North Korea Tests Nukes

Posted: 10/09/2006 by Floyd in

A story over at CNN is saying that the U.N Security Council has put off a response to North Korea's threat of going forward with their nuclear test until Wednesday, it seems the leaders are divided namely the United States, France and China on how the latest threat can be handled best. Other Asian countries have urged North Korea not to go through with this test, and that a nuclear test is clearly unacceptable. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice issued a statement calling the announcement "a very provocative act."
This statement seems to me to be a mirror image of a statement issued by the Secretary in June of this year, prior to the launch when the missiles fell into the Sea of Japan? So in light of this I am to assume North Korea will do whatever it wants, South Korea on the other hand is very concerned about the nuclear test, China urges restraint being a long time ally of North Korea. A North Korea expert in China said that only removal of American economic sanctions could persuade the country from carrying out the test.
Adding to all this tension, Saturday shots were fired along the South Korean border, it does seem innocent enough on face value the ones who were involved in the incident, supposedly were simply going fishing in a nearby stream and according to the article only one of the North Koreans were armed and they did not return fire.
It still looks as though none can agree on what steps to take if and when North Korea decides to test a nuclear weapon, according to this article Seoul has adopted the feeling that America's "tough line" and crack-down has invited this North Korea reaction, and the muttering that a North Korea test is not that big of a deal. North Korea's two top trade partner's are China and South Korea. Breaking news just now from CNN stating North Korea has indeed tested a nuclear weapon, late Sunday in Washington, the military believed the report to be true but was unable to confirm it. According to reports there is no radiation leakage from the site, sounds reassuring.
Here is also a story just came out in USA TODAY about the nuke test and as of yet it has not been confirmed I would say the confirmation will come about later today, one of the things North Korea has been pushing for a long time is direct talks with the United States and this is something the U.S will not do aside from the six-nation talks which have stalled. It is believed that North Korea has a potential to make anywhere from 4 to a dozen nuclear bombs.


  1. well the little crazy bastid did it..or so they say and semi confirmed at the south koreans who felt a tremor when it was supposed to happen...fuckity fuck fuck fuck

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey yellowdog granny thanks for stopping by, it looks like they went and did it. What scares me is the radiation thing and what will North Korea do now, that remains a big question?