Kerry served his country

Posted: 10/31/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Well the Repugs are trying to grab hold of something while the power continues clearly to be in a state of decline, trying to align themselves with middle America and painting candidates as mean old liberals. Since it is Halloween I will link you to Fox News they have a beautiful photo of one of my favorite people, Happy Halloween, uh, you can take off the mask now Tony.
The later attack mode seems to be John Kerry who was making a joke and got carried away with the phrasing of it, dang don't you just hate that when it happens to the dear leader. Anyway the bottom line is this;

John Kerry served his country in battle he never camped out and hid in Alabama, and if John meant to phrase it that way he was also speaking to himself. And like John has already said to the conservative media, he will not apologize to Bush or his administration, or the stuffed suit Tony Snow. I am a veteran myself and don't believe John had any intention of demeaning us as veteran's or us who are fighting in Iraq, because like I said he would be attacking himself by doing so, not only us but himself.

But he did touch on a good talking point and that is the Bush administration owes us an apology, for basically going into a country without any back-up plan for getting out of the mess. For the last hour this has been bombarded on the conservative media, blah, blah, blah. The fact of the matter is the radical right does not know how to get out of Iraq and the fact is the only way they will be able to control this country is to throw another 2 to 3 hundred thousand troops in there or more.

Everyone involved in this mess knows we need thousands more troops on the ground to bring this civil war and sectarian violence under control, I'm about as dumb as they come and even I can figure this out. I wonder how many of these war supporters would gladly take their draft card and go to Iraq?


  1. Jim says:

    It's not a stereotype to point out that most of the current administration's war boosters never served in the military, or the ducked out of their service like Bush in his last year.

    You have reached the same conclusion as McCain - we would have to swamp the entire country of Iraq with our soldiers to actually control the killing.

  1. Floyd says:

    We would need into the hundreds of thousands of troops and today the news is that Rumsfield and Cheney will remain at the helm during the remainder of the Bush administration.

    Another interesting thing I heard on CNN was that the Pentagon was starting a P.R machine and using our tax dollars to do it.
    It seems they want to counter all the bad vibes and negativity coming out of the failed mess called Iraq, which propaganda is O.K I just don't think we should be paying for it.

    How do you spin over 100 of service men died in October how do you spin that into a good thing?

    The right is trying to stir everything they can to shift the focus from a failed foreign policy and a failed war.