South Dakota, abortion ban?

Posted: 10/15/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

South Dakota is getting poised for a vote to virtually ban all abortions, and people on both sides are coming out to voice their opinion on the matter. Since I am Male and not Female it does not seem right to even voice an opinion on the matter 'yea or nae' and yet that is what is happening in South Dakota right now, since the radical shift to the 'right' of the Supreme Court, this has been taking place in many states around the country. Well in my proposal and I think it would work just grand in the abortion issue, let's just let the women vote on the issue. It should not be that hard to call a special election in which state this is becoming an issue and vote.
This is the state getting into the business of what women should or should not do with their own body, I think on the other hand women are capable of handling what they and their body wants to do just fine and in almost every instance these extremists look around and find women that have regrets after they have went through with the abortion, and now they believe they have some kind of right or obligation to enforce their beliefs on others. What is going to take place is some states will allow abortion while others will not, you may say well, what if they ban it everywhere, does this sound rational? If they banned it everywhere then the women that would opt for an abortion would get it done under unsanitary conditions, does this seem logical? The law passed some 30 odd years ago took women out of the dark ages and gave them a choice, it in other words is an option given to them to exercise if they feel fit and these past few years the Supreme Court has been stacked up against women, that is basically what it comes down to.
I am in no way saying that abortion is right or ethical it is simply the choice the woman makes on her own behalf, and after they get abortion off the table as an issue will we then be talking about banning birth control medication and other things we might not exactly agree with? It has been about 30 some odd years since abortion was made legal, in February of this year Kentucky jumped on the bandwagon of the ban abortion train.
In this debate you would also run into cases where a woman's life could be in danger if we are going to encroach on women's rights then we should adopt some kind of guidelines to go by, like in cases concerning rape or incest, that leads me back to where I started lets let women decide on what they want to do and from there if they make it illegal then fine and if they don't that would also be fine, I guess I am pro-freedom and believe a woman is far intelligent enough to make her own decisions, and I am not ashamed to say I have met quite a few with far more intelligence than I have or ever hope to have. I will link you to this poll to show that most agree on keeping at least some of the women's rights, it seems that most of us Americans think we might let you have an abortion under,,hmm,,certain terms.


  1. Hi Floyd, listen to this when you have the time and give me your input.

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  1. Floyd says:

    Hey babsbitchin thanks for stopping by my blog, this post you directed me to is talking about using abortion as really birth control, and I don't believe in this personally.
    Let me tell you what I believe; I was raised Baptist & Pentecostal, I do not believe in abortion period and that of course is my opinion on a personal level. However, freedom runs deep in my blood and that is why I always preach that women have to search themselves out in their own being, it is hard to judge some one if I have never been in their shoes. When you get on abortion you see a lot of males out there who think it is their business to say what should be done,as far as my personal belief you see in my upbringing that I believe it is wrong, but I can't force this on everyone else. If abortion was taken out of America only women will suffer for it, there may be many times that the mother's life may be in danger and if abortion was illegal a doctor could be sued or prosecuted for doing it.
    One case I know of has happened in my family, well two, my step-daughter had one to, but my aunt and this was back in the day I believe mom said the late 30's, anyway, it was a life or death situation and had to be done, the woman herself was Pentecostal, my step-daughter on the other hand got involved with someone and had it done, my wife got very upset with her and it destroyed most of their relationship, my wife passed away in 1996 but this really drove a wedge between her and her daughter.
    So it can destroy people's lives if their conviction is strong enough, I tried myself to in-put into the situation but my wife just could not see into it.
    We would not want a woman to die just because a doctor would be afraid of being prosecuted, and that brings me back to this; A woman must search and decide for herself and it would depend on the circumstances at the time, see when we get into these issues there are lot's of things to consider.

  1. Oh, I feel the same way. I am not about taking abortion away. I am about making people aware that it is not an option as in, don't behave as if you have something to fall back on. Never should it be used for that intent and purpose. The woman who's been raped should take the morning after pill. Too many people think it's their little ace in the hole and it shouldn't be.

  1. Floyd says:

    I tell you Babs, you believe about like I do. Women should have choices in this world and not be put back in the dark ages.
    If a woman wants to do this she should not be prosecuted for it, I am pro freedom in America and I don't believe in making laws that do simply more harm than good, we have enough of those now.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Freedom is nothing more than a widely accepted presumption of innocence. A presumption of innocence can be maintained only insofar as it is merited. It doesn't just exist out in the ether. When we allow each other to treat each other like pigs eventually you're going to be living in a pig sty whether or not you personally believe in being a pig. We seek to ban abortion because we recognize that freedom has a cost and that cost, at the very least, is not fouling our nest.

    We have every right to expect ourselves to create a society where we can expect those around us to control their base instincts and maintain consequences in law for not doing so.

    If a woman needs an abortion there will always be ways to get one. It's the world's second oldest profession. But neither I nor any person worthy of an ounce of respect should be expected to live in a culture that has shaped itself around giving free license to man's most base instincts. That's not freedom. It's slavery. We have absolutely destroyed our presumption of innocence. We are a culture of death. We deal in death globally and locally.

    God bless South Dakota for its last-ditch effort at redemption. I pray there are enough people there who will stand tall and do the right thing. I will probably move to a state that bans abortions if they are ultimately allowed. As a real freedom lover I long to taste that sweet nectar. A nectar I have since birth been deprived of and about which you and "babs" seem to have no clue. Those who are most enslaved are those who think themselves free.

  1. Floyd says:

    Well at first I thought you were talking about freedom? Taking away women's rights does not sound to much like freedom to me?
    I do not think that the almighty has made us judges to judge what other people should do, have we never read the verse in the Holy Bible that says,let everyone work out their'own' salvation?

    I agree as I have said many times an abortion one way or the other will be done, it just seems logical to me that a clinic might be a more safer option.

    So by allowing an abortion, we condone slavery? Don't hate the liberal left because they want rights for women, but like I said before I am a male, what is it any of my business? But yet so many males make it their business, so I am giving my opinion on it, but I don't think males should vote on it, but then again you have so many strong women out there it would probably lose.

    I am not apposed to banning abortions because I don't want some woman who may have been raped or is on the verge of death to go to some back alley or have to drive 500 miles to get one.

    Abortion rights was put in place to give women a choice, not to make women have abortions, it is simply there and I sound redundant because I say over and over again it is a woman's choice to do whatever she wishes with her body, but simply put that is my belief.

    You present a thesis of a culture of death globally and locally, that is no reason to take away a woman's right to choose? Women did not create the war, neither are they responsible for it.

    You mentioned Babs now I am not going to speak for Babs you will have to tell her what you think, I can only speak for myself and that is a woman should have a right to choose what she should or should not do with her own body, you can't embrace freedom and condone the taking away of choice for women.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Abortion has little to do with women and everything to do with culture.

    We have allowed our government to enable our basest instincts. THAT IS NOT FREEDOM. THAT IS SLAVERY.

    You might as well say that you have no right to say what a thief does with their body or an arsonist does with theirs. The reason you embrace control of the thief and the arsonist is because they might interfere with your personal power. Not so the abortionist. You enjoy the fruits of the abortionist. You love the moral decay he creates because it makes you feel superior. You enjoy seeing the suffering resulting from the cancer of bad choices you have enabled. And you justify it by calling it "freedom".

    Freedom is a presumption and it is a presumption that is constantly changing and being redefined. You think this presumption is changing for the better when fewer people are telling others what they can do. But there are still the same amount of people telling others what they can do, they're just telling them the wrong thing.

    For the purposes of government intervention, the tragedy of abortion isn't the dead child, a child that perhaps would have died through an illegal abortion anyway. The tragedy is the innocence we are destroying with all the lies that legalized abortion tell and the destruction it leaves in its path. Increased divorce, increased out of wedlock birth, meaningless sex, destroyed homes, chaos, violence. So a woman can chose. It's disgusting, it's wrong and we will pay for it. Look around you. We are paying for it. A total loss of innocence. The loss of the most precious presumption we might have held as a culture: the presumption of innocence. Freedom.

    No, you're not spreading freedom by defending a woman's right. You are spreading destruction. You're spreading a woman's right to grow up in a culture in which there are no real men, no real freedoms, no safety, no honor, no security and no hope.

    No, you're not telling anyone what they can do. You're just telling everyone that you don't give a crap and making sure they aren't allowed to.

  1. Floyd says:

    Abortion has everything to do with women's rights, it gives the woman a right to choose, what you are telling everyone is that you do not believe in abortion and you want to force that belief on others, and justifying it by hiding behind the word 'culture' so abortion is defined by culture? Abortion as you well should know came on the scene long before the 70's, it is just during these years it became within the spot-light of public debate. It is during these later years that clinics came on the scene, being made more sanitary and thereby helping women who choose to do one.

    I am supporting a culture where women can grow up and can choose their destiny, the world keeps changing it is not 1950 all the time. Women don't have to depend on men to do everything for them these days, they have careers and are more independent and are in control of their lives and are most capable I believe of making their own decisions for themselves.

    And going back to what was said earlier, if abortion were illegal and a doctor becomes scared to preform one (because by banning abortion he would be breaking the law) and a woman's life was in danger, basically what you are condoning is making that a woman drive 500 miles or so to save her life?

    What we have here are two different beliefs in abortion and you now claim a freedom issue, so in freedom don't I have a right to my own beliefs, or is that a word that you use more as convenience as long as it fits your ways of how society should interpret itself.

    However I do respect how others feel, everyone has different opinions on different matters, it is basically a difference of opinions, but I don't condemn you for your beliefs and neither will I question your definitions of freedom based on your beliefs, and that in itself makes America unique
    everyone can not believe the same.

    If you look at the poll numbers the country is basically split on the issue, but when a woman's life is being threatened that divide widens
    as well it should. Abortion will never be totally out of America, but by tearing down the clinics you are only hurting women.