prime Minister Sharon. He did break with the Church on the 2003 decision of the Supreme Court which struck down Texas anti-sodomy law. Ted was quoted as saying;

"I believe the church has to teach against immorality, but I don't believe it's the role of the state to spend money to find out what consenting adults do in their bedrooms and then haul them off to jail," Haggard said.
The NAE views homosexuals about the same as all of the religious groups tend to believe it to be, kind of makes one wonder about ole Ted. Whether or not this happened as the claim has been made, it brings us more into focus on the evangelicals and this one has got my attention due to the fact of it being a high profile figure and to put in perspective a leader of the the church itself who now has come under the gun. Let us look at the NAE view on homosexuals in the military, in 1994 they requested that President Clinton withdraw his initiative to lift the currant ban at that time of homosexuals in the military.
So now that you have a clear perspective of their published beliefs on homosexuality, it is rather mind boggling to know that the leader while assessing all of these beliefs that in private was living a different life and I wonder still if the main-stream media will pick up on this or sweep it under a rug? Haggard was a father of five and a graduate of the Oral Roberts University in 1978.

The Earth politics

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I got an idea to do this article on an e-mail from Earth Justice, it concerns the Army Corps of engineers rubber-stamping destructive processes while waiving environmental review. If you care about the environment I would urge you to at least take a look at the petition over at earth justice and sign it, if you feel to.
I did a little detective work and came across an article that might put this in perspective, here is the link to the article and here also is an excerpt from the article;

Since January 2003, the EPA and Corps have been following a Bush administration policy directive that jeopardizes Clean Water Act protections by telling agency staff to stop protecting many streams, wetlands, lakes, and other waters unless they first get permission from Washington, D.C. officials.
This excerpt should explain a lot of things and knowing that over the recent years we have seen laws go slack on the big conglomerates and our environment continues to take hits on all of these issues, and one need only take a trip to eastern Kentucky to see the devastation left with surface mining going on here at a rapid clip.
What does the Army Corps of Engineers do?
The mission of the Corps of Engineers Regulatory Program is to protect the aquatic resources of the US, while allowing reasonable development through fair, flexible and balanced permit decisions. The Corps evaluates permit applications for essentially all construction activities that occur in the Nations waters, including wetlands. Corps permits are also necessary for any work, including construction and dredging, in the Nations navigable waters.
In Salina Kansas a consultant hired by the city has found flaws in a Corps' study, in retrospect said that it would take approximately 75 years for contamination referred to as the "Northern Plume" to reach city wells, the consultants results vary considerably at 8 years, which in effect is not even close to the Corps' study. This post is a little different from those you have been reading on this blog but I feel that this is just another failed policy that is in serious need of a different approach and some fresh ideas, the candidates vying for office need to address all these and establish a connection with the voters of this country and point out the many great differences in their policy agenda verses the status quo.