Under this Congress

Posted: 10/05/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Under this Congress if you are rich you should be happy with all the pork and government tax cuts coming your way, it is a good day to be rich in America. However if you are middle-class or on the poor end of the scale you are so we say in the squeeze of this power grabbing and money hungry Congress a Congress that has done well, not much of anything except cut into programs for the disabled and elderly of this country. In this one article that is in CNN we really don't have to read it the truth is looking us in the face every payday.
This article concerning the middle-class of this country is putting out some information on shall we say are we better off then we were? If you are then I am glad that someone is, another interesting thing in this article reminds us that gas is lower than the peak of August but 60% higher than January of 2001. The stock market is booming that is for sure but is that helping the back-bone of America, mainly the working families who are finding it harder and more difficult to make the Friday check eek out to the next week.
The rubber-stamp congress has turned into a do all for the wealthy of this country and the tax cuts they impose shows it, every program for Medicare or Medicaid is at risk and anything and everything is stuck into some of these bills in Congress, for example; Mr. Bill Frist of Tennessee, stuck in something on the Port Security Bill, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act was attached to this bill by Frist, incredible isn't it. The middle-class can not withstand much more of the corporate welfare for big oil and the rubber stamp.
Mitch McConnell of Kentucky in the league of one of the biggest rubber-stampers out there and one of the biggest friends of the wealthy has had his time in the lime-light, has looked like he voted against giving our troops funding, mainly 47 more billion, but greed won out and Mr. McConnell had to vote with his wallet. This capital gains and dividends is nothing but more corporate welfare, the link above shows just how much Mr. McConnell and the other cronies feel about our troops in the field. And another comment if I may,,I have read a lot of stories being put out by the congress now in charge and that is this; It has been said that Democrats can't be trusted to run congress but the pure fact is this the Republicans have run Congress alright they have run it to the dogs, the first time they ever had a real clear majority and this is what we get. The message my friends is this, they have had their time in the sun and we the middle-class and the working backbone of America is tired of getting burned.


  1. Jim says:

    I can't believe Frist's latest. After a visit to Afghanistan, he has asked for a coalition or at least cooperation with the Taliban !

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey Jim nice to hear from you again, yep Frist is one of my favorites to blog about because he is so easy to read.

    I mean about everything he ever does is go against the middle-class, this latest scandal they are on the ropes they insist on keeping Hastert and that will haunt them.

    Between Frist of Tennessee and McConnell of Kentucky, it is hard to say who would get the K-Y Jelly to use on us first? McConnell voted against the troops getting about 40 billion because he did not want to upset his big money men (concerning capital gains)
    And with Frist slipping in everything he can on bills being voted on is about the same category as McConnell.

  1. would like to see them fuckers live on what i do a month...$719....and $41 in food stamps..bastids..

  1. Floyd says:

    Believe me yellowdog granny I understand the frustration, but these folks in there now will cut into every program under the sun to be able to give corperate welfare to the rich.

    Just check out those so called tax cuts to folks making about 40 grand got about 38 bucks and the folks making 250 grand got about 1200 bucks, that gives an insight to see what these dead beats have done for us.