'Stay the course'

Posted: 10/16/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Bush depending on another Republican controlled House and Senate, ensured the Iraqi prime minister not to pay attention to rumors and that he has no intention of bringing American troops out of Iraq. This has always been the position of the administration and it don't seem to be changing anytime soon, back in August a Republican Senator Hagel stated that "we are getting more bogged down in Iraq." Hagel mentioned the billion dollars a week being pumped into the war in Iraq, basically said the longer we stay the worse it will get and Mr. Hagel was right, you don't hear me agreeing with to much of the 'right' on anything but Hagel said this back in August and not a few weeks before the election.
The other B.S you hear ongoing from time to time is nothing more than politics and folks trying to hold onto their jobs, like drones, they hear no evil, speak no evil and do no evil. These are the spineless ones afraid to stand up and question something that is plainly not working, blindly signing anything put before them. The Iraqi violence has been increasing steadily this past year and is not letting up, but we continue to be stuck in stay the course mode, fifty some odd troops have died so far in this month alone and the Iraqi on Iraqi violence has increased about twofold or as the main-stream media refers to it as sectarian violence.
In a poll taken by CNN of support for the war approx. 34% approve while 64% disapprove, but long ago they have said that polls mean nothing, in other words, it really don't matter what we think the elite blindly trudge on. As Cocky as all this seems it might be stating that we have not the heart to go vote in November to make a change, not voting would be the worse thing we could do it is high time we send a clear message and that message is a vote.