Tabloid 'rag mag'

Posted: 10/21/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Found this over at BuzzFlash and it would seem that the tabloid's are really smokin, of course you know it is just a mag rag, the latest is on the cover of the National Examiner it is the week of the 23rd edition.
BuzzFlash also has a kind of new service out that works a little like digg, and it is called BuzzFlashbuzz and it is where the people actually vote on the stories submitted to migrate them to the front page. These sites work really well if they have a wide audience base to submit a variety of articles and it gives us a chance to kind of play reporter for a while, hey guys enjoy your day and I know a lot of you ladies out there buy these kinds of magazines you can't deny it.


  1. i admit it...i used to be addicted to buying "rag mags", but now with all the free celebrity gossip available from blogs alone, I can spend the money i save on shoes! :)

  1. Floyd says:

    LOL, I heard that, I like the thumbnail of the sandal, mom collects quite a few of those. Thanks for stopping by and for the comment, stop by anytime.