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Posted: 10/30/2006 by Floyd in Labels: , ,

A deadly month for our soldiers in Iraq as the reported death toll has past the century mark, to rest now at 101 deaths in October. The sectarian violence and death squads roaming Baghdad have put the civilian toll in the thousands and remember a lot of those are not reported the figures of the actual Iraqi deaths are got from different places in the region, and also within this link above you will find that 370,000 weapons or about $133 million dollars worth, can not be properly accounted for, everything from assault rifles to rocket-propelled grenade launchers.
Looking back in the month of October;

  • Bush signs torture bill

  • Bush signs Martial Law bill

  • The truth will set you free

  • Stop talking about leaving Iraq

  • It's the Terrorist's fault we're losing this election

  • I don't live in a glass house

  • My house is as clean as the pure driven snow

  • I am not leaving, it is the Democrats fault anyway

  • What about the North Korea thing, uh, let's just blame it on the other guy
  • An eastern Kentucky Marine was killed in Iraq last Wednesday, he was 22 years old and according to another article had only been deployed for 26 days, a former coal miner turned warier leaves behind a 20 month old daughter and wife. Lance Cpl. Jonathan B. Thornberry also leave his parents and one brother to grieve his passing. Remember Jonathan's family as you do all those in Iraq who are still there and all the grieving family's whose son or daughter did not come home.
    Earlier this month a deserter who lost faith in the war returned from Canada to Fort Knox, you don't see to many stories in the news about these, but this guy won a purple heart after being wounded by a roadside bomb in 2004. I tell you what really made me think and really become quite irate was this guy who had never been to Iraq, stand there and try to judge someone they know nothing about.
    My father and his brother also were both in World War-2 and I have never heard him nor his brother for that matter start to judge or criticize someone without knowing that person. I don't believe anyone wants us to lose this war and frankly, there is a civil war going on in Iraq and we are caught in the middle of it, right in the middle of the blood-letting.
    Actually coming up with a plan to deal with the situation, that is another matter entirely and this really is an election where Congress have defined themselves, we can't blame Bill Clinton or the Democrats for the simple truth is, it rests with this Congress who has the majority at this time and this Congress time and again has proven itself to be a rubber-stamp, they had the ability due to a break-down of the numbers to veto or stagnate anything they choose to, the cold hard fact is, simply, they did not.


    1. Brad says:

      Damn Democrats! Why are they losing this war for us?!

    1. Floyd says:

      I don't know but I have an idea, can't we blame this on Bill, he is already responsible for the North Korea fiasco, I think we should immediately start running negative ads against those freedom loving liberals, maybe after we get this election under our belt we can concentrate more on a draft.

      Second we need to crack down on these damn bloggers, they are running all over the internet linking to insignificant quotes of things we might say. I think they could be tortured into obedience.

    1. Jim says:

      Excellent, complex post, Floyd. I also like the new black format - it looks professional.

    1. Floyd says:

      Thanks Jim, this is the blogger beta and there are at least a couple of guys out there are writing good hacks for it, one is the 3 column view, this is a minima dark to column template that I altered in the beta format. the java script top of page and top of post is also a hack, as well as the labels menu, I have the default set to menu but you have the option to set it to either one. The visitor by clicking on the little window option above it, can cause its viewing also in a different way,,
      list, menu or zoom.

      When hacking the beta, I find the regular ole minima or minima dark seems to hack better, but I suppose you could tweak them all.

    1. CD says:

      Great informative post. October was a month that bills were passed down in washington d.c. that every American should know about. However, as our rights our washed away, most Americans hardly blink an eye. Thanks for posting topics like this.

    1. Floyd says:

      Well said cd,,well said.