Time to change course

Posted: 10/16/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

The war is also translating to politics here at home as it moves in toward the top of the list on American minds, the debate in Minnesota hinged on the war and from the poll it seems that the Democrat has an edge of 55% vs 34% margin. The G.O.P has basically wrote off some of these elections and is concentrating its efforts in states that it 'might' have a chance of winning. The Republicans do seem to be sticking to support of their candidates, and trying to hold together the base of the party. Hanging on to Hastert probably was not a good idea for them and the new book that has came out lately entitled 'Tempting Faith' is not helping either, it is talking basically about the elite strategists of the party and their feeling toward the evangelicals.
So the new strategy is to poor the endless supply of big corporate money into states that they have a chance of winning, maybe it will pay off? But this comes down to more than money, it comes down to if we continue on or if we change the course, do we keep the rubber-stampers in the pockets of corporate greed, or do we change?
Maybe if the current Congress who has a Republican majority would have concentrated more on tax cuts for the middle-class and less on giving all the money to the wealthy 2% in this country, they just might have done a little better while asking us for our vote, as it stands now the rubber-stamp could be confiscated from the halls of the Senate and Congress. Maybe a good lame duck is what Washington needs to bring some of this unbridled spending back in check and lesson the burden of the middle-class to pick up the tab for every mistake made.
I guess this election is going to be decided if we want to continue down the road we are on, or get on another direction, and we will ask ourselves if everything will work itself out or will we change and try to get a handle on this reckless spending and a course in Iraq that at this time seems not to be working.