Scare tactics

Posted: 10/22/2006 by Floyd in Labels: ,

Just like in a good basketball game, uh, like Kentucky 'used' to be, full court press and that is what it is shaping up to be going into this election. In the Senate as lot of these 'do nothings' try to hold on to their seats we must remember as the article in the post points out, don't forget tricky Dick he can cast the tie-breaker vote.

The new Ad by the G.O.P is one featuring Bin Laden and bombs, heck it worked in 04 why not now. It has got some 'free' time on the media Fox and also CNN, heck if one thing don't work let's try to instruct fear in Joe Public and that is exactly what is going on here and friends they have come down to their last ace in the hole on this one, if you can't win on your record and what you have accomplished since you were in office, I don't see how inducing fear in the public can help any? But it did work before and besides they can't run on their record.
The other day when I first saw this, or the other morning rather, I said to myself; not back down this road again, but when cold hard reality set in I thought for a moment I was back in '04 but realized I was watching more scare tactics in '06.


  1. Jim says:

    This time around, I don't think bin Laden ads are going to work so well. Most people now see Bin Laden as a villain that Rumsfeld and Bush couldn't catch and wonder why in hell he is still around.

    Floyd, you would be amazed with Corker's new ad against Harold Ford. It features a blonde bimbo, among others,in what appears to be a parody of a negative ad. These guys are so desperate they make me LOL with glee.

  1. Floyd says:

    I heard about it but have never seen the ad, it looks like desperation is starting to set in, Corker got a lot of money from Mrs. Bush who did a fund raiser in Knoxville, I believe a little over a half mil. was raised there, that election is going to be close that is for sure, but if corker does get it, it would be another Frist Jr. taking over for Frist Sr.
    In other words nothing will be accomplished, the last thing we need is another 'rubber stamp.'