Kentucky National Guard Soldier Laid To Rest

Posted: 10/02/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

A Kentucky National Guard soldier was laid to rest Saturday afternoon in Laurel County Kentucky, but not without incident. 29 year old Sergeant First Class Charles Jason Jones who went and died was protested by a Kansas church who blame soldier's deaths on America's tolerance for homosexuality. Read more at;
WYMT News.

The Westboro Baptist Church goes around the country to protest funerals of our dead military and some out there might think that I attack these protesters because I was in the military myself, this is not the case. I loathe these protesters because a family has just lost a loved one in this war, they are grieving and are heartbroken to say the least, this young man did not want to go and die he simply went because it was his duty to do it and I would have done the same.

This soldier does not make laws for our country, the whole logic behind what these folks are doing well, I just can't see into it. I will give you a few links to let you see more about these protesters;
Protesters from Kansas visit Kentucky
Westboro Baptist Church
These people make it their business to travel around the country doing these stunts, it seems like they just want to get noticed and make a name for themselves. They just don't understand the concept that GOD IS LOVE, God is not in these kinds of activities.

This kind of things was not brought up in me and I have been in many Baptist Church's in my life as well as Pentecostals and the ones I have been involved with does not teach this kind of hatred, they need to study God's word a little more and understand. Jesus was a man full of love and understanding and if we claim to serve him in expectation of one day being able to be with him in his kingdom, we must understand who and what he is, well, I don't want to start preaching on people so I will hush, I think you know where I stand on this.


  1. i agree..these people are sick twisted and evil in every sense of the words...

  1. Floyd says:

    I don't approve in any way of them interupting a service, I am sure that if they lost a family member they would not want anyone carrying signs and disrespecting their loved one.