Scandal revisited

Posted: 10/01/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

I thought we were done with this Foley guy from Florida, I posted an article on the 29Th about him resigning due to his association with under-age boys. But now I read in the Times that a lot of key people knew of this in 2005, but they kept this a secret still allowing Foley to be head of a Congressional caucus on children's issues, Republican lawmakers said Saturday, I am at a loss for words on this one, guess who knew? John A. Boehner the Republican majority leader, Thomas M. Reynolds of New York who said he raised the issue with speaker, J. Dennis Hastert.
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When I first heard of this I assumed it was done with the matter, but really should have known or guessed of a further cover-up that would probably surface. Anyone of these people that knew if they have children or not they should be ashamed, but I don't think there is any shame left in this broken Congress. Both Republican and Democratic lawyers agreed the public and Congress deserved to know the full extent of Foley's actions, well, it looks like a lot of them are aware of what was going on here and did nothing and what makes this much worse as I said in the other post is this guy was around kids. Link to; Earlier Post

These Congressman knew this when they heard what he was doing, talk about dirty secrets this has got to be one of the worst concerning family values that the G.O.P is supposed to hold in such high regard, on Saturday night the Republican leadership issued a statement calling Foley's relationship with the page "unacceptable and abhorrent.” That is mighty powerful words coming from some who covered up these criminal acts, but these are the ones that eat their young when something goes wrong and a fall-out occurs, I hardly ever rant on this blog but this kind of stuff just rubs me the wrong way, and let us also remember Jack Abramoff they tore the guy up like ravenous dogs but guess what? After the heat died down they were sticking it to us again.

Poor 'ole Foley' he was so great in their eyes they covered up for him since 2005 and now they want to hang the ole feller, oh Mr. Delay he was such a bad mean guy but before the news broke he was just one of the good 'ole boys' just a upstanding guy trying to help out all the folks that elected him and trusted him, but after Jack boy we all hate'em now. I wonder how many more stories will get leaked to the media, they might be patting some guy on the back this week and going to buy a jar of Vaseline next week. It seems every day these lying sheep have something to 'Baaa,,about.


  1. dont you know that is one of the things the republicans do better than anyone..covering their asses and the asses of their buds..if they spent more time worring about their asses and asses in general...they might get some bills passed..farqme

  1. Floyd says:

    You got that right yellowdog Granny, it seems anymore they are trying to cover up something or they have the main-stream media trying to get some spin on a lie. Early this morning I was watching CNN and say this one woman at the the white house you know the bucked tooth one, anyway, they were trying to spin on this who shot John and she was saying I think Hastert has denied it, (so is Reynolds lying.?)

    Not all but a lot of the main-stream media is doing nothing but putting something out without ever telling the "whole story" the whole story is one in Congress was supposed he mentioned it and discussed it with Hastert, the one named Boeher, I don't know if I spelled his name right, but the "majority Leader" the one who is in the back pockets of big companies well, he knew to.

    With all this lying and cover-up going on this might be a big reason nothing has been accomplished or done, we have to say something more than "stay the cource" we must have some kind of plan to accomplish something, except lies and corruption. Like Foley whom they want to crucify now and yet they covered for him since 2005.