Sectarian Violence in Iraq

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Back in February Iraq went to the polls to vote, however the Sunni's boycotted the election and in the Sunni strongholds most did not vote and the Shia parties won big. The U.S. state department touted the election as a positive accomplishment, however, the Sunni's didn't see it this way and things started going South and within a week or so one of the holy shrines of the Shiites was bombed and the Sunni political leaders said that 20 of their mosque's were bombed in retaliation, from these we can see how the violence has escalated to the degree we see today.
The sectarian violence continues to be a major problem within Iraq and a report I just found has a number of Iraqis killed as a result of the ongoing war, it is putting the deaths at a staggering 665,000. Of course the timing so close to the November elections has one expert to call it "politics" and are already out to debunk the study. The lead author of the study has said that deaths are occurring more than three times that before the invasion. The Iraq body count puts the total at 44 to 49 thousand, but, they are obtaining their information from the media and are quick to point out that the media could overlook a lot if not most of the deaths. most of the studies that have been done or are yet ongoing such as the Health Ministry and the United Nations rely heavily upon places such as the Baghdad morgue, and in the previous post we found out that some of the dead are not even being gotten out of the Tigris River, so this study would be skewed also.
Mutilated bodies that also show signs of torture are turning up in Baghdad as sectarian death squads roam the city, in recent months thousands have fell prey to the squads and the Shiite controlled interior ministry has been blamed for allowing the death squads to travel freely within the city. According to news reports the Sunni and Shiites have been in a blood-letting since the bombing of a Shiite Muslim shrine in February. Estimates by Iraqi officials and the United Nations says that about 100 Iraqis die every day, and remember also that this is an estimate by the officials and the United Nations and we have read that most of their information is taken from the Baghdad morgue, the number is probably much higher than this. The Australian has also put out that skeleton remains have been found in the Tigris River, some beheaded, this links also closely to the previous post 'the war zone' were a local said that there were so many bodies to get out that they just leave them.
Back in September Reuters put out an article stating that a quarter million Iraqis had fled sectarian violence and registered as refugees in the past seven months, I would venture to say that going into October that number has risen quite a lot. We can see from these tid-bits of news coming out of Iraq that sectarian violence has been steady on the increase and the tortured remains are bearing this out. The Los Angeles Times has put out a story concerning the violence and that in July the sectarian violence claimed 3,500 deaths (could be higher) the highest monthly toll since the invasion in 2003, that is a landmark in itself. A lot of the politicians have toyed with the assumption that Iraq is not in a civil war and the news media using the term 'sectarian violence' or violence between different sects of one religion, Civil War being parties within the same culture or society fighting for political control of an area. These terms of course defined loosely and whether or not they have chosen to define Iraq as being in a civil war, we see a sharper increase in violence among these sects.
CNN has put out an article that headlines; U.N. official: Iraq revenge killing 'out of control,' it also calls attention to the torture being found among the dead and it also points out the growing number of sectarian militias and death squads. The U.N. Assistance Mission said the civilians killed in Iraq in July and August were at 6,599, one official of the United Nations said that 'torture' may be more widespread now than it was under Saddam's regime. Here at home with our election nearing in November the politicians have been encouraged to talk about local issues instead of mentioning Iraq or any of the major issues and dance around the issue that Iraq could actually be in a civil war. Whether Iraq can be defined as being in civil war remains at this point debatable, but what can not be denied is the sharp rise of the sectarian violence in Iraq and the dead and mutilated bodies being found. Here also is an article I found from the editor of Islam for Today which wrote this article concerning the Sunni/Shia split in Islam.
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    Hey there yellowdog granny, I must say you know them well. It seems in Iraq you have a war within a war, plus the insurgency.